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"I swear, End, you're like a little poisonous devil that sits on people's shoulders and whispers evil into their ears in an effort to cause the most drama and chaos that you can." - Axiom

"There’s a certain point where you need to stand back and realize that all you’re doing is butchering kids on a public forum" - Some kid before I butchered him

"You are a legend." - Loving daughter Cricket

"Someone like End is my ideal." - REALLY loving daughter Thara

Location- The Outer Reaches of Your Mind

Interests- You really don't want to know

Occupation- Destroyer of Worlds

Signature- Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!

Extra Info- I'm originally from that graveyard called Infinite Story, but I came here as a conqueror because I'm a no good dirty tyrant.

Also the creator of AI Dungeon back when it was originally still good of course.

If for some baffling reason you ever have the urge to read something really offensive, it can be found here.

Then again if you aren't a complete degenerate and you really have lots of time to waste then you might like this instead.

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A Very Special Choose Your Story

Some stories have a message...kinda...

Additional Notes:

WARNING! (The real one)

This story is pretty offensive, it can get graphic and downright ruthless at times so if you don’t like that sort of humor, don’t read this story. But if you read it anyway don’t complain if you get offended, I did warn you and keep in mind it IS only a story.

Also, don't bother trying to "win" either. You can't. Just heed the moral lessons you may learn.

Featured Story Alpha Wolf

Old monsters never die, they just get meaner.

Additional Notes:

There are history links for each monster (In the form of your character's memories) and while not neccessary to understand the story, they do provide deeper background. Ignore whatever you might know about various old movie monsters, you'll find that most of their histories are much different in this story.

You may find that this story has a movie feel to it which is appropriate considering the characters involved. The language (and violence) can get graphic sometimes, so if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it.

Finally this isn't really a "win/lose" type story, however there are definitely good/bad/neutral endings. A few endings are even "really good" though they won't be spelled out as such.

Featured Story Death Song

One musician's tale in a dying world

Additional Notes:

If you’ve read and liked Necromancer, then this might interest you as this story takes place during the same course of events of that story. (Not a prequel, not a sequel, but an equal!)

However, this story is definitely more “story” than “game”. In fact you shouldn’t even bother reading it if you’re intent on “winning”. You can’t. That being said, there is a “true ending” to this story and you’ll probably know if you get it. If you do get it, you can consider it a “win” if you like.

There are a few points in the story where there are links that lead to “Letters to Home”. While not necessary to understand the story, they do provide a little more insight into the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings on various situations.

Featured Story Eternal




The last hope for a dying empire

Additional notes:

This story can be very long assuming you're not dying. Years pass and your surroundings will most likely change. You may very well live a life time in the story.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can technically "win" by getting one of the epilogues.

There are 13 epilogues total.

There are also several points in the story where there are links that lead to more background information on various people, places, things and events. While not completely necessary to understanding the story, they do give you more insight into it.


Carnivals aren't all fun and games.

Additional Notes:

While there is only one spot that contains extra histories for this story, it's basically the background information of all the major characters and factions. It's strongly recommended that these are read due to the fact that your character will be interacting with most of these folks in his attempts to successfully accomplish his task(s).

This story has a very factional feel to it, so choose your allegiances carefully to get one of the better endings.

Featured Story Ground Zero

If you see a bright light, duck and cover!

Additional notes:

I should point out that this story can be very long assuming you're not dying. Years pass and your surroundings will most likely change. You may very well live a life time in the story if you're lucky. You will also experience a completely different adventure depending on how you escaped the initial nuclear strike. (Assuming you do survive it.)

As with any of my writings, the "story" comes before the "game". However, this story was written in a "game like" format. So while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can technically "win" by getting one of the 4 special endings. (You'll know if you get one because you'll get an epilogue)

Featured Story Imagination

This one's for the kids, no really!

Additional Notes:

This story has clear cut win/lose endings. There is nothing excessively unusual about this story, it's just a simple "children's story".

(Yes, you can still die in it)


Running the family business isn't easy!

Additional Notes:

In a few places there are links for history or certain characters. While not necessary to understand the story, they do provide further background information.

There are several endings varying in degrees of good/bad or neutral outcomes. Technically there is one very happy ending, but it isn't labeled as such.


Underneath the sickness there's love...

Additional Notes:


This story contains a lot of graphic content, if you are offended by ultra violence, explicit sexual descriptions, tons of swearing, blasphemy, inappropriate dark humor, and brutal misanthropy in general then DO NOT read this story!

