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Ogre11, The Grandmaster of Fart

I like to write. I have lots of stories running around in my head, but it does take me (WAY) too long to get them from my mind to paper (or computer bits). I've always loved "Choose your own Adventure" type books, so I thought, why not write a few to share with others? I hope you like the stories I set up here.

I do appreciate you reading my stories and please do provide feedback on what you read! Feel free to PM me with questions or comments on stories, or even start up a thread if you want to talk more.

Also, you can go read this non-CYS
litrpg story I'm working on:





Contest Entry?


Go Get the Mail

This is an lolrandom story. First thing I wrote here in 2014.


Cryogenic Failure

A fun, simple, classic CYOA

A UFO at School

A bit of lolrandom, but written a different way.

Finding the Muse

Interesting exploration from forum ideas with lots of variables.


Created for a 4-week short contest. Can't find the contest results.

Playa's 4-week contest

The Mayoral Campaign

Game with lots of variables and numbers.

The Adventures of Rory Thorn in Math Class

An interesting single large branch and bottleneck story.

The Quick Dating Game 🥇

A hilarious, short game that I still read and laugh at, years later.

Brevity, the Soul of Wit: Winner


Alien Abduction 🥈

Lighthearted puzzle adventure.

Riddles and Puzzles: First runner-up


The Mountain Pass 🥇

Short, silly story wandering in mountains.

New Frontier: Tied for First place

Spy Mission ⭐ 🥈

Longer, more involved story with lots of branching. My first featured story.

Summer Slam: Second place

Surviving Pre-School

Short and very silly story.

The Emperor's Zoo

Fun and silly jaunt that has a few puzzles.

Bucky's December Contest


The Horror Inside

An attempt at horror that didn't turn out too bad.

Berka's Creatures of the Night Contest


Escape from School

Interactive fiction game like Zork. Pretty hard to find everything and finish.

Hank's Journey ⭐ 🥇

Gauntlet, graphic, adult and crazy story.

EndMaster's Succubus: Winner


A short, hilarious game that is little more than an inside joke for Will11.


The Murdered Official ⭐ 🥇

Fun adventure mystery game. (Now on Kindle!)

Lords of the Land II: Winner

Dark Night (Noir)

First person noir detective in cyberpunkland story.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest

Tales from an Inn

Series of short stories told by people in an inn. (Also on Kindle)

The Drunk Explorer Inn

The re-make of a (really bad) contest entry from 2019 End of Year Contest


The Cult

A slightly alternative history involving a couple religious organizations (kind of)


The Missing Child 🍻

Another mystery in the land of Rolkenstein (the setting for The Murdered Official)

Moon Base Alpha 🍻

Another rewrite, this time for the 2018 Epic Contest that I never actually finished

⭐ = featured story; 🥇 = place in contest; 🍻 = coming soon

Trophies Earned

Trophies Earned

Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Earning 2,000 Points Earning 5,000 Points Genuinely inspiring advanced editor teaching and helping. Jointly won the 2017 Wilderness Contest Having 1 Storygame(s) Featured Rated 98.2% of all Stories Given by BerkaZerka on 01/20/2018 - Plentiful Contributions to the Site! Given by EndMaster on 01/07/2020 - Well, you're better than most people here. Given by Gower on 10/23/2022 - I raise this mug of beer to you, Ogre. Given by JJJ-thebanisher on 08/27/2019 - For ridiculously prolific writing and excellent site activity Given by Killa_Robot on 09/28/2022 - You, on occasion, have the best words, so good job. Given by mizal on 10/05/2022 - Weird, thought you already had this. For doing writer things and doing them well, despite the smells. Given by Will11 on 01/14/2018 - For your thirteen well-written stories, especially Spy Mission


A UFO at School

There's a UFO at the school!

This story was written as a an attempt to try out a different way to write storygames. I tried to write the entire story from start to finish, then insert choices only after writing the story (see more here). The story is intentionally short: this is supposed to be a short story of the type you might read in a magazine: no matter which path you take, it should end up with a story about 800-1,200 words long. For those interested, there are eight different endings.

Alien Abduction

You were minding your own business when you are suddenly abducted by aliens! Now you need to find your way home before, well, you're not sure, but before something!

