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"I swear, End, you're like a little poisonous devil that sits on people's shoulders and whispers evil into their ears in an effort to cause the most drama and chaos that you can." - Axiom

"There’s a certain point where you need to stand back and realize that all you’re doing is butchering kids on a public forum" - Some kid before I butchered him

"You are a legend." - Loving daughter Cricket

"Someone like End is my ideal." - REALLY loving daughter Thara

Location- The Outer Reaches of Your Mind

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Occupation- Destroyer of Worlds

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Extra Info- I'm originally from that graveyard called Infinite Story, but I came here as a conqueror because I'm a no good dirty tyrant.

Also the creator of AI Dungeon back when it was originally still good of course.

If for some baffling reason you ever have the urge to read something really offensive, it can be found here.

Then again if you aren't a complete degenerate and you really have lots of time to waste then you might like this instead.

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A Very Special Choose Your Story

Some stories have a message...kinda...

Additional Notes:

WARNING! (The real one)

This story is pretty offensive, it can get graphic and downright ruthless at times so if you don’t like that sort of humor, don’t read this story. But if you read it anyway don’t complain if you get offended, I did warn you and keep in mind it IS only a story.

Also, don't bother trying to "win" either. You can't. Just heed the moral lessons you may learn.

Featured Story Alpha Wolf

Old monsters never die, they just get meaner.

Additional Notes:

There are history links for each monster (In the form of your character's memories) and while not neccessary to understand the story, they do provide deeper background. Ignore whatever you might know about various old movie monsters, you'll find that most of their histories are much different in this story.

You may find that this story has a movie feel to it which is appropriate considering the characters involved. The language (and violence) can get graphic sometimes, so if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it.

Finally this isn't really a "win/lose" type story, however there are definitely good/bad/neutral endings. A few endings are even "really good" though they won't be spelled out as such.

Featured Story Death Song

One musician's tale in a dying world

Additional Notes:

If you’ve read and liked Necromancer, then this might interest you as this story takes place during the same course of events of that story. (Not a prequel, not a sequel, but an equal!)

However, this story is definitely more “story” than “game”. In fact you shouldn’t even bother reading it if you’re intent on “winning”. You can’t. That being said, there is a “true ending” to this story and you’ll probably know if you get it. If you do get it, you can consider it a “win” if you like.

There are a few points in the story where there are links that lead to “Letters to Home”. While not necessary to understand the story, they do provide a little more insight into the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings on various situations.

Featured Story Eternal




The last hope for a dying empire

Additional notes:

This story can be very long assuming you're not dying. Years pass and your surroundings will most likely change. You may very well live a life time in the story.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can technically "win" by getting one of the epilogues.

There are 13 epilogues total.

There are also several points in the story where there are links that lead to more background information on various people, places, things and events. While not completely necessary to understanding the story, they do give you more insight into it.


Carnivals aren't all fun and games.

Additional Notes:

While there is only one spot that contains extra histories for this story, it's basically the background information of all the major characters and factions. It's strongly recommended that these are read due to the fact that your character will be interacting with most of these folks in his attempts to successfully accomplish his task(s).

This story has a very factional feel to it, so choose your allegiances carefully to get one of the better endings.

Featured Story Ground Zero

If you see a bright light, duck and cover!

Additional notes:

I should point out that this story can be very long assuming you're not dying. Years pass and your surroundings will most likely change. You may very well live a life time in the story if you're lucky. You will also experience a completely different adventure depending on how you escaped the initial nuclear strike. (Assuming you do survive it.)

As with any of my writings, the "story" comes before the "game". However, this story was written in a "game like" format. So while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can technically "win" by getting one of the 4 special endings. (You'll know if you get one because you'll get an epilogue)

Featured Story Imagination

This one's for the kids, no really!

Additional Notes:

This story has clear cut win/lose endings. There is nothing excessively unusual about this story, it's just a simple "children's story".

(Yes, you can still die in it)


Running the family business isn't easy!

Additional Notes:

In a few places there are links for history or certain characters. While not necessary to understand the story, they do provide further background information.