Of course now that I’ve mentioned all the things it contains, you’ll probably read it anyway, you sick little monkey.

Well don’t complain if you get offended, I did warn you and keep in mind it IS only a story.

This also isn't really a "win/lose" type story. While there are some endings better than others, this is basically just a tale about a very twisted man and his very twisted lifestyle.

Featured Story Necromancer


Additional Notes:

This story is definitely more "story" than "game", however there are two distinct paths that can be followed, each with their own pitfalls and additional choices. There is also "one true" ending in which can be considered a "win" (You'll know if you got it, because you'll get an epilogue)

This story can get long, and assuming you're surviving, years do pass in it and you and your environment will change. There are a few points in the story where there are links that lead to more background information on various people and things. While not completely necessary to understand the story, they do give you more insight into it. The text that accompanies some of the pics are also done for similar purposes (Your journal entries, personal thoughts, letters written to you, etc)

Featured Story Paradise Violated

Humanity never changes...

Additional Notes:

There are links leading to various background information and your character's current thoughts throughout the story. In some cases these may provide greater insight since some mysterious things can occur in this story.

There are also several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. Technically there is one ultimate "winning" ending, but it isn't labeled as such.


Emotions can be wonderful or dangerous...

Additional Notes:

This story has a few bits that are probably a bit on the disturbing side. Not many, but they are there in places. So if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it.

This story in general is probably a bit odd and less verbose than most of my other stories. There are also several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. While there are some endings better than others, this is basically just the tale of a teenager who definitely has some issues.

Featured Story Rogues

From humble beginning to infamy and beyond!

Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as a "sequel" to Innkeeper.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can technically "win" by getting one of the 12 epilogues.

Featured Story Suzy's Strange Saga

Things would be so much easier if your name was Mary Sue

Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as:

A direct sequel to the "Good Girl" short story in Tales From The Basement.

A semi sequel to the other TFTB short stories, Repression, TRASH, Love SICK and Geek.

A semi prequel to Ground Zero.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can still "win" by getting one of the epilogues.

There are 16 epilogues total.

Featured Story Tales From The Basement

Because Basement Dwellers are people too!

Additional Notes:

This story is three stories in one. Your first choice will lead to a separate tale of a different “basement dweller”. Each one is mostly different in tone.

Ebay Escapist is weird and random. It’s the least verbose of the three. (Or my stories in general)

Good Girl is the longest and most descriptive of the three. There is some weirdness going on here too, but is mostly kept much more in "reality". There is a cast of characters link in the beginning to help you keep up with who’s who.

Anime Addict has a lot of offensive language and humor, so if you don't like that sort of thing you shouldn’t read this one.

In all the tales there are several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. While there are some endings better than others, these are basically just tales of basement dwellers.

Featured Story The Pure, the Vile and the Deadly

Three ladies. Three legends.


Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as a connection to Rogues, Eternal and Necromancer.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However there is an epilogue for each "winning" ending.


Yee Haw! It's a trailer park life for me!

Additional Notes:

This story has a ton of offensive langauge and humor so if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it. Though given the setting, the language used is pretty accurate.

This also isn't really a "win/lose" type story. While there are some endings better than others, this is basically just a tale about a typical day of a degenerate that lives in a trailer park.

Articles Written

Endmaster's Map to (Im)Mature Story Writing
A guide from EndMaster on writing about mature topics.

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AI Dungeon, by Endmaster on 9/25/2021 10:45:13 AM

I approve. Hell, you could switch out mealy mouthed faggots like Nick for faggots like Dan, Jason or any of the IFaggots and it would work just as well.

In case anyone cares about the AI Dungeon faggotry, they're currently trying to repair their rep by getting someone half way competent at being a spindoctor by the name of Ryan Meatshield. He's generally a boring suit that does a lot of double talking, but everyone's lapping it up and sucking his dick in the discord (Even some that were hardcore Latitude haters, lol), so he's more successful than Nick and Alan in that regard. Anyway, it's all pretty dull there now.

Apparently the Reddit is a different story. The company is still getting death threats by fucktards on there who think this is important enough to do so.

In more important CYS related news, Mizal, Malk and myself destroyed some fucktard in the discord back in August going by the name Rukanth. He got so flustered he left some whiny faggot comment on one of Malk's stories (Not even making an account so he's scum anyway) and stopped posting in the discord.

Seriously, that's been the ONLY thing of importance going on there. The rest of it is just faggots sucking Lat dick, or faggots going on about how Novel AI is better than AI Dungeon because you can write as much degeneracy as you want.