This is a short, lighthearted puzzle adventure. It is not too hard and not too serious. The puzzle is simple, but try and pay attention to the clues to avoid dying and having to back up! There are seven ways to die and just one way to win.

Created for Riddles & Puzzles 2016 contest

First Runner-up: Riddles & Puzzles 2016

Story inspired by Will11 (here).

In short, please read and rate this story, we want to see how fast we can get this to 100 ratings!

Cryogenic Failure
You signed up for a long space journey -- so long that you would have to be frozen in a cryogenic state for decades until the ship reached the destination: a new planet that was just like earth, but had no inhabitants. The ship was automated, and a group of 249 other people were frozen with you -- to be automatically un-frozen when the ship reached its destination and landed on the planet.

After many strange dreams, you find yourself waking up, but something doesn't seem quite right. This waking up process is not what was described to you at all, and now you're going to have to figure out what happened and what you're doing to do about it!


This is a relatively simple choose-your-own ending story adventure. There are many different endings (eight total) with a good story (I hope) behind each. Enjoy picking your own story!

Dark Night (Noir)
Set in a far-future dystopian world, follow along, make choices, and try and figure out how to rescue the girl -- because if you don't, you'll be killed, too.

Written in Film Noir style, but placed in the future instead of the 50s. Maybe it's more cyberpunk in the setting, I'm not sure.

Written for the 2022 Endmaster's Prompt Contest in response to the prompt: "A story done in a first person noir detective perspective."

For those interested in such things: There are three possible endings that are available based on the selections you make during the storygame. If you are stuck at the start, yes, it may look repetitive, but alternatives should show up that can lead you out of the building at some point.

Escape From School

This is an IF game in the old Colossal Cave Adventure style. Basically all your choices are just picking directions and manipulating stuff. You wake up trapped in the school and need to find a way out before you are caught! Wind your way through over 100 different rooms and locations to find your way out of the abandoned and locked school building. Initially published: 5.04.19

Update 1.1, 5.13.19: Added a time-out so that if you take too long you get caught in the school (Sorry about lost saves)

Update 1.2, 9.1.19: Fixed beaker issue, updated item use issue, fixed room descriptions (Sorry about lost saves)

Finding the Muse

This is a game based on writing, inspired by the forums here at CYS.

Your goal is to find your muse and write a storygame for CYS. How will you do that? There is only so much time in the day, and there are so many things that you can do...

In this game, you make the selections and see if you can find the way to the muse and the next great CYS story. There are a total of 5 different endings to this storygame.

Special thanks to Kiel Farren and ISentinel Penguin for their forum contributions to this story (whether they believe it or not).

Go Get The Mail!

You have a simple task -- go and get the mail. Oh, it sounds easy, but could you ever imagine how many different things could get in your way?

This is my first attempt at a storygame. It's a very basic "Choose your path" story. Let me know what you think of it in the forums!

Hank's Journey
Make decisions for Hank as he wanders out into a world that is quite a bit more than it seems. Watch him head into the darkness and see if and how he will find his way back out...or further in...

Please note the maturity rating on this one. It doesn't mean that it's mature, it means that it's nasty sometimes. While yes, there is some humor, it's pretty graphically adult at times, not like most of my stories. Oh, it's not as bad as some other stories I could mention here, but it's different than nearly everything else I've written, so be warned. It's gross, too, in way too many places.

Just in case that wasn't too clear, here is the trigger warning: if you have a trigger, you're warned. I'm not sure anyone should actually read this.

This is mostly a gauntlet style CYOA story, but there is a bit of branch and bottleneck to it as well.

Updated 8.16.19 to fix a few typos.

Entry for the Succubus Contest, 2019: Winner of the contest!

Featured Story Spy Mission

In this story, you take on the role of yourself. Your day starts out like every other day for you, until a few different things happen... and you have to decide what to do about those things... Join in this fun spy adventure and journey to Prague, Havana, Buenos Aries, and more!

Note: There are a lot of different options in this game. Please do try it more than once -- there are many different ways through (you will always see the same first chapter, but there are many different ways through it to other chapters).

There are also quite a number of endings. For those who like to look for such things, each ending is labeled with a number, and there are 28 different endings (and many ways to get to each one).

