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Prompt Contest Results

Posted 7/13/2022 by EndMaster

Okay after a bunch of rounds of musical secret judges, we FINALLY have a winner. And we might as well get on with announcing that.

Mystic won.

Technically it was a tie between her and MHD, however after the addition of a FIFTH secret judge who I shanghaied into breaking the tie in the first place, his rating put Mystic over the top.

Considering she wrote a damn book and apparently nearly died while doing so, I guess she deserves the win.

(I should mention, yeah there were ties between others, but they weren't in first place, so who gives a fuck because if you're not first, you're last)

So besides Mystic and MHD, other top ranking authors included Tim, Thara, Sherbet and Ogre. While they're all some of the more visible CYStians, other than Ogre, the don't usually write as many stories (Especially Tim and Sherb) so getting a good one out of them proved that they're not just within the "upper circle" for nothing.

Ryboi, Ben, elad, Cel, Flux were next in the upper mid tier. Ryboi probably is the most surprising out of all given his relative quietness. In fact he and elad both pulled themselves out of the SHAME pit to stand tall with the rest.

Chris, Mara, Maz, Mizal, Darius, 325boy, Yummyfood, DBNB, and Stargirl would be next on that lower mid scale. Mixed bag all around. Some of them like 325boy and DBNB did pretty good for their first entry ever while others probably could have done WAY better had they not succumbed to sloth. (Mizal) Maz probably did the best considering he pulled themselves out of Triple SHAME and can actually participate in contests regularly again.

Axxius, Abge, Ford, Digit, Enter, Lux, Ace, and Wizzy round out the lower tier. Still special mention goes to Lux who at least still scored in the double digits for her first contest. Ace, who managed to finally crawl out from the lowest level of the SHAME pit after years of being in there. And Ford who somehow managed to score higher than Enter and Digit. Though all three did pretty terrible.

Speaking of terrible...

Paradox, the lone outsider who entered the contest representing ALL his people from the land of KAE (The Kingdoms and Empires community) not only managed to come in last, but he also managed to achieve the absolute LOWEST possible score.

Truly a credit to his people and I bet they're all very proud of him. Lol.

As for the rest of you that didn't turn in shit, well you know where you lot are. You're stewing in the SHAME pit, with the rest of the losers. (Chef now being at the lowest level of that pit.)

Anyway, so a little extra info about the greater purpose of this contest.

First off as I said, this contest was planned to be our biggest one yet because I wanted to see how big of one we could pull off. 29 is more than we've ever had before and more than half of the prompts so I'm calling it a successful experiment.

Also this was a good example of how we're a self-sufficient and self-contained IF community that can easily have large contests with enough motivation. The IFaggots on the Intersexed Database can have their circle jerk contests where they praise all the gay and depressed games and delete all the negative comments so nobody gets triggered. We got our own contests with blackjack and hookers.

In keeping with this mindset, this brings about the secret judge thing. Originally I had the idea of Gryphon, Gower and myself judging everything, but then I decided that besides the fact of me not wanting to potentially read 50 stories, I'm just a little bit biased on what I like and chances are Thara or Cel would have won. 

So to make this fairer and fun, I planned for a secret judge because you know how I like to have random elements happen during a contest.

Originally I was going to have Green do it since that would ALMOST be like me judging what with her being an extension of myself of course, but then she had school shit so I ended up going with Sent as a secret judge since he's fairly even handed individual.

Well all would have went to plan, but then Gryphon had shit to do and wasn't going to be able to finish all the stories in a timely manner, then he got sick and REALLY wasn't going to be able to. So falling back on Green who now was done with all her school shit, I asked if she could be the second secret judge. Unfortunately she had other shit to do, but she could do some of them.

Not ideal, but I figured I could take the half scores from Gry and the other half from Green and just use those to tally up the final ones.

Of course then shit started stretching out and everyone just wants this to be done with. Gry's dragging himself along like a deadman, and Green's just up and disappeared on a party bender so seeing that Ugilick had practically already rated all the stories I just asked him to be the fourth secret judge.

I originally had the idea to just have him give me his ratings for the stories Gry and Green hadn't done and I'd just take their scores as that "third column" like I was planning when it was just Gry and Green.

However, the contests that the IFaggots have do something similar to this shit. Judges don't have to read everything and they just rate the stories they want to read meaning you end up with a weird mish mash of ratings that skew oddly because of the inconsistency.

Well fuck all that, the whole point was NOT to be like that, so I just threw out all of Gry's ratings (and Green's lone rating) and used all of Ug's for consistency.

