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Brainbreak Bar by Darius_Conwright on 07/15/2024

Can't decide between anyone. Mainly because you guys still put up with me for several years now.

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker by Darius_Conwright on 07/15/2024

Oh you wouldn't for long my dude. I will catch up to you faster than you are yeeted in the shame pit.

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker by Darius_Conwright on 07/15/2024

I actually would prefer if you reviewed the Duke of Winslow since that was my most ambitious one so far. The lack of feedback makes me a bit sad.

Btw. I don't think you should read Cell's story unless you are very very into sister fucking.

Brainbreak Bar by Mystic_Warrior on 07/15/2024

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I predict the next letter would be k.

(Totally not because the current 'brain-broken' messages so far are: I thin k f r db r o)

special kids shoving beans up their noses by Mystic_Warrior on 07/15/2024

*Dialogue, not dialouge

*Punctuation, not puncutation

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Posted 7/1/2024 by Will11
Hear ye, Hear ye. Would you like a trophy? A brand-new shiny award signifying your general awesomeness? A symbol of recognition to draw fresh admiration from your fans and envy from your friends? An icon of eternal glory in miniature, but still epic, form? Well, look no further than this SUMMER READING COMPETITION! In this SUMMER READING COMPETITION, you have three months, from 1 July to 31 September, to read and review as many stories as your hectic lifestyle will permit. The winner will be the person who gets the most comments featured by the Overlords who run this site (which will also earn you more Commendations and Points) during these three months. The person with the most commended comments come October will be awarded my happy-face trophy and the First, Second and Third place winners will also receive generous point bonuses. Everyone who takes part will inevitably benefit from more points and probably more commendations as well. You have nothing to lose but this opportunity to read a lot of great stories (and scathingly dissect the not-so-great) and perfect the art of smart and enjoyable reviews - unlike writing competitions there is no entry fee of points here! Just comment on this post if you’re interested in giving it a shot, read and comment as much as you can and in October, I’ll count up how many comments each person in this thread got commended and announce the winners for universal admiration and praise. No Pit of Shame here either, though there is an Abyss of Apathy I suppose... I would guess going for the stories with fewer comments and few or no featured comments would be the easiest way to get recognized and commended and the Admins will be on the lookout for worthy comments to feature. Give it a go and try posting a few comments, you might be surprised by all the commendations and points you get! Best of all, every person who has written a story or who writes a story this summer will benefit too by getting more feedback so join in the competition and help make things better for everyone! Even if you don’t win, every little helps and who knows? You might surprise yourself! :) Mod edit: Progress tracking thread here, all participants must keep a tally of their featured comments. Additionally we now have a rule: for a review to be valid for this, the game if it's not at least a 5/8 in length, needs an author that's alive enough to have at least logged in in the past four years. We're not giving out rewards for spewing your thoughts on the dregs of 2014 to the empty air.

End Master's Crisis Contest

Posted 6/3/2024 by EndMaster

                         END MASTER'S CRISIS CONTEST


Deadline: 11:59 PM August 1st, 2024

Reward: You live.

Basically make a story where there’s a great crisis that the protagonist has to deal with. This can be anything. Asteroid impact, super volcano, Godzilla like monster, inter dimensional alien invasion, demonic avatar of the end times, etc. It can also be any setting (Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, etc) 

But it's not quite that simple.

I actually did have another contest in mind which was going to be called an “Amnesty Contest” where it was going to be a low pressure contest with no chance of getting SHAMED and mostly for the larva in the pit where they could get a chance to get out. However, one of gods around here, specifically Malk in this case has really got a bloodlust going on and the only way that can be resolved is through slaughter. (As one does) So this has altered things a bit.

So the lot of you who dare to face the werecappy (Who is the real life crisis in this scenario) in this contest still have the potential to be thrown in the SHAME pit (Or kicked another level down it.) 

In fact, it isn’t really enough to just turn in a story, you need to at least try to match him in quality or if you’re really ambitious, beat the chicken soup out of him.

Remember, Malk’s been soaking up the hate and grim darkness around here since he was a snotnosed kid like some of you currently are. Because of this fact, he’s managed to rise to the top of the food chain and become one of the most formidable writers around here.

However, he’s also still prone to degeneracy so you lot may get lucky and he’ll get distracted from the contest by an androgynous AZN in a public bathroom or something.

This will admittedly be a little different than the average contest, but we’ll see how this experiment goes.

So as usual post here if you're entering and when you've completed your story also post the link to it here.

Anyway that’s about it unless I think of something else. 

Good luck!