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My name is Stargirl, and I like to read, write, and lurk in the forums. Any other hobbies? Yes, I do Kung Fu and enjoy spending time in the woods. I am not currently writing any storygames, hopefully that will change soon!


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D&D on 7/26/2021 7:56:58 PM

Sometime after school starts and things get less busy, my friends and I wanted( I wanted to and dragged then down with me) to learn how to play D&D. I don't actually know anyone irl who plays and was wondering if any of you could give me any tips or useful information that I should know before we actually start playing. I will most likely end up being DM, so any tips for that would be helpful. Thanks! 

CYS Book Club - 19th Century(ish) Adventures on 7/26/2021 7:42:45 PM

I'll try to read one of them but I might not finish it because I'm pretty busy with other things. I'll pick one later this week when I'm not stressing about my science and engineering camp's homework and simultaneously having to study the 8th grade curriculum because I somehow got into all the honors classes and my mom doesn't want me to skip learning anything. 

Taking a little break on 6/24/2021 8:15:26 AM

I hope that this break will help you feel better! You definitely deserve it for everything that you do for this site, you genuinely make it a more fun place to hang out in. I will also be taking a break from the site for other reasons of my own, but I hope that you can continue threads like the skybreak one in the future, I was really enjoying that. Hope you feel better soon!

( If this post has lots of grammar issues I apologize, I am writing this on an iPad) 

Risk My Attention (New World Order) on 6/4/2021 1:08:35 PM

The Adventures of Phoebe McGee: Episode 1, The Lighthouse

This story needs the previously featured tag, according to the authors point history page. 


Interesting Comments 7 on 6/3/2021 7:43:04 AM

This game sucks!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO IT GIVE ME $200 AND thEN sAY 0 DA FUQQ NIQQA

— SexyRatHole


Found this on My Vacation by AppDude27. 

Exams again on 6/2/2021 1:09:13 PM

My dad's strict about sugar too, he won't even let us eat the tiniest piece of candy on Halloween! I can't say that mine are as strict as yours though FemW, my mom will sneak us a piece or two of candy once a week. (There you go Mizal, I shall let your hate continue to grow)

Exams again on 6/2/2021 9:52:16 AM

I didn't have breakfast either, but normally I just make a quick bowl of cereal. Actually good breakfasts are saved for special occasions like Christmas. 

Is beating children normal? on 5/26/2021 7:48:24 AM

My brother is nine and it's not even big things he doesn't think we can do. Like if there is a math test coming up then dad will say that we could never pass and punish us if we say that we have been studying hard or something. He grounded my brother because 1 month ago he asked my dad to please stop getting so mad at us. My dad started yelling at him that he was an awful son for saying that, and started hitting him. When I told him to stop he hit him one more time and then threatened to send us both away. 

Is beating children normal? on 5/25/2021 8:56:31 PM

He only hits us when he is really mad, normally he only yells in our faces and tells us that we are idiots or that he doesn't think we are good enough to do whatever we want to do. It's worse for my brother though, he has emotional problems and it takes very little for him to start crying. My dad doesn't like that, and will taunt him about it until my brother finally snaps and talks back to my dad, which gets my dad very angry very fast. I just try to avoid my dad, but because my brother is grounded that makes it harder for him to do the same. 

Is beating children normal? on 5/25/2021 1:08:29 PM

I know what you mean, these last few months haven't been that great for me either. My dad has been upset about work and takes it out on me and my little brother sometimes. It's not that bad, just really stressful.