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I come & go but may occasionally rise from inactivity to post critiques.  

« april/may goals »  ———  write five critiques (5/5)

« in the mood for »  ———  modding until my game breaks

« objectives »  ———  still finish remaining requests

Note: (CLOSED FOR NOW.) I'm happy to consider taking critique requests. One costs 5 XP points upon completion.  

Price Reasoning: 3 points - commendation. 1 point - rating a game. 1 point - since it's a personal request.

Expectations: About 2,000 words. Maybe more, depends on time. May be slow due to life. 


 07.28.21  Capture the Flag  Gryphon  906 words  --
 04.11.23  Mage Academy Idea  MrAce321  769 words  --
 04.14.23  N/A - Haunted Forest  Anthraxus   2,272 words  Yes
 04.24.23  What a Terrible World  Celicni  2,920 words  Yes
 04.26.23  Endure and Survive  Darius_Conwright   2,496 words  --
 05.24.23  Monster  Sherbet   4,761 words (oops)  Yes



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Sentinel's ULTIMATE CYSTIAN LOVE COMPENDIUM on 5/15/2023 4:51:38 PM

That sounds fun. As you said, compiling the profiles may be trickier though. Maybe you could just state your favorite answer(s) and guess who’s more likely to have written it.

Feedback on 4/29/2023 1:28:07 AM

Check your PMs.

Drew Something on 4/28/2023 8:57:17 PM

Very beautiful work! I love the details and sense of motion in the cape, as well as the bright highlights on the figure. With such a busy background and many lights, it's not easy to retain focus on the subject, but you framed him with those elements. I also like that the shooting stars (?) all point towards the character too. Great work in directing the viewer’s eye with all those aspects.

Hatter's Sketchbook II on 4/28/2023 8:51:19 PM

@MadHattersDaughter – I’m sorry for participating in it. Here are (really ugly because I don’t draw enough plants) apology flowers for you . . .

Monkey Business on 4/28/2023 4:23:52 PM

Edit: Anthraxus beat me to it but failed to offer the nightmare fuel alternative.

They are either this:

Or this. There is no in-between.

Monkey Business on 4/28/2023 3:21:22 PM

Ironic. Upon spawning into this site, you opened your beak, and the first word you squawked out was “damnnn”.

Sentinel's ULTIMATE CYSTIAN LOVE COMPENDIUM on 4/28/2023 12:27:54 PM

Even if the first Google result comes from Quora or wikiHow?

I’m afraid the Nigerian princes would have a field day with you haha.

Sentinel's ULTIMATE CYSTIAN LOVE COMPENDIUM on 4/28/2023 12:22:34 PM

I don’t trust that lol. I used a junk email too.

Sentinel's ULTIMATE CYSTIAN LOVE COMPENDIUM on 4/28/2023 11:35:29 AM

I’ll even give you her full name. All I ask is for something in return, something as small as, say, your favorite color, your dreams and hopes, the digits on the back of your credit card, ten goats and five rolls of silk, and the blood of a virgin wolf that has fallen on the night of the full moon when it has grown swollen with light and risen at its highest point. Plus five dollars for chicken nuggets.

Thunderdome 2: Kill Darius on 4/28/2023 11:22:22 AM

After I got some proper sleep and saw what I'd posted, I feared I was raving about nonexistent connections. So thank you for confirming I still possess my sanity. 

Seriously, what a creative, well-thought-out response to the prompt. And it seemed you used humans as the "vessel" since they could serve as the host of the disease/monster? Upon my first glance over your story, those intentional details stuck out, and when I noticed the brother was nameless, you have no idea how eager I became to break down your writing.

The merchant, I could understand being nameless, but the brother? Whom Fergus had known his whole life? Clearly something was wrong, and I didn’t think you would’ve forgotten such a big detail considering how much love you poured into everything else. I must've combed it over at least twenty times, looking for anything else I'd missed. I hope you're proud of your work because wow, that was fantastically planned out.

Glad you found it helpful. Your story actually broke my writer's block, and I was brimming over with ideas.