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My name is Stargirl, and I like to read, write, and lurk in the forums. Any other hobbies? Yes, I do Kung Fu and enjoy spending time in the woods. I just finished writing my first storygame with Abgeofriends for Endmaster's culture clash contest. See the results here. Any and all feedback will be appreciated! 

Currently reading irl: Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, by Dusti Bowling tower badge


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Graveyard of Empires

"Don't be afraid," said your mother. Blood formed beads on her face and her tears formed pools of agony. The image of war, the sudden urge to kill, has never been so potent. This is a story that informs you that not all stories have a happy ending. Based in Afghanistan, story created for Endmaster's culture clash contest, and we intend to expand the story after that is over.

We apologize for the bad grammar, we ran out time to proofread. Feel free to tear it apart and we hope you have fun reading it! (For fun you can try to guess which parts stargirl wrote and which parts Abgeofriends wrote)

Random Rambles that I might change into a story later.

Just writing things when I'm bored. Putting it here because it's the only good writing site, and I might change this into an actual story later. :)

Vira and Cupcake

You play as the new Empress Vira in the kingdom of Magnicollis with her horse Cupcake. Your mother has just died and you have to take the crown. Stay loyal to your horse and try not to kill everyone in your kingdom... or do. 

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EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/23/2022 6:59:44 AM

Hover your mouse over the play length and you should see your word count. 

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/18/2022 9:11:00 AM

I'm in. Prompt 16. 

Another Fucktard on 5/12/2022 5:11:54 PM

I joined when I was eleven and I managed to do fine. Also, if you want to stay alive any longer, you should stay off the forums and don't publish your storygame unless you learn how grammar and spelling work. People here tend not to be very friendly to little kids who can't even write a sentence without messing up the grammar or spelling, so maybe lay low for a bit.

Read, rate, maybe even comment on storygames for a while. Work on your own game quietly in the background. Read articles on items and look up basic grammar rules. You can ask for spelling and grammar help on your story after you have written a decent amount, and don't just add people to your storygame without asking.

If you don't think you can do some of these things, then maybe this isn't the site for you. There are only about 4ish kids who have actually succeed in not being banned from the site, so maybe it's best if you just try and find a different place to write. Good luck. You'll need it. 

Edit: Well, this was wasted. Guess I should know better by now. 

Black, Female or Gay? on 5/6/2022 7:31:19 AM

straight white female- straight white male

Corgi's Contest: Lords of the Land II on 4/14/2022 7:07:37 AM

Congrats to all of you who submitted a story but especially to Ogre. I haven't read many of the entries yet, but I will be working my way through them when I'm not busy procrastinating. Looking forward to Ogre's! 

Hello! on 3/23/2022 12:15:00 PM

Your welcome! And that's fine, I was shy for a long time too. The fact that you knew not to publush an unfinished story though, and the fact that you aren't going to just spam messedges and stories on the forums make me think that despite your age you will do just fine. 

Hello! on 3/23/2022 12:11:25 PM

Yes, when you are publishing a story you publish a whole story. If you want to get some advice on something specific in your story however, then you should post a page or two in the writing workshop and ask for feedback. If you are stuck or want to see if something you put creates the effect you desired, then you should do that. 

Hello! on 3/18/2022 6:48:47 AM

If you're really young, like younger than 13, then you should probably stay away from the forums, or at least stay away from the lounge. Other than the fact that this is mostly an adult website, young people tend to screw up by posting too much or being stupid. If you do go into the lounge then you should lurk for a little bit first to get what the general protocols are for behaving before you join in a conversation. You seem to be doing fine in regards to the forums, but you can never be too careful! 

You said in the top post that you were sensitive or something along the lines of that, so maybe before you publish your storygame you can get a feel for how others receive your writing by posting an excerpt of it. A lot of times young authors post a whole story that isn't the greatest and then get their feelings hurt by comments posted on it. People here aren't afraid to tear something apart if they want to, so if that kind of thing bothers you then maybe posting a story here wouldn't be the best choice. If you post a story and it gets unpublished, don't republish it again. Go over it and make adjustments before you publish it, and then you can try to re-publish it. 

I think that you will fit in fine around here if you just keep doing what you are doing and don't bother any important people. If you aren't that young and just said that because you are in your early twenties or something, then you really don't need to worry. If you are really young,(guessing from your writing that you are) then you ARE probably younger than most. Don’t worry about it though because I’m very young and I do just fine, as do some others. 

Anyways, welcome! :)

it's reining, it's pouring! on 2/24/2022 5:34:58 PM

Once you finish dead man walkng you should read this, and just generally anything by Endmaster. 

then I guess this is a random thought thread now on 2/22/2022 12:28:52 PM

...if you eat 90 pounds of cookie then you don't stay the same weight. You ate 90 pounds of cookie so you gain 90 pounds. 

Edit:  Mizal beat me to it, but she's right, you should stop posting now before you say anything else that's stupid.