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Culture Clash Contest Results

Posted 1/1/2022 by EndMaster

This contest is a bit unusual in that most of the stuff the winners would get rewarded for (Featuring for example) will be on hold a bit since most of these stories are unfinished (Most of the authors already admit this in their stories!) and will be taken down to be reworked on. (And gather a lot more ratings)

That being said, I'll just be a lot more generous with the pointless points and when your stories are ready, some other rewards can be revisited.

Anyway might as well get to the winner right now. There's only five of you that survived, so one winner from that five is more than enough. Remember second place is just the first loser! (Still, all of you are better than the SHAMED)

Gryphon won.

Though it was close since Axxius story was directly on target for the contest due to the historical setting. Arguably had his been a little longer (and still maintained the same quality of what he did write) he would have won. Both had quite a bit of branching and were entertaining enough for me to go through most of the different endings.

Axxius story probably got more laughs from me than he intended. Something about getting hanged by Washington, leaving your friend to die only to get eaten by a bear and just outright betraying the American Revolution was hilarious. (Congrats, you died!) Supporting the revolution path was fine too though.

Ab and Stargirl's was mixed. Honestly their orphan path was a lot better than their soldier path which was a mess. (Evil team lol) Almost feel like they could axe that entire path and just focus on expanding the orphan path since there was a lot more care gone into that one. They probably strayed from the topic a bit, but their orphan path was good enough that it kept me playing a few different endings. (Which I didn't bother as much with the soldier path)

Cupcake's story stuck with the Culture Clash thing in a unique way though unfortunately I'm just not into super heroes too much. There wasn't as much branching either. I can see other people might liking this one better than I do though.

Finally Zwei's story was definitely on target and he even picked something not excessively written about too much in historical fiction. (Even with stuff set in Constantinople it's usually about them fighting the Ottomans/Muslims)

The main problem is it was severely unfinished. (Along with looping links when getting to the end of some paths) The only reason why this one got a minimal passing rating (As opposed to a damning 1 or 2) is because what was written has a lot of potential and kept me interested until I got to the dead ends.

Plus I laughed at this comment in the middle of the story of one path.

(I have no idea how you would actually convert to Catholicism in this period, and I'm too rushed for time to research it, however, I suspect that it is long and boring to read about.)

Final scores

Gry - 7

Axxius - 6

Ab and Star - 5

Cupcake - 4

Zwei - 3

And that's it for the last contest of 2021. Onward to 2022!

End Master’s Culture Clash Contest

Posted 11/21/2021 by EndMaster

                                  CULTURE CLASH


Deadline: 11:59 PM (EST) December 31st, 2021 (New Year’s Eve)

Reward: You’ll get potential pointless points, potential commendations, potentially featured and potentially out of the SHAME pit if you’re currently in there like the big loser you are.

Culture Clash is the theme though this is mildly flexible depending on what category you actually pick.

At the core, you’ll be writing about a clash of two different cultures. High tech/low tech, different religion, Over/Under toilet paper orientation, etc. If you want more than two cultures clashing (No toilet paper at all), go for it. I don’t give a fuck.

Of course picking something like fantasy where you just got humans vs. orcs or something similar is the easier route. But picking the route of less resistance means you better make it really good.

And yes, once again I don’t want to read fucking Fanfic. Everything else is fine though obviously some categories would be harder to work with than others.

Ideally (and preferably) I want you to write something Historical based to fatten up that category a bit. I know that category isn’t the most popular, but I figure some of you slugs can at least fucking try. Bonus points and more kudos for those that do.

Submitting a historical story also gives you slight leeway on moving away from the theme a bit, but don’t move away from it completely if you actually want to win.

No extra bonuses for Will if he decides to join with a Historical (Or Edutainment) story though, because that would be easy mode for him. (And he’ll probably win anyway)

Also as usual, if I see a “loop back to the beginning” rather than proper endings, I’m throwing you in the SHAME pit immediately.

If you’re joining, post that you are in this thread. Also when you’re done with writing your story, post the link to it in here.

That’s about it for now, unless I think of something else to add or change as needed.

Good luck.