Surviving Pre-School

High school can be tough with all the cliques, bullies, "resource" officers, and changing rules. But that is nothing compared to the pre-school room! In pre-school you don't even know what a rule is, never mind that you're breaking it. And those evil naps can slip up on you before you know it. Can you make the right choices to make it through the pre-school day without getting spanked?

Please note: There are just three endings to this little short: you survive pre-school, you do not make it through the day, and, well, you don't want to get the other ending.

Also note: This is an intentionally short, very light-hearted story that is meant to be silly. Please read and enjoy in that vein.

Story inspired by MattC


This is a short story that is was an entry for playa988's 4-week long contest. Yes, I wish it was longer, too, but this was intentionally short for the purposes of writing a complete story in the short time frame allowed for the contest. There are, however, 18 endings, so feel free to try the story more than once and follow different paths. The theme of the contest was "gray vs gray," so don't look for a "winning" ending. When it's all grey, no one wins.

The year is 2016 and a series of nuclear bombs have been detonated in dozens of cities across the United States in the population centers. The country is destroyed and many people are dead.

While many cities (and surrounding areas) have been destroyed, there are various areas, far from the population centers, where people have survived. The people are trying to make sense of what happened and are trying to rebuild their lives and their country.

This story takes place in Western Montana where you follow the adventures of Jim Thompson, a survivor of the massive attack, trying to make sense of what is left of the world. Your choices will decide what happens to Jim, and perhaps what happens to the country...

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Tales From an Inn
This is just a few short stories.

The Adventures of Rory Thorn in Math Class

Rory heads to Math class. That's boring, right?

Well, it is boring for most people, but not Rory Thorn. Rory always manages to find adventure, even in math class. Join Rory in math class and help decide what happens to him and his adventures!

The suggested way to read this story: do not press the back button. Oh sure, I know you want to, but read the whole story through, then start over. You will find that the stories will take you in entirely different directions and I think you really see that when you start over instead of just backing up! But hey, you're the reader, you get to read it however you want!

There is only one ending to this story. However, there are 32 different pathways that lead to that end! There are almost 16,000 words in this story. However, since there are so many pathways, the average story you will read will only be 3,000 words. So it's a short story...but with 16,000 words...

Author's Note: I do hope you enjoy this story. If you think it should be longer, well, I'm sorry, but do look for more stories in the "Adventures of Rory Thorn" series. The idea here was to give you a LOT of options and end up with a single short story.

The Cult

Join with Jorge as he finds himself caught up in an organization that promotes love and...

Well, he's in a cult. And where will he go with that? Help guide him in different directions to enjoy or try and escape the cult.

A short and silly jaunt through an alternative history of Mormons and Hare Krishnas. Originally started for Endmaster's Myth and Religion Contest. It didn't quite fit the contest, but this is one of those stories that just needed to be written, and it demanded to be written the same time as the contest. So, I started it for the contest just so that I'd actually write it and finish it instead of adding it to the massively long list of stories that I start and never finish. I'm sure you don't really care and none of that matters, so just stop reading this mess and click the button below to read the story. The story is better than this introduction (I think).

The Drunk Explorer Inn
Follow along with Zorek and direct his actions as he retires from the military and starts a brewery.
This was originally an entry for the Year End Story Contest, 2019. However, that story ended up quite rushed. This is a re-do with the rest of the story included. Prompt: For your services to the crown, the king has granted you valuable lands near an important crossroads in a recently conquered territory. Now, it's time to retire and fulfill your dream of operating a renowned brewery and tavern ... but it may be wise to keep your sword-arm ready.

The Emperor's Zoo
The emperor sends you to a faraway land to capture exotic beasts for his zoo. But a spreading plague, a witch-doctor, and a brewing feud between local tribes presents . . . difficulties.

This is a contest entry for Bucky's December 2017 contest

This ended up being more of a puzzle game than a story. It still has a good story, I think, so I do hope you enjoy it. It will take a little time, there's not a short way through this one!

The Horror Inside
Drew was a fantastic accountant. He really enjoyed his job and he was good at it. But one day something started happening to him, and he just wasn't quite sure what was going on...

Created for BerkaZerka's Creatures of the Night Contest

The Mayoral Campaign

Try to get elected as mayor of your town!