So basically a bunch of faggots all around. (Yes, with a few exceptions)

Adding pictures on 9/22/2021 10:55:53 AM

For a moment with that URL, I thought HC was a bot.

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 9/22/2021 7:38:54 AM

(Still have to finish up the outcome of the story, but I'm posting this bit now)

Et Tu Diego?

Dealing with Cesar’s gang was going to be a little more difficult than it was a few years ago. Kona knew she was not going to be able to walking in their hang out in a dress and drug the drinks this time. (She knew she should have poisoned the drinks)

Completely wiping out the entire gang through violence isn’t a viable option anyway. If it was an option, the Guild would have attempted it and with the way things are, a gang war profits no one.

It’s Cesar that Kona has to deal with. Get rid of him and the rest will fall in line or fall apart. As far as she knew, he didn’t really have a second that could hold it together. 

Getting to Cesar however will also be tricky. While Kona could try to sneak into Pozo de Diablo, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to get out. He’s become increasingly paranoid about security ever since your little incursion. The man doesn’t go anywhere without six of his top goons and even then very rarely.

But he does leave on occasion if it’s important enough and that’s when Kona got the idea to employ her old friend Diego. Diego hadn’t had much success in the same line of work as she did. He just wasn’t as skilled as she was and was still living a hand to mouth existence. Even his old girlfriend left him.

Still, he might come in handy for this task and she needed the help.

Later in Diego’s shack…

“You want me to do what?! Are you trying to get me killed? I can’t go anywhere near Pozo de Diablo, I’ll die!” Diego exclaimed.
“You don’t need to, just find one of Cesar’s men and get his attention instead.” Kona responded.
“Yeah and I’m trying to avoid Cesar’s attention in any form. Fortunately I’m considered so pathetic he’s not after me anymore. And if you want to draw Cesar out, why don’t you get your Guild buddies to help?”
“Cesar’s going to know their allegiances. You’re not part of the Guild though.”
“Yeah, no thanks to YOU.”

Diego’s always been resentful that Kona moved on to better things, but it was hardly her fault. She even tried to get the Guild to give him a chance, but he just wasn’t talented enough.

“Diego, look you owe me for saving your life not just once, but several times over. However, I get that you’re reluctant to do something this dangerous, so I’m going to promise you this, do this for me and I’ll get you into the Guild.” Kona said.
“You told me that before.” Diego says.
“Yeah well things are a bit different than a few years ago. I’ve got more influence in the Guild now.”
“You can’t have that much otherwise they’d give you more help in this task.”

Kona was getting annoyed.

“Fine Diego, don’t fucking help me. I’ll figure out another way. I just figured I’d try to fucking help YOU out as well, just like I always have since we were kids. This is a good reason why the Guild didn’t want you. You never really had the COJONES that matched your goals.”

Diego looks down a bit.

“I have balls.” Diego said quietly.
“Yeah? Well then prove it and help me with this! This is the first step to actually improve your life.”

Diego looked at Kona and realized she was speaking some truth.

“Alright. I’m in. Now what do I have to do?”

Kona explained the plan to Diego. First step would be trying to convince one of Cesar’s men to believe that he actually captured her and has her tied up at his home.

“This guy is probably going to want proof before even telling Cesar, so I’ll have to be here tied up of course.” Kona said.
“Hm, I think I know one guy who might actually listen to me. Juan ”
“Glad to hear it…hmm…he might not believe you captured me by yourself.”
“What? Why?”
“You’re joking right? Because you just wouldn’t get the drop on me, unless I was distracted. Hold on.”

Kona looked around and find something she could quickly hide behind, so she used Diego’s beat up dresser. Diego wondered what she was doing and as quickly as she could, she removed her pants, took off her panties and threw them over the dresser and put her pants back on.

“Kona…what the fuck?” Diego exclaimed in surprise.

Kona came out from behind the dresser and ignoring the distaste of the situation, she kissed Diego on the lips, then once on the cheek and then on the neck. 

Now Diego was in complete shock, Kona looked at her handy work of her lipstick and figured it would be believable.

“Okay, now don’t wipe that off. Tell Juan we were fucking and you managed to knock me out and tie me up during it.”
“Wait, what if he thinks I just got these lipstick marks from some whore?”
“That’s what the panties are for if you need proof and trust me, no whore that you can afford has silk panties of that quality.”
“Um…okay. Guess you really thought this out. I don’t have any rope though.”
“That’s fine. You can use the ropes I brought in my backpack over there.” Kona went over to her backpack to dig out the ropes as she continued speaking.