There are several endings varying in degrees of good/bad or neutral outcomes. Technically there is one very happy ending, but it isn't labeled as such.


Underneath the sickness there's love...

Additional Notes:


This story contains a lot of graphic content, if you are offended by ultra violence, explicit sexual descriptions, tons of swearing, blasphemy, inappropriate dark humor, and brutal misanthropy in general then DO NOT read this story!

Of course now that I’ve mentioned all the things it contains, you’ll probably read it anyway, you sick little monkey.

Well don’t complain if you get offended, I did warn you and keep in mind it IS only a story.

This also isn't really a "win/lose" type story. While there are some endings better than others, this is basically just a tale about a very twisted man and his very twisted lifestyle.

Featured Story Necromancer


Additional Notes:

This story is definitely more "story" than "game", however there are two distinct paths that can be followed, each with their own pitfalls and additional choices. There is also "one true" ending in which can be considered a "win" (You'll know if you got it, because you'll get an epilogue)

This story can get long, and assuming you're surviving, years do pass in it and you and your environment will change. There are a few points in the story where there are links that lead to more background information on various people and things. While not completely necessary to understand the story, they do give you more insight into it. The text that accompanies some of the pics are also done for similar purposes (Your journal entries, personal thoughts, letters written to you, etc)

Featured Story Paradise Violated

Humanity never changes...

Additional Notes:

There are links leading to various background information and your character's current thoughts throughout the story. In some cases these may provide greater insight since some mysterious things can occur in this story.

There are also several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. Technically there is one ultimate "winning" ending, but it isn't labeled as such.


Emotions can be wonderful or dangerous...

Additional Notes:

This story has a few bits that are probably a bit on the disturbing side. Not many, but they are there in places. So if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it.

This story in general is probably a bit odd and less verbose than most of my other stories. There are also several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. While there are some endings better than others, this is basically just the tale of a teenager who definitely has some issues.

Featured Story Rogues

From humble beginning to infamy and beyond!

Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as a "sequel" to Innkeeper.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can technically "win" by getting one of the 12 epilogues.

Featured Story Suzy's Strange Saga

Things would be so much easier if your name was Mary Sue

Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as:

A direct sequel to the "Good Girl" short story in Tales From The Basement.

A semi sequel to the other TFTB short stories, Repression, TRASH, Love SICK and Geek.

A semi prequel to Ground Zero.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can still "win" by getting one of the epilogues.

There are 16 epilogues total.

Featured Story Tales From The Basement

Because Basement Dwellers are people too!

Additional Notes:

This story is three stories in one. Your first choice will lead to a separate tale of a different “basement dweller”. Each one is mostly different in tone.

Ebay Escapist is weird and random. It’s the least verbose of the three. (Or my stories in general)

Good Girl is the longest and most descriptive of the three. There is some weirdness going on here too, but is mostly kept much more in "reality". There is a cast of characters link in the beginning to help you keep up with who’s who.

Anime Addict has a lot of offensive language and humor, so if you don't like that sort of thing you shouldn’t read this one.

In all the tales there are several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. While there are some endings better than others, these are basically just tales of basement dwellers.

Featured Story The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly

Three ladies. Three legends.


Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as a connection to Rogues, Eternal and Necromancer.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However there is an epilogue for each "winning" ending.


Yee Haw! It's a trailer park life for me!

Additional Notes:

This story has a ton of offensive langauge and humor so if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it. Though given the setting, the language used is pretty accurate.

This also isn't really a "win/lose" type story. While there are some endings better than others, this is basically just a tale about a typical day of a degenerate that lives in a trailer park.

Articles Written

Endmaster's Map to (Im)Mature Story Writing
A guide from EndMaster on writing about mature topics.

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My Dune Review on 10/24/2021 4:26:09 PM

Also going to add that the 80s Dune movie still had the best over the top evil degenerate Baron

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My Dune Review on 10/24/2021 3:50:02 PM

Just saw the new Dune movie.

Almost had a facial expression.

Looked pretty in places, but was meh overall.

Still like the mini-series more so far.

