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End Master’s Prompt Contest 3

Posted 1/1/2024 by EndMaster

                       END MASTER’S PROMPT CONTEST 3


Deadline: 11:59 (EST) April 1st, 2024

Reward: Both barrels if you fuck up.

It’s another new year and another contest for all of you to fail spectacularly at. The last prompt contest we had was pretty fucking miserable with a lot of you getting SHAMED even with 3 extensions. This is on top of those that managed to get double, triple, sent to Detroit or outright banned.

But enough about your past failures, time to focus on your future ones.

Now you may see that the deadline is quite a long time off, which means you figure you’ll have tons of time to slack off and then not turn in anything at the last second. Well, you can still do that and who knows, maybe there will be an extension again. 

However, to prevent last minute slap and dash half assed stories when there really shouldn’t be given the generous amount of time you have, I’ll be a little more specific on what I’m looking for so it’s a simple enough task even for you.

My shortest story is around 9000 words. 31 separate pages with 30 choices. Each path goes 4 pages deep. This is a length 3 size story, it was written in a few days and it still has a respectable rating despite being over a decade old.

I’m pointing this out, because THIS is what I’m going to compare it to as far as the minimum quality level is concerned.

So if you ARE going to wait until the last minute (or just want to write something short) it is entirely possible to make something good that doesn’t need to be long. Now obviously you don’t need to match this exactly, but what I don’t want to see is twenty pages each with one fucking choice especially since about the only one who can usually pull that off successfully is fucking Ninja and last I checked none of you fuckers were in second place around here. (Let alone first)

Now on the other end of the spectrum and if you’re ambitious enough to spend your time wisely to use the entire two months you have, there are plenty examples of stories under 100,000 words that still have a sufficient amount of pages and branching. (I won’t point out more of mine for that would be too vulgar a display of power)

This is a CYS contest not an IFaggot Thing run by fucktard Mormons where you win the top spot by writing some linear bullshit that’s going on about exploring your fee fees due to your confused gender because your uncle bad touched you as a child. 

This also isn’t perpetually unfinished CoG faggotry where you focus on 100 types of furry chicks with dicks just to cater to every degenerate’s tastes instead of actually focusing on something like plot, story, good writing, etc.

If I see a lack of effort, you’re getting SHAMED with the rest of the losers who didn’t turn in shit. 

Quality folks. If you can’t produce it then don’t even bother fucking entering.

Speaking of losers this is a chance for you lot in the triple SHAMED level to participate. Here’s your shot at redemption and it’s more than you deserve, you scum.

In any case, if you’re joining the contest pick a prompt from the list below. When you’re done writing your story be sure to post a link to it in this thread.

That’s about it for now, unless I think of something else to change as needed.

Good luck and surprise me with competence for a change. (Like most of you did for the first prompt contest)

1) A story surrounding a violent championship sporting event. WizzyCat

2) A story involving a peaceful day in the park. StoryTurtle

3) A story starting with the discovery of the entrance to a hidden secret room. DireRyse

4) A story involving a dangerous hunting competition. This can be any setting. EbonVasilis

5) A story about a society on the verge of a Golden Age experiencing a cataclysmic disaster. Darius_Conwright

6) A story involving inheriting something valuable from a dead relative. MrAce321

7) A story involving dinosaurs. Alienrun

8) A story about an underwater adventure. snowfall SHAMED

9) A story set in a lunatic asylum. AssessYourAsses

10) A story where the protagonist has a dangerous addiction or obsession that drives the plot. TheChef

11) A story about building a harem. Kezmark

12) A story about returning to your childhood home and stumbling across a terrible secret. elad771

13) A story about a band of mercenaries. corgi213

14) A story written in the epistolary style (Told through journal entries or letters). fresh_out_the_oven

15) A story heavily driven by a love/hate relationship with the antagonist. Suranna

16) A story that starts with receiving a letter or call from someone you thought was dead. Ford

17) A story about naval warfare. mazdark 

18) A story involving a floating city. MadHattersDaughter

19) A story involving trying to survive some sort of disaster while also protecting/saving at least one loved one. (This can be any type of setting) AllMight

20) A story about rebuilding after a war. Mizal

21) A story about a pacifist protagonist. TheCanary

22) A story involving a war with giants (Can even be a war with giants fighting each other) enterpride

23) A story about being a slave trader. Petros

24) A story involving a major festival within the fairy world. granolagoth

25) A story involving playing as a bigoted superhero. prithvish

26) A story revolving around carrying out a terrorist attack (Yes, you can even do a mundane school shooting). benholman44

27) A story involving playing as any historical figure. (Up to you on how close you want to stick to their life) MiltonManThing

28) A story based around carrying out genocide. Setting doesn’t matter. Mystery Contestant

29) A story involving court intrigue while attempting to seduce one (or more!) of your relatives. 4Sunny4

30) A story about becoming a famous musician. Can be any type of music or setting. sunshineboi

31) A story where you are the survivor of a failed dungeon expedition. TypewriterCat

32) A story about a siege. This can be from the attackers or defenders (or both) point of view. frank2

33) A story set on a planet with a harsh environment (Ice world, barren desert, toxic air, etc). DerPrussen

34) A story where you travel back in time to set wrong what once went right. DBNB

35) A story involving a literal retarded protagonist. BalthusGreene

36) A story where you’re the last of your kind (Doesn’t need to be human). Yummyfood

37) A story about being a cartographer hired to map out an unexplored area (Can be any setting). Lux_Inferni

38) A story about being a collector of exotic very rare or unique things. (Of any kind) SableFancy111

39) A story about being the leader of a post apocalyptic gang SpartacustheGreat

40) A story involving a space station. AwritingHobo

41) A story about making a deal with a demon/devil. PerforatedPenguin

42) A story set in an area ravaged by a plague or famine. goodnight_a

43) A story involving body horror. Sherbet

44) A story set in a town getting ready to make its yearly sacrifice. GeniusPancake

45) A story involving an underground society. CoolGuy69

46) A story about a homemaker protagonist while their significant other leaves for battle for extended periods of time (Soldier, raider, merc, etc) Wildblue

47) A story about founding a new religion. Cats_R_Us

48) A story about redemption of past misdeeds. (And as if it needs to be said, you can’t redeem a pedo) Bezro

49) A story involving a war between two galactic super powers fighting over planet Earth. (Humans are the “primitives” caught in the middle) CaptainFalcon

50) A story involving a retired villain. (Not looking for redemption, just trying to enjoy retirement or at least semi-retirement) CavusRex (Songbird Vagabond)

The Damned and the SHAMED results (Finally)

Posted 12/3/2023 by EndMaster

Yeah so Mizal has been a little busy lately with stuff, so there's no point in letting this linger into the void. 

So I'll just get right to it. TCat won.

Congratulations, your excellent productivity here is everything I expect in a daughter of mine. 

The rest of you that turned in something, your duty has been noted. The ones that didn't, your SHAME has also been noted.

That is all.