Now you might be asking, wait what happened to the third secret judge? Well that was technically me and I was only going to judge if there was a tie. Which there was as you well know, but the problem is Mystic wrote a fucking book and there was no way I was going to read through it tonight when I wanted to just get all this shit over with. Plus I probably would have been biased towards MHD so it wouldn't exactly be fair.

So that means I needed a fifth secret judge and I was planning on just press ganging this one into service based on if they read both stories or not. After scanning over who actually read both stories and DIDN'T rate them the same (Which wasn't many), I ended up picking Sherb as the fifth secret judge since he reads everything, tends to be fair and was one of the high ranking contest members so it was fitting he was the tie breaking judge. (He rated Mystic's one point over MHD's)

Anyway, this turned out a little more complicated when it came to the actual scoring, but after it was all said and done, I threw the biggest and most successful contest on CYS and I did it without having to read anything!

Final Scores

Mystic - In Moonlit Waters: 21 (+1)

MHD - Mission Sunshine: 21

Tim - Ranger: 20

Thara - A tale of a white lie: 19  

Sherbet - Warden: 18

Ogre - Dark Night: 17.75

Ryboi - Fake it till you make it: 17.5

Ben - A graveyard smash: 16.25  

Cel - What a terrible world: 16

elad - The Shmorps: 16

Fluxion - The SHAMEful dead: 15

Chris - The Thief and the messiah: 14.25

325boy - An unusual mirror: 14

DBNB - Blow my whistle baby: 14

Darius - Our last talk: 13

Mizal - The Protagonist is a Kobold: 13

Mara - Red Mirror: 13

Maz - Hyperborea: 12.5

Yummyfood - The wolves of the sea: 12

Stargirl - Vira and cupcake: 12

Wizzy - Visceral: 11.5

Lux - The Misfortunes of a Traveling Merchant: 11.25

MrAce - A city lost: 11

Axxius - Alpha Centauri: 10

Abge - The fables of namesake: 10

Ford - What?: 8

Enter - General Butt Naked: 7

Digit - The Naughty Nachos: 7

Paradox - The demon of Hurtgen: 3 (Lol)

You may now unpublish any of your stories to make whatever additions or changes to them. Or just delete them, if that's what you so desire.

Some of the various rewards, achievements, pointless points, commendations have already been handed out, but there might be more if some admin gets around to it.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest

Posted 5/17/2022 by EndMaster

                       ENDMASTER'S PROMPT CONTEST


Deadline: 11:59 PM (EST) July 4th, 2022

Reward: You’ll get what you get and you’ll like it.

It’s probably about time to have another contest again, but to make it easy we’re going to have another prompt based one so you slugs can choose which topic to write about and then inevitably flake out on.

So if you’re joining, obviously pick one of the following prompts provided below and lock your post.

Joining the contest but failing to pick a prompt (Like fucking around like a retard posting in the thread saying you're "thinking about" joining the contest) will result in a random one still available being picked for you that you might not like so you probably shouldn’t do this bad thing. (And if you do, definitely don't whine like a faggot about it.)

Finally, when you’re done with your story, post a link to it in this thread.

That’s about it for now, unless I think of something else to add or change as needed.

Good luck.


1) A story where the protagonist is a devout religious missionary. (TharaApples) DONE

2) A story where the protagonist is an explorer, treasure hunter, or archaeologist exploring some recently uncovered ancient ruins, which may contain traps, treasure, or paradigm-altering discoveries. Can take place on earth or in a fictional world. (Axxius) DONE

3) A story that uses time travel or temporal mechanics as a game mechanic or major driving force. (GigglyCactus) SHAME

4) A fast-paced action-packed story about a bank heist, prison escape, or similar taking place in a fantasy, sci-fi, or historical setting. (Sherbet) DONE

5) A story where the player and narrator are separate entities. (Darius_Conwright) DONE

6) A story surrounding a violent championship sporting event. (Cyclonis) SHAME

7) A story where the narrator is a bond-esque villain. (Schmaltz) SHAME

8) A story starts with the discovery of the entrance to a hidden secret room. (hetero_malk) SHAME

9) This story’s protagonist is a con artist running a scheme where they convince people they are the chosen hero from an renowned ancient prophesy. What started as a grab for a few quick bucks is going much better than planned, and attracting a lot of unwanted attention. (RyboiTheLegend) DONE

10) A story where the protagonist is a zombie. (Fluxion) DONE

11) This story’s protagonist is an artificer, magical blacksmith, or creator of magical weapons. You can translate this prompt to a sci-fi equivalent if you want. (MrAce321) DONE