Hello, I'm Opy! on 10/24/2021 8:10:19 AM

While I'm pretty sure nobody here has been asking for Fable fanfic, given that at least some of us have played the games and the rarity of anyone writing such a thing, it has more potential to be accepted than someone writing fanfic of some anime.

As for why there aren't many fanfic games, well some would say there's actually TOO many fanfic games on the site already. This is probably one of the rare writing sites where fanfic tends to not be very well embraced for various reasons. The main one because most people who are writing fanfic don't write very well in general.

Writing something shitty yet still original (Or at least trying to be) is one thing, but writing something shitty that's already based on an existing franchise is failing pretty hard. You're either ruining an already very well established setting or you're not really adding anything better to a setting nobody liked in the first place.

Plus most of the time the fanfic is of a franchise that's cringy anyway (Like cloppers making MyLittlePony romance or some such degeneracy.)

This isn't even touching upon the dreaded "Warrior Cat" invasion this place suffered back in the early 2010s. There were BAD Warrior Cat stories EVERYWHERE. It was terrible. Even today we're still finding hidden WC stories we haven't completely purged yet. It's literally the only form of fanfic that's been officially BANNED from the site.

However, despite all that, it's long been accepted that for good or ill, fanfic is something a lot of people like to write so there's a place for it and depending on the writer, some of it can still be good.

Which is basically what this all boils down to. How well you're going to write the story. As I said, Fable fanfic isn't something that generally comes to mind when someone says fanfic so it's at least a lot different in that regard.  Could be pretty interesting. I don't even remember all the minor lore to it.

Also you probably can't mess up Fable more than Peter Molyneux did. (That series really could have been so much more)

Anyway, I'm sure Mizal or someone else can answer some of your other questions.

EDIT: Oh looks like I was too slow and they already did.

Admin Abuse? Call now! on 10/23/2021 6:13:41 PM

Further proof that CYS is a happy welcoming place for noobs run by fair admins since nobody ever complains.

Interesting Comments 7 on 10/23/2021 4:26:02 PM

A Very Special Choose Your Story

it's super insightful to see into the mind of someone who thinks so negatively, yet they still continue to bring others down with them. I went through just about every story option and it's quite upsetting to see they all have endings where every action results in misfortune. Definitely feel bad for the way the author way the author may or may not be living as of now.

computernoah on 10/23/2021 2:03:17 PM with a score of 0

Lol, fag.

Graveyard of Unfinished Stories on 10/22/2021 8:57:08 PM

More like we can view them due to being Gods, but mere mortals can't.

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 10/22/2021 6:12:05 PM

Alright much like what Berka did with his game, this game is currently "over" right now, at least until I'm more focused on writing and have the time to do it.

Kona's adventures may continue again though one day, stay tuned!

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 10/22/2021 6:06:19 PM

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Much later in the secret tunnels near Enboca…

“You sure you know where you’re going?” Kona asked.
“Yes! I remember the maps. It’s just, well there’s a lot more rubble blocking paths and we have to take the long ways around.”
“Y’know I remember as similar trip where you couldn’t remember the exact direction. I’ll remind you that I do have that compass with me.”
“No! I’m really not trying to trick you! I know better than that now. Besides, I’ve grown rather fond of you. I feel like we’ve really bonded over the time we’ve spent together…ah yes, this is the way. Shouldn’t be long now before we’re under Enboca proper.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, we’ll wind up in the Enboca sewers. From there it’s just making our way to the streets and getting our bearings.”
“Great. If we’re lucky we won’t give ourselves away by our smell.”

The trek through the tunnels goes on for awhile longer, at this point Kona felt like she had spent so much time underground that she was a mole. And they weren’t in the sewers yet.

“I can’t believe I relied on your half assed memory of some old maps.” Kona said.
“We HAVE to be getting close! I know it! The tunnel is going upwards and look! A trapdoor!” Pedro remarked.

Pedro tried it, but it was of course locked. The best he could do is get it open partially before the chains and padlock stopped it.

“Damn it.”
“Well you got it open somewhat. Can’t you slither through the crack with your powers?”
“What? No! I can only just change appearances, I can’t just turn into some sort of liquid! I wish I could, it would make a lot of things a lot easier. There’s big padlock and a chain holding it down. It’s not locked down very well, but it’s enough that we can’t get through.”
“Padlock huh? I mean if I can reach it, I can probably pick it. Move out of the way.”

