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Posted 5/23/2021 by Darius_Conwright


Today we have the honor to announce the long awaited CYPERPUNK CONTEST. Genetic engineered monkeys, cybernetic limbs, Russian robot spies, the possibilities are endless. So pick up your pen, paper or other writing devices and craft your future masterpiece. The rewards are endless; grandiose applause from two random Dutchmen and one esteemed veteran, undying internet fame and perhaps a few extra points if the administrators are favorable towards you that day.



So what is CYBERPUNK?


I assume most of you are already a little familiar with the genre. For the degenerate gaming folk it was probably due to the latest cockroach infestation named cyberpunk 2077, for the film aficionados it was probably due to Blade Runner 2049 and for some of you it might be because of the story game CYBERMONKEY hailing from the CYS mother-site. For the upcoming participants who still haven’t gotten a clue what it is, all knowledge can still be dutifully acquired in no time. As for all holy knowledge, one must seek it in the depths of a Wikipedia article. If you type in cyberpunk you will get the following excerpt:


“Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a "combination of lowlife and high tech" featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.”


A lot of the aspects of cyberpunk can be traced back to the 1960s and 70s by the New Wave science fiction movement. Authors attempted to present a world where society coped with a constant upheaval of new technology and culture, generally with dystopian outcomes.

To summarize in layman’s terms, you have the opportunity to use super fancy laser guns while getting chased down by some crime lords and hackers.    



So will my story meet the REQUIREMENTS?


You have to have a story that meets the site’s requirements. So please don’t submit your freshly baked erotic sonic fanfiction even though it might be your magnum opus. Everything else is a free-for-all as long as it fits into the cyberpunk genre. In the past, writers have added some unconventional and unique elements to the genre. One example of a Cyberpunk work that incorporated fantasy races is Shadowrun, a tabletop role-playing game. Seeing all these previous works who play around with the common genre conventions, I cannot see the purpose in restraining your own creative juices. Thus, fantasy races, fantasy worlds, more gamey story games and even fanfiction are all allowed. However, keep in mind that you probably won’t get a very high score from me if you went on to make a My Little Pony cyberpunk-themed story game. I’m still one the judges.

The two aspects which must be incorporated in your story to be considered cyberpunk are: “the lowlife and the high tech”. The dichotomy has to be here in some way or form.  





It's simple, offer you soul to Endmaster and then pledge your commitment on this thread. I'll lock your comment down so you won't be able to back down in the future. The entrance fee is 25 experience points which you'll get back if you have submitted a story that has a score of at least 4/8 and to a certain extent adheres to the other requirements. To submit your story, post a link of it on this thread. 



So what is the DEADLINE?


DEADLINE: 12th of July 2021, 12:59 pm EST.


Failing to submit your work before the deadline as a participant, grants you a place on my personal list of shame. Furthermore, you’ll get to see my bottomless pit of disappointment. You'll also never get to see your precious experience points ever again. 

Our highly esteemed @enterpride, @hetero_malk and I, @Darius_Conwright will be the judges of the contest.


This contest is only possible due to our lord and saviour Endmaster whose holy fingertips granted us this masterpiece called Eternal. Check it out if you have some spare time left. I'm absolutely not paid or forced to say this. Of course I would like to thank Mizal for giving this fumbling European dipshit some guidance, that sucker really needed it. 



Good luck with writing!

EDIT: And remember ALL contest entries MUST be written with the CYS editor. No exceptions!

Site updates, Spring 2021

Posted 3/23/2021 by Nightwatch

Since I'm involved in site changes now, I figure it's probably good to give a heads-up on my first official post. I've been touring the cities of CYS for merely half a year when the powers that be elected me to extend a hand on the coding side of things. I've got under 100 posts on the forums, so if you don't recognize me, here's a quick hello!

Off to the point, then. I'll be working on site updates. You may see an uptick in changes to the site, and I'll keep listing those here instead of creating new threads for each of them, since I'm doing them in clumps. I'm focusing on integrating some of the important changes from the popular site extension co-written by Brad and Ford, and Killa is helping to test changes so I hopefully don't divide by zero and erase Norway.

Site changes coming eventually

  • Unicode support
  • Dark mode
Finished changes

Changes on 5/14

  • Many page layout improvements (especially articles), fixed overflowing text
  • Many small functional improvements
  • Added View Profile under My Stuff

Changes on 4/28

  • Made it so admins can pin threads.

Changes on 4/9

  • Storygames have reading margins so they don't hit the edges of the screen on mobile and you can full-screen on desktop.

Changes on 4/3

  • Added main category and maturity rating to storygame search. Filters refresh on click.

Changes on 3/29

  • The Dark Fantasy category became Grimdark Fantasy
  • The Mystery/Puzzle category became Mystery/Thriller
  • The Everything Else category became Family Friendly
  • New Puzzle/Game and Historical categories were created

Changes on 3/23

  • The navbar is a little neater, based on CYSCE's themeless version
  • The storygame search was replaced with CYSCE's themeless version

Changes on 3/19

  • People without an avatar who talk in forums now appear as confused penguins
  • Admins don't have to live in fear of banning themselves...don't question it

Feel free to suggest site changes while I work on some longstanding important ones, and I'll consider them. I might even dust off some of the bugs in the site problems subforum. (Ooh, archeology!)