12) A story centering on an unusual mirror. (325boy) DONE

13) A sci-fi story about exploring and/or crashing onto an uncharted planet. (Nightwatch) SHAME

14) A story in a world where people exposed to a certain material develops superpowers based on their worst fear. For example, someone afraid of spiders might gain the ability to control spiders or stick to surfaces, or someone afraid of public speaking might become extremely persuasive. (EbonVasilis) SHAME Lol

15) A story about this tribal community lived a rather simple existence with the occasional war and the odd bit of cannibalism - but everything changed when the strangely dressed gods arrived in their wooden turtles from across the sea. (Heresy) SHAME

16) A story of a lunatic empress... with a fondness for horses. (stargirl) DONE

17) A story revolving around a graveyard tryst. (BenCrucifix) DONE

18) A story about a society on the verge of a Golden Age experiencing a cataclysmic disaster. (Picaro) SHAME

19) A story taking place on a terraformed Mars, Venus, Titan, Europa, or Earth's moon. Take your pick. (Abgeofriends) DONE

20) A story set during a nuclear winter on Earth (Ford) DONE

21) A story where you wake up one morning and everyone insists that you've been living for years with a certain family member, friend, or pet. Only you know for a fact you have no memory of them ever existing. What is going on here? (EvangelineV) SHAME

22) A story about an aspiring medical student traveling to a foreign land to study at a renowned hospital. The plague draws near. (Paradox_4) DONE

23) A story where a mad scientist has just created a new ... animal? species? creature? race? Whatever it is, she has an army of them, and things aren't ever going to be the same. (elad771) DONE

24) A story set in the ancient world. This means anytime before the fall of the Roman Empire. And yes, if you don't want to strictly be historical, you can fill it with Atlantean technology or whatever. (Corgi213) SHAME

25) A story set in the Wild West. And once again yes, if you don't want to strictly adhere to proper history, you can fill it with "weird west" shit. (Tim36D) DONE

26) A story involving the Vikings. Can be from the Viking perspective or whoever they’re raiding. (Yummyfood) DONE

27) A story with a kobold protagonist (Mizal) DONE

28) A PROPER story about a creepy restaurant. (WizzyCat) DONE

29) A story where world just keeps kicking you in the tender bits. Your house burns down. Your daughter dies of disease. Your spouse runs off with a soldier. Things can't seem to get worse, so you head to a tavern in downtown to drink away the last of your money before you hang yourself. Only . . .something worse happens and shit is about to get real. (Celicni) DONE

30) A story where you find a magic whistle. (DBNB) DONE

31) Write a story involving an established mythos/legend (Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Arthurian, etc) and do whatever the hell you want with it. (TheChef) SHAME

32) Make story involving a race to acquire a valuable resource. This can be based on something historical like the gold rush or some sci-fi shit on a distant planet. (Mazdark) DONE

33) A story involving fairies in some way. (Matthaeus) SHAME

34) A story about colonizing a planet. (Digit) DONE

35) A story about being a war criminal. (enterpride) DONE

36) A story about being a traveling merchant. What you're trading in and the setting is up to you. (Lux_Inferni) DONE

37) A story involving dinosaurs. (Sorbet) SHAME

38) A story where an abominable horror has come to a small town and that horror is YOU. (CreeoyIce) SHAME

39) A story involving an old Oriental style setting. This can be completely historical or you can make up some fantasy shit like Jade Empire or something. (Mystic_Warrior) DONE

40) Pick a story from the Bible and do whatever the fuck you want with it. (Chris113022) DONE

41) A story with a ghostly protagonist haunting an area. This can be a house, a forest, a ship, whatever. (Wildblue) SHAME

42) A story about an underwater adventure. (Cerene) SHAME

43) A story done in a first person noir detective perspective. (Ogre11) DONE

44) A PROPER story involving a robot invasion. (poison_mara) DONE

45) A story about a forbidden romance. (MadHattersDaughter) DONE

46) A story set in a lunatic asylum. (SwiftStryker) SHAME

47) A story about becoming a famous musician. The type of music and setting can be whatever. (DarkSpawn) SHAME

48) A story involving a group of children having an adventure. Think The Goonies, Monster Squad, The Sandlot, Stranger Things, etc. as examples. You write any pedo shit, you’re banned. (At_Your_Throat) SHAME

49) A story involving the dark web or anything seedy involving the internet really. You can even take it into cyberpunk territory if you want. (TheCanary) SHAME

50) Mystery Box. Pick this one and I’ll tell you what your prompt is. (AmazingAnimal5) SHAME

51) A story involving a retarded protagonist having fun. (enfeite) SHAME