“Now the tougher part is going to be convincing Juan to bring Cesar here. He may be ordered to bring me back to Pozo de Diablo, now if that happens, that’s going to make things harder for me, BUT don’t you worry about it, I’ll have it covered. I suggest that you not be around though in any case.” Kona explained as she started tying up her ankles.
“You don’t think I should be around just in case?” Diego said.
“Heh, well it’s nice to see you’ve found some courage, but you’ll just get in the way when I confront Cesar, whether it’s here or at his hang out. Especially if it’s at his hang out. Anyway, Diego I need you to tie my wrists together.”
“Um, behind your back? Are you sure you’re going to be able to get free?”
“I said don’t worry about me, just do it.”

Diego followed Kona’s orders and started tying her wrists behind her back. He tied them a bit tighter than expected and just when she was going to tell him so, she suddenly felt a wallop to the back her head. Kona crumpled to the floor, losing consciousness.


“You were right about one thing. You did need to be distracted for me to get the drop on you.” Kona heard Diego say and then fell into unconsciousness.


Kona slowly started to come to and could hear the voices from outside the crate she was currently being moved in.

“Come on be honest Diego. You didn’t actually fuck her.” 
“I did Juan! I had her on all fours and then just as I had her screaming my name, I smashed her in the back of the head.”
“Pfft. Bullshit. If you had, you wouldn’t have bothered to put her clothes back on.”
“…well how do you explain the panties then?”
“You probably stole those from some high priced whore. Same place you got the lipstick marks from. Not sure where you got the money for one, but I’m not buying that you fucked Kona unless you raped her after you knocked her out. Though I’m surprised you managed to knock her out to begin with. Guess being her childhood friend had its advantage of her trusting you.”
“You think Cesar will let me join?”
“Well, you still aren’t Cesar’s favorite person even if he doesn’t give a shit about killing you anymore. However, this IS a pretty big gift. I’d say you’ll probably be accepted as a prospect at least.”
“Alright, here we are. Open up the doors, got a special package for Cesar, he’s gonna like this one. Really like it.”

Kona could sense she was being brought inside a building. Pozo del Diablo no doubt. This was it. It wasn’t exactly how she planned it, this situation wasn’t ideal at all, Kona wasn’t even sure if she was getting out of this alive, but one thing she knew was that Diego was going to pay dearly for this betrayal.

Why does my profile have a different status thing? on 9/21/2021 7:17:53 PM

CYS secret police.

Marshalling the Faithful on 9/21/2021 10:57:34 AM

Just looking at the still image of the chimp in the video and it looks bad as far as the CGI.

Any Divergent fans out there? on 9/21/2021 12:15:46 AM

Mizal, you've done a terrible thing this dark day.

Will Ebon return? on 9/20/2021 7:17:27 AM

Alright I'm sick of people even talking about Ebon. Have been for awhile.

He's dead and I already transferred what remains of his soul from his rotting corpse to Thara. Even if he comes back, he took too fucking long and has to start all over again.

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 9/17/2021 5:26:39 PM

Guild 4 Life

Kona didn't like any of these tasks, in fact she resented that the Guild was giving her a bunch of orders.

"Jose, these fucking tasks suck and not a good use of my skills!" Kona remarked.

"Oh? Curious. I spoke with El Sombra and we both agreed that all these tasks were within your skill set."

"Are you kidding? Sending me to a battlefield? Boarding a fucking ship? What the hell do I look like, a sailor from the Alabastro Navy?"

"You should be lucky you're even getting a choice, most folks don't get that luxury."

"I don't see why I need to do ANY of them. In fact, I haven't been enjoying my time with the Guild lately. Now I'm grateful for everything I've learned from you guys, but I think it's time for me to lea..."

Jose's eyes narrowed and interrupted.

"Careful now girl. I like you and that's why I tolerate your excessive complaining from time to time. So don't say something that's going to not only greatly displease me, but also the Guild." Jose warned.

Kona stopped speaking for a moment. She'd seen Jose like this before, but not with her. Still, she had to speak her mind.

"Jose, I could just leave the city, I wouldn't come back." she said hoping Jose would look the other way.

"Yes, you very well could and I guarantee you wouldn't come back because El Sombra would send an assassin after you. This Guild isn't something you just quit because you don't like it anymore. Now, you want to leave? Well there's a way..."

Kona, not having any experience at being a sub, didn't like the sound of that idea.

"You still want to leave?" Jose asked.