This is more game than story. Okay, there's not really much story to this one, it's a game. There are many options and lots of variables, so be sure to play more than once!

The Mountain Pass
You wake up after a car crash and find yourself lost in the snow. Can you survive and get out alive?

For those interested in such things, there are eight bad endings and three good endings. Sorry about that, but there are lots of ways to die in the wilderness you know.

Created for January, 2017 New Frontier Contest

The Murdered Official
Wanorn Polquin is dead. And Wanorn was no peon or common citizen, he was a very prominent financial office of the courts. So what really happened? And who is responsible? Is this a complex plot involving the Tarekns? That could mean war!

Read through and see if you can unwind the details behind this strange event... or maybe it really is nothing...

An entry for the Lords of the Land II contest.

If you are so interested, there is a forum discussion area available with more details about the writing and the story and for questions or discussion.

The Quick Dating Game

Play the quick dating game and see if you can get the girl!

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it. It was a lot of fun.

This is my official entry for the contest, "Brevity, the Soul of Wit" for August, 2015.

Please note: If you are easily offended by stereotypes, especially as they relate to men, women, and dating, please don't read, rate, or comment on this game. It is meant to be silly.

This is a fantasy adventure where you star in the role of the young adventurer! Follow the adventurer along throughout his life starting out as a child and leading into adventure. Be careful with your choices because almost every time you make a choice, it will have an effect later in the story.

A Solar Flare

Solar flares are quite common. Many days the sun throws out a number of different solar flares in all directions. Most are of no interest to anyone but astronomers. They aren't dangerous. In fact, the worst solar flare followed by a coronal mass ejection in history (The Carrington Event) really didn't even have much of an effect on the entire planet other than a couple fires and a lot of pretty colors.

That was then, this is now.

Most of the time, earth has days to react to a solar flare because there are astronomers out there watching and recording the sun 24 hours a day. But what if there were a solar flare larger than the Carrington Event? And what if that solar storm made a direct hit on the planet, before anyone had time to prepare? Could humans survive? Could the planet itself survive?


Moon Base Alpha

Join Stone Ulrich, leader of Moon Base Alpha, as he heads off to explore parts of the moon - why are there caverns here? Who made them? Are they still here?

Please note: This is not your typical choose-your-own-story on this site. This is a longer length story that really attempts to draw you into the story. If you're looking for a quick few clicks and a free point, this is not the story you want for that.

Note #2: This is what I call an alternative universe story. This means that there is not just one universe to explore with your choices, but instead your choices can lead to different universes. In other words, if you go left at one place, that might mean there are aliens. If you go right, that might mean there never were aliens. So feel free to try again and see different options, but don't rely on your prior knowledge

Created for Bucky's Epic Story Contest, Summer 2018

However, First date of publication:

The Adventures of Rory Thorn in Biology Class

Time for Biology! Sounds fun, doesn't it? What? It doesn't? Well, apparently you've never been in Biology class with Rory Thorn! Come, help Rory get through class by choosing your own adventure and see where he will end up!

The first story in this series is Rory Thorn in Math Class. You do not have to read that story to understand what is going on in this story, but that is his first class of the day, while Biology is his second class.

This series is an attempt to create stories that have recurring characters and are in a way similar to a sitcom -- no matter what happens during the story, everyone returns and is ready to start the next story.

I hope you enjoy this story!

The Adventures of Rory Thorn in English Class
It's time to head to English Class

The Archaeologist

Join in the adventures of archaeology student Tom Forsyth as he follows clues that lead around the world. Help him make decisions that will unwrap ancient secrets without releasing evil on the world. Discover the pathways of old before others decipher the clues and reveal enough power to take over the world!

Winning the CYS Contest
Try your hand at winning the latest CYS writing contest! It's not as easy as it sounds: you will have to use strategy, do some quality writing, and figure out how to beat all the other entrants. And you will have to overcome the random number generator (because that's how your opponents are going to be determined).

It's a short game that you can try over and over again until hopefully one time you win that coveted trophy for winning a CYS contest!

Note: This is not an actual CYS writing contest and you will not actually win a trophy for your account if you happen to win this game.

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Choose-Your-Own-Stories, Paths, and Writing
How do different paths work in CYS stories? How do you write different paths in your story? What is branching?

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