With some effort Kona managed to reach the padlock after pushing the trapdoor just enough. It was hard to pick the thing in near darkness, but eventually she got it unlocked and soon the trapdoor was thrown open.

Upon looking around in the new area they were in, they weren’t in the sewers but some sort of building. Presumably a cellar of some sort. The thing that stood out was there was actually torchlight in here.

“Where are we?” Pedro asked.
“How should I know? Someone’s home?”
“Well if it is, they’re probably not friendly given some of this stuff. This looks like a torture chamber. And those drawings on the wall don’t look human.”
“Oh, this might be one of the rooms of that old cult during the Imperial days I was telling you about a few days ago.”
“Maybe, but given the blood on these spikes looks fresh, I think this is still in use.”

Kona and Pedro looked around more and moved to another room nearby which wasn’t much different, other than different torture implements. Eventually Kona found stairs and lacking any other ideas, she went up them until she came across another trap door in the ceiling though this one wasn’t locked.

Upon opening it, Kona found herself in what looked to be an ornate though mostly empty room. A single small table and a couple chairs are nearby along with more dim torch lighting.

“Not sure where exactly we are, but I feel like we’re in some rich person’s home.” Kona remarked.
“Maybe, though there’s no door to this room other than the one we came out of.” Pedro said.
“Yeah it’s odd, but I have a good idea there is a hidden door in one of the walls here. Whoever lives here probably doesn’t want people suddenly stumbling on their private torture chamber.”

Kona started feeling around the walls of the room and sure enough she was correct and eventually heard a click which she followed up by pushing the “wall” slowly to reveal another room.

“See I knew…SHIT!” Kona shouted as a force suddenly pulled her through the opening.

Kona went tumbling forward into the next room crashing into a table. She only just managed to get back up when a heavy force slammed her back to the floor. She managed to look up to finally see her surroundings which looked to be a large library of some sort. She also saw her assailant who was almost on the other side of the room. He was an older man in what looked to be a fancy robe.

This was the chancellor.

“I thought I heard someone fumbling about in my home. So who are you? Another would be assassin? I must say I didn’t think anyone knew about the old tunnels under the city. Looks like I’ll have to have work done to prevent one of your kind sneaking in again.” Chancellor Ruiz remarked.

Kona once again attempted to get up only for Ruiz to once again hold her down with a gesture of his hand. Apparently intelligence on him being able to use magic wasn’t common knowledge since it certainly came to a shock for Kona. Still, he must not have been too powerful at it because despite Ruiz’s efforts, Kona’s sheer determination allowed her to struggle against his magic.

“So, think yourself better than the rest eh? Well you’ll soon learn the full extent of my pow…”

Ruiz pontificating was cut short when a book was thrown at him temporarily losing his concentration on holding Kona.

You get up and see Pedro has entered the room and grabbing more books off the shelves to throw.

“Move in while he’s down!”

Kona proceeded to do so only for Ruiz to cast a magic bolt at her. Fortunately she managed to dodge out of the way in time. Unfortunately for Pedro, he gots hit instead. Kona heard a mildly inhuman yelp before Ruiz was upon Kona again. She went for her weapon only to feel like her heart was about to be crushed inside her chest.

“I could easily destroy you right now, but I’m going to have so much fun with both of you ladies. I’m sure you two saw my pleasure chamber as you snuck in here. Well you’re both going to be spending a lot of time in there. First though I want to hear you beg.”
“What’s that? Fuck me? Don’t worry we’ll be getting to that soon. I know this hurts. Submit and I can make the rest of your short existence less painful.”

Kona could still feel whatever magic he was using and now it felt like her insides were completely on fire. She actually screamed out despite not wanting to. This anguish cause Ruiz to laugh, but he wasn’t laughing for long because Kona still wasn’t deterred from her mission. Her mental state wasn’t broken and she would NOT die here and certainly not to this man.