"Um...I think I'll help bring down Cesar's gang." Kona responded.

"Good girl."

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 9/17/2021 1:15:17 PM

Chapter 2: Land of Confusion

Several years passed and just as Jose had told Kona when she first joined the Guild, much had changed.

Kona had never been very worldly or even much interested in what happened outside Cono Grande, but since joining the Guild she learned much more about it and it wasn’t any better than what was going on inside the city and most of the time worse.

A powerful warlord has been trying to conquer the region. Nobody knows who he was exactly or where he came from, but he rides into battle covered from head to toe in black armor. He managed to unite barbarian tribes from the Misty Hills and subdue surrounding smaller towns. From there he only grew in power.

The most concerning act of the warlord though was when he took two city states in quick succession, Las Pollas and Enboca. Both sieges happened so quickly that he only could have had inside help. This didn’t seem to lower the carnage that followed though. Tales were heard of most of the ruling class being gruesomely executed in both cities. This served two purposes, one as a great warning to anyone who opposed the new order and two, to gain the support of the disgruntled lower classes who didn’t like the status quo anyway.

As of now the Warlord’s influence and support has grown quickly and now threatens the Alabastro Kingdom. Even now a war is going on and while it’s a stalemate for now, there’s no telling how it might go in the near future.

As for Cono Grande, its managed to avoid most of major conflict. Contrary to Raul Moreno’s (Now captain of the Cono Militia) concerns, the city was never actually attacked. It probably spent more money getting prepared for an invasion that never happened. However heightened paranoia has made security stricter, making things tougher for the Guild’s typical activities in the city.

The warlord hasn’t completely ignored the city though as he’s got pirates on his payroll making merchant ships attempting to get in and out of the harbors much more difficult. Considering the city relies very much on trade, this has put a lot of pressure on it.

And this is where you come in. The Guild needs for things to change in the city and that’s only going to happen if the warlord’s activities are curtailed somehow.

The most obvious task was a direct one which was to help break up the semi-blockade on the Cono Grande harbor. Normally the Guild would let the mercenaries or militia handle this, but it was really cutting into business. Not to mention neither of those groups seemed to actually be doing anything about it.

The Guild had a small group that could sabotage one of the main pirate ships. The main goal would be either to take the ship intact or sink it. Either task wouldn’t be easy though.

(Challenge 5-6: Nearly Impossible-Impossible)

A less obvious task was to assist the Alabastro Kingdom. It seemed like something that would be out of their interests, but the frontlines of the war were apparently being lead by “Warrior” Princess Maria Alvarez of the royal house Tequila. The Guild was toying with the idea of making an unofficial alliance of sorts with the royal family. Not by directly fighting of course, but by providing support in some other way such as reconnaissance or even smuggling in needed supplies.

Given what Kona recently learned about her own background she couldn’t help being mildly intrigued by this idea, but it seemed very dangerous. Sneaking about on a battlefield would be a whole different animal than sneaking about in the streets.

(Challenge 6-7: Currently Impossible)

There was also a more local concern to the Guild and this was Cesar’s Company. Surprisingly Cesar proved a little more savvy than anyone gave him credit for and over the years, his gang not only survived, but it managed to thrive. These were no longer the deliquent teenagers you grew up with, these were now hardened killers, preying upon the weak. One would think the Cono militia would at least do something about them, but they’re more focused on defending the city from a potential external threat (Though given they haven’t done anything about the pirates, you don’t know what the hell they’re doing)

Cesar’s Company is the only real direct rival to the Guild and it’s hard enough for one large criminal organization in the city, let alone two. Given that Kona had the most history with Cesar, it had been suggested to put Kona on this task to deal with it once and for all.

(Challenge 5: Medium)

Finally given the pressures of what was going on in Cono Grande, it was also a very real possibility that things might get worse. If that happened, the Guild needed to be prepared.

Enboca was run by Chancellor Ruiz. A petty bureaucrat that only rose to his position thanks to the warlord. As it stands he’s merely a puppet with a powerful friend. That friend is a little busy at the moment though. It’s possible that by compromising Ruiz in someway, the Guild could get a foothold in another city along with weakening the warlord’s hold on it.

(Challenge 7: Currently Impossible)

After Jose gave her the information of what the Guild expected, Kona certainly had a lot of consider. Most of the tasks would be impossible or close to it unless she used her own methods.

Kona made her choice...

Battle of the Joes on 9/16/2021 11:47:05 PM

So if you lose, Joseph takes the L. If you win, you take all Joseph's shit.

This is the true CYStian way.