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MHD's Fantastical Fairytales Contest

Posted 7/18/2023 by MadHattersDaughter

Glittery glitter. . .

One day, the torn up tarmac roads of CYStia that pave the way across the small island turn to colorful cobblestone. The chipped paint facades of the library and citizen's houses turn to something more magical. Tall, spiralling towers appear where dated chimneys and fire escapes once stood. Roofs turn to purple and blue clay tiles that shimmer in the sunlight. And sunlight lights up those cobblestone roads and suddenly stained glass windows, out of which peer disgruntled townsfolk. It is a sight the dark and foreboding CYStia does not often see.

It is something out of a storybook!

And in the town center stands a familiar, colorful hatted figure. In her hand, a medieval trumpet of which she plays poorly, but loudly, and captures the citizen's attentions nevertheless.

That's right! A positively magical contest! And I'm not changing the place back until I get some stories fitting enough for a storybook character just like myself!

The theme is. . . Fairytales and storybooks!

You may interpret fairytales and storybooks in any way or rating but ultimately must include fantastical elements and a moral or theme.

You can use the classic fairytales like Rumpelstiltskin or Cinderella or storybooks like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland! or create your own.

The winner will receive a free art commission from me.

The Deadline is September 9th 11th at 11:30pm EST.

Good luck!


Gone Fishin' Results

Posted 7/7/2023 by mizal
Sherbet wins. This was so obvious upon publication that I probably could've saved myself the trouble of reading the rest, but I am nothing if not a professional. Kind of a smallish contest overall, but this part of summer tends to be the slowest time of the year around here, and overall I'm pretty happy with the results. Specifically the fact that I didn't have to read too much and was able to devote this past week of unemployment to being spectacularly lazy before starting work again tomorrow. Oh, and we got a couple of good games or something too. Or one anyway. (Sherbet's.) I have made an attempt to vaguely rank the rest by how entertaining I found them, but some of them are basically tied. Siren Best Story Overall My favorite thing was the way it was good and felt like a completed story! Theriocide the Edge Award Some impressively intense action and a great deal of violent introspection here. Those Ever-Grinding Teeth Most Interactivity Award It's a little rushed, but I enjoyed it and I did strongly hint that puzzles would be appreciated this go round. The Penguin Without Feet Most Wholesome Award This gets major points for charm, if it had only had more endings it would've been a serious contender. Nautilus Greatest KAE Entry of All Time This one had a strong start, but for a plot that felt like it was setting itself up for a bit more drama and pizazz than the one we ultimately got. Crackas best get they pasty hands offa my rod! Tied for Greatest Shitpost Award Short but with a couple of moments of comedy brilliance. It may edge Suranna's story out though on account of one of the endings offering a very compelling bribe. Lakeview of the Leviathan Tied for Greatest Shitpost Award I see glimpses of greatness here, but it is tragically unfinished. The Cabin in the Forest Honorary Junior Meangirl Award! Some potential from a newer and younger member, but man oh man, the formatting was unfortunate. This stupid storygame Fuck You, Dikeman Thank you for not making me read 40,000 words of gay, but Darius, seriously, next time just take some ibuprofen and go to sleep and forfeit. Because for the crime of publishing this you STILL get SHAMED. Bitch. And Petros has now resoundedly beaten you, if you're still keeping score. (This honestly has been the most surprising result to me, Darius tends to be one of those machines like Mystic--but much, much gayer--and I had figured he'd be entrant with a good chance at winning.) Now, even for those of you who sucked, for our intermission, please now enjoy these incoherently yelling white guys and their name that's just on point. Anyhow, this concludes our contest! Thanks to (almost) everyone who entered. The rest of you slugs missed your chance to escape the PIT OF SHAME or even dug your way in deeper, when 2000 words about a pleasant afternoon could have saved you. And keep in mind, if every one of those words was a dollar, you could buy a laptop! For a chance to atone for your sins, MHD will be hosting a special contest in a couple weeks, so stay tuned. Meanwhile I'm gonna buy Sunless Sea for Sherb to keep him out of the way so the rest of you have a chance.