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EndMaster's Prompt Contest

Posted 5/17/2022 by EndMaster

                       ENDMASTER'S PROMPT CONTEST


Deadline: 11:59 PM (EST) July 3rd, 2022

Reward: You’ll get what you get and you’ll like it.

It’s probably about time to have another contest again, but to make it easy we’re going to have another prompt based one so you slugs can choose which topic to write about and then inevitably flake out on.

So if you’re joining, obviously pick one of the following prompts provided below and lock your post.

Joining the contest but failing to pick a prompt (Like fucking around like a retard posting in the thread saying you're "thinking about" joining the contest) will result in a random one still available being picked for you that you might not like so you probably shouldn’t do this bad thing. (And if you do, definitely don't whine like a faggot about it.)

Finally, when you’re done with your story, post a link to it in this thread.

That’s about it for now, unless I think of something else to add or change as needed.

Good luck.


1) A story where the protagonist is a devout religious missionary. (Mystery Contestant)

2) A story where the protagonist is an explorer, treasure hunter, or archaeologist exploring some recently uncovered ancient ruins, which may contain traps, treasure, or paradigm-altering discoveries. Can take place on earth or in a fictional world. (Axxius)

3) A story that uses time travel or temporal mechanics as a game mechanic or major driving force. (GigglyCactus)

4) A fast-paced action-packed story about a bank heist, prison escape, or similar taking place in a fantasy, sci-fi, or historical setting. (Sherbet)

5) A story where the player and narrator are separate entities. (Darius_Conwright)

6) A story surrounding a violent championship sporting event. (Cyclonis)

7) A story where the narrator is a bond-esque villain. (Schmaltz)

8) A story starts with the discovery of the entrance to a hidden secret room. (hetero_malk)

9) This story’s protagonist is a con artist running a scheme where they convince people they are the chosen hero from an renowned ancient prophesy. What started as a grab for a few quick bucks is going much better than planned, and attracting a lot of unwanted attention. (RyboiTheLegend)

10) A story where the protagonist is a zombie. (Fluxion)

11) This story’s protagonist is an artificer, magical blacksmith, or creator of magical weapons. You can translate this prompt to a sci-fi equivalent if you want. (MrAce321)

12) A story centering on an unusual mirror. (325boy) DONE

13) A sci-fi story about exploring and/or crashing onto an uncharted planet. (Nightwatch)

14) A story in a world where people exposed to a certain material develops superpowers based on their worst fear. For example, someone afraid of spiders might gain the ability to control spiders or stick to surfaces, or someone afraid of public speaking might become extremely persuasive. (EbonVasilis)

15) A story about this tribal community lived a rather simple existence with the occasional war and the odd bit of cannibalism - but everything changed when the strangely dressed gods arrived in their wooden turtles from across the sea. (Heresy)

16) A story of a lunatic empress... with a fondness for horses. (stargirl)

17) A story revolving around a graveyard tryst. (BenCrucifix)

18) A story about a society on the verge of a Golden Age experiencing a cataclysmic disaster. (Picaro)

19) A story taking place on a terraformed Mars, Venus, Titan, Europa, or Earth's moon. Take your pick. (Abgeofriends)

20) A story set during a nuclear winter on Earth (Ford)

21) A story where you wake up one morning and everyone insists that you've been living for years with a certain family member, friend, or pet. Only you know for a fact you have no memory of them ever existing. What is going on here? (EvangelineV)

22) A story about an aspiring medical student traveling to a foreign land to study at a renowned hospital. The plague draws near. (Paradox_4)

23) A story where a mad scientist has just created a new ... animal? species? creature? race? Whatever it is, she has an army of them, and things aren't ever going to be the same. (elad771)

24) A story set in the ancient world. This means anytime before the fall of the Roman Empire. And yes, if you don't want to strictly be historical, you can fill it with Atlantean technology or whatever. (Corgi213)

25) A story set in the Wild West. And once again yes, if you don't want to strictly adhere to proper history, you can fill it with "weird west" shit. (Tim36D)

26) A story involving the Vikings. Can be from the Viking perspective or whoever they’re raiding. (Yummyfood)

27) A story with a kobold protagonist (Mizal)

28) A PROPER story about a creepy restaurant. (WizzyCat)

29) A story where world just keeps kicking you in the tender bits. Your house burns down. Your daughter dies of disease. Your spouse runs off with a soldier. Things can't seem to get worse, so you head to a tavern in downtown to drink away the last of your money before you hang yourself. Only . . .something worse happens and shit is about to get real. (Celicni) DONE

30) A story where you find a magic whistle. (DBNB)

31) Write a story involving an established mythos/legend (Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Arthurian, etc) and do whatever the hell you want with it. (TheChef)

32) Make story involving a race to acquire a valuable resource. This can be based on something historical like the gold rush or some sci-fi shit on a distant planet. (Mazdark)

33) A story involving fairies in some way. (Matthaeus)

34) A story about colonizing a planet. (Digit)

35) A story about being a war criminal. (enterpride)

36) A story about being a traveling merchant. What you're trading in and the setting is up to you. (Lux_Inferni)

37) A story involving dinosaurs. (Sorbet)

38) A story where an abominable horror has come to a small town and that horror is YOU. (CreeoyIce)

39) A story involving an old Oriental style setting. This can be completely historical or you can make up some fantasy shit like Jade Empire or something. (Mystic_Warrior)

40) Pick a story from the Bible and do whatever the fuck you want with it. (Chris113022)

41) A story with a ghostly protagonist haunting an area. This can be a house, a forest, a ship, whatever. (Wildblue)

42) A story about an underwater adventure. (Cerene)

43) A story done in a first person noir detective perspective. (Ogre11)

44) A PROPER story involving a robot invasion. (poison_mara)

45) A story about a forbidden romance. (MadHattersDaughter)

46) A story set in a lunatic asylum. (SwiftStryker)

47) A story about becoming a famous musician. The type of music and setting can be whatever. (DarkSpawn)

48) A story involving a group of children having an adventure. Think The Goonies, Monster Squad, The Sandlot, Stranger Things, etc. as examples. You write any pedo shit, you’re banned. (At_Your_Throat)

49) A story involving the dark web or anything seedy involving the internet really. You can even take it into cyberpunk territory if you want. (TheCanary)

50) Mystery Box. Pick this one and I’ll tell you what your prompt is. (AmazingAnimal5)

51) A story involving a retarded protagonist having fun. (enfeite)

Site updates 2022

Posted 5/6/2022 by Nightwatch
Hey everyone, I mentioned I was going to finish a few updates in Fall. It was delayed due to vicious budget cuts (and you can't prove otherwise). I'll keep updating this thread as I push code.

Next update
  • Games will get 200 points instead of 100 for a category feature
  • Usernames in storygame search will link to the account
  • New forum activity will handle unicode correctly (old posts unchanged)
  • Fix for page crash due to mods trying to commend an already-commended post
Future updates
  • Unicode support in storygames
  • Some more tiny requests I already did and need to update to the site
Finished updates
  • Passwords are now case-sensitive (5/9/22)