With all her strength, she managed to break his spell temporarily to pull out her dagger and with a lunge, stabbed Ruiz in the leg who had foolishly allowed himself to get too close in his arrogance.

Now it was his turn to shout out in pain.

“Fucking bitch! How did you…”

Ruiz’s follow up threats were not heard because Pedro who apparently recovered and snuck up on Ruiz and was now performing whatever draining ability his kind did. Ruiz nearly collapsed to the floor starting to almost wither before Kona’s eyes. Ruiz managed to get Pedro off his back, but Kona managed crawl over and pull his wounded leg. Already unsteady, Ruiz fell to the floor smashing his head against the same table Kona fell into earlier, except he wasn’t as lucky with the angle, breaking his skull causing massive internal (And external) damage.

Chancellor Ruiz was dead.

Kona looked at his body just thinking that he got off easy. She then looked at Pedro who was now wearing a new skin.

“How do I look?” Pedro asked.
“Revolting.” Kona replied.
“Excellent, that means I should pass easily.

“Chancellor! Are you alright?!” a voice shouted.

The sounds of several footsteps could be heard running towards the room. Kona and Pedro looked at each other and immediately sprung into action. Pedro took off Ruiz’s robe and put it on, while Kona dragged the body into the next room. Pedro shut the secret door and Kona could hear Pedro explain away the situation.

Eventually the situation was calm again and Pedro and Kona could plot the next moves in secret. Pedro’s plans were obvious, he was going to bask in the luxury of his new position for as long as possible. Kona’s plan was a little more long term. From here she could build her own “guild” though specifically a spy network.

It would take time, but she was prepared for that future regardless of who or what might stand in the way.

Current Status


+1 Dex
+1 Con
+3 Cha
+3 Int

9 Light Pts
5 Dark Pts

1 Ally

1 Royalty
1 Justice
2 Arcana
1 Villainy

1 Anti-Hero card


Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 10/22/2021 6:03:47 PM

Goodbye Cono Grande

Kona dismissed her bad dreams, she had no time to dwell on such things, she had real world problems to worry about.

Her home was under attack and the best way to ensure her survival regardless of the outcome would be to remove the Chancellor. She didn’t even care about the Guild at this point, she just saw this as an opportunity for herself. If her plan was entirely successful, she could easily start up her OWN organization in Enboca with a top politician already in pocket.

So she decided NOT to tell the Guild of her plan, she would slip out of the city with Pedro and infiltrate Enboca without their knowledge.

She immediately went to find Pedro, who seemed to like the idea of them pulling this off by themselves.

“So just another secret between us huh? I like it. Though getting out of Cono Grande might be trickier than getting into Enboca what with the siege going on.” Pedro remarks.
“Oh got that covered, the Guild has some smuggling tunnels that haven’t been discovered yet. I can just go to Jose and say I’m going to do some reconnaissance on the enemy’s encampment. He’ll approve, since he’s wanted someone to do it.”
“What about me?”
“I dunno, go steal a Guild member’s face and meet up with me here before I go see Jose, so I know who to tell I’m taking.”
“Any particular one?”
“I dunno. Someone newer, just make it quick and don’t get caught obviously.”
“Hah, I never do.”
“Hmm, if that were true, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Pedro frowned a bit at Kona’s remark before leaving.


“Hey Kona.”

Kona turned around and saw a young red haired girl. She vaguely remembered her as one of the newer recruits. Then she realized who she really was…

“Pedro?” Kona said.
“That’s Elena to you now.” Pedro responded
“Interesting choice.”
“Well you said quickly and she was the easiest for me to overpower because…”
“If you’re about to say because she’s female, I’m going to stop you right there. Anyway, I’ll go talk to Jose and meet up with you afterwards.”

Kona went off to find Jose who was in his usual “office.” He really was looking haggard nowadays due to the siege. When she approached him about taking on the reconnaissance mission, he was surprised she was volunteering. The only reason why he hadn’t ordered anyone is due to being somewhat reluctant to risk losing any members just to help General Raul, even if it would help the Guild in the long run.

