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News and Updates

Site updates 2022

Posted 5/6/2022 by Nightwatch
Hey everyone, I mentioned I was going to finish a few updates in Fall. It was delayed due to vicious budget cuts (and you can't prove otherwise). I'll keep updating this thread as I push code.

Future updates
  • Unicode support
  • Lots of tiny requests I already did and need to update to the site
Finished updates
  • Passwords are now case-sensitive (5/9/22)

Corgi's Contest: Lords of the Land II

Posted 2/3/2022 by corgi213

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! For a new contest is at hand! That's right, the Lords of the Land II is here.

Are you a new comer looking to test their writing ability? Or perhaps you have been here a while and are looking to tack another contest victory to your accolades? Or maybe you've been stagnant and need something to get you writing again? 

Well, then you're in luck! For all are welcome to enter, even the lowliest peasant!

Theme: The protagonist must be a King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, lord, knight, baron, etcetera. It doesn't matter but they must be some sort of nobility. The last contest was of the medieval/fantasy genre. This time we unclasp those shackles. The genre can be of your choosing. Be it fantasy, science fiction, dark fantasy, historical fantasy, medieval science fiction, historical dark fantasy science fiction. It is all up to you, as long as the above mentioned stipulations are met.
The protagonist must also be a good and lawful character.
Deadline to Join: You have two weeks to announce your intent to enter. February 17th is the last day we will be accepting participants.
Note: Noobs, make your storygame title in advance, if you do it the day of you'll fail because you have to wait two days for it to be publishable. Failing that, just switch an already existing storygame to the name of your contest entry then just make a new one for whichever one it body snatched. 
Contest Deadline: March 30th, at 11:59pm Est. 
Prize: The glorious and wonderful Mizal has offered to buy an MHD commissioned art for the winner. (provided there are at least three qualifying entries) 

Requirements: The submissions must meet minimum site requirements or they will be disqualified during the judging period. If you publish a story without posting intent to enter within the timeframe, you will also be disqualified. 

If none of the stories meet minimum site requirements there will be no winner, and MHD will be sad because she doesn't get to draw any art. 

Have fun and good luck!