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The Damned and the SHAMED results (Finally)

Posted 12/3/2023 by EndMaster

Yeah so Mizal has been a little busy lately with stuff, so there's no point in letting this linger into the void. 

So I'll just get right to it. TCat won.

Congratulations, your excellent productivity here is everything I expect in a daughter of mine. 

The rest of you that turned in something, your duty has been noted. The ones that didn't, your SHAME has also been noted.

That is all.

The Damned and the SHAMED

Posted 10/19/2023 by mizal
(art by MadHattersDaughter)
Well it's spooky season, but you'd hardly know it around here the way the undead are shambling down the streets like always. You lot in the pit of eternal SHAME are really bringing the property values down though, so I'm doing you this favor. Prompt: Haunted Deadline: November 2nd, 11:59pm CST November 5th, 11:59pm CST WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8th 11:59pm CST, the final extension!! Yes, you get only two weeks. I don't see any reason why anyone needs more procrastination time, I know none of you will even start the first week. This will also be the only time of year the wall between the dead and living is thin enough that those of you TRIPLE SHAMED or, somehow, worse, (@TheChef, you know who you are) can pull yourselves out of the pit without admin permission to enter. And no it doesn't have to be a horror story necessarily, other interpretations of the word or more lighthearted hauntings are welcome too. Take something like Edithe Zilonis for instance.