“Well, if you’re going to do this, take this letter to let the ones guarding the tunnel know you’ve been allowed to pass through the tunnels. Now when you get out of the tunnels, you’ll have to backtrack to the city since they exit quite the ways from it. It’ll be a hike, but at least you know you won’t immediately be in danger of being discovered by the Warlord’s army.”
“That new girl Elena will be joining me. She expressed a desire to expand her knowledge and wished to learn from me. No better way than to just jump into it.”
“Really? Her? I sort of thought she was just hanging around because Juan was fucking her.”
“Didn’t realize she was Juan’s girlfriend.”
“Well that’s surprising she never mentioned she was because she’s pretty infatuated with him. I don’t think the feeling is quite as mutual, but he might be upset if she got killed. You sure she’s not going to hinder you?”
“I’ll keep her away from the true danger, and have her be a lookout. When it comes to sneaking about the camp, I’ll be the only one actually in there.”
“Hm. Well I trust your judgement. YOU be careful as well though. Don’t want to lose one of the best members just to help General Raul…pfft general. Y’know after this siege is over, he’ll probably be calling himself fucking king of Cono Grande. I don’t trust him to keep his promises, but El Sombra feels the alliance might be worth it. Anyway come back alive.”

Wasn’t long before Kona met up with Pedro again.

“Well?” Pedro asked.
“We need to get going soon. I have to pack because I get the impression I won’t be coming back here anytime soon. If you got anything you need to pack I suggest you do likewise and I also suggest you stay out of sight of Juan bumping into you seeing as you’re wearing his girlfriend now.” Kona said.
“I am?”
“Yeah. Meet up back in an hour.”


Kona walked back to the meeting spot wondering if she should have spoke to her father one last time. The man might not have been the most attentive father, but you know he must still be upset about his wife disappearing. Still, she didn’t have much to talk to him about and hadn’t talked to him since she left home anyway. It would just complicate things and she was abandoning the past.

She saw Pedro who looked like he was traveling light.

“Hey, you ready?” Pedro asked.
“Yeah, no backpack?” Kona remarked.
“I don’t really own anything. I just sort of use everyone else’s stuff.”
“True. Um, your lipstick is a little smeared. In fact your hair is a bit messier as well.”
“Uh, yeah. I bumped into Juan. I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just get going.”

Kona smirked and the pair of them were off.

The trip to and through the smuggler tunnels was mostly uneventful. Pedro of course started getting talkative about various topics as he was prone to do. By the time they left the tunnels, Kona had a headache.

“As I said, this Guild tunnel must be relatively newer since I don’t remember ever seeing a map of Cono Grande in Asta that showed any tunnels. Let alone the extensive system that Enboca has.” Pedro said.
“Okay, enough with the information dumps. My head is splitting.” Kona remarked.
“You do look a little tired. Maybe a quick nap is in order? We got a ways to go to the nearest secret tunnel into Enboca.”
“Maybe. Just hope I don’t have these fucking nightmares again.”
“Nightmares? What kind?”
“What? Fuck I dunno, the bad kind. Lot of shadowy figures telling me to do bad things. Not sure why since I do a perfectly good enough job doing bad things without being told to. Anyway, been having those dreams or dreams with similar themes a lot lately. Normally they wouldn’t bother me, but sometimes they seem really real.”
“Hmm, interesting. You know I have read in old scrolls…”
“Here we go…”

Kona resigned herself to another round of Pedro’s ramblings as he went on about other worlds, magic, and a whole bunch of other stuff she barely paid attention to as they continued their journey. Behind her was her home city being slowly worn down by the Warlord’s army. It’s possible it could fend off the attack, but she doubted it. The place was going to be in utter chaos for awhile, followed by tyranny regardless of who won.

It wouldn’t really be the home she knew anymore, she saw that and that’s why she had to leave. She just thought about the mission ahead and how her future hinged on its success. It was a big step, but she knew this would be the best way to finally establish a proper base of power.

I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING. SOS? on 10/21/2021 11:42:54 PM

I dunno, I remember not even knowing anything about SU until someone here had a cringy avatar of one of the characters and Mizal mentioned where it was from.

Everything I've heard of it sounds pretty gay though.