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Creator and sole developer of Songbird Editor, as well as occasional writer, programmer and other stuff.

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Songbird Editor - A new tool for IF writers on 5/31/2023 7:14:43 AM
And it's here. You can download the first beta build for free here:
Completely free for non commercial stuff now and (hopefully) forever.

Songbird Editor - A new tool for IF writers on 5/29/2023 2:12:39 PM
Well everything is ready. Open beta starts on the 31st so I figured I could bump this thread a bit before the day.

2023 Spring/Summer Contest: Gone Fishin' on 5/19/2023 4:43:08 PM
You mean half will start around a week before the deadline while the other will realize there's only a week left and give up to be shamed again...

2023 Spring/Summer Contest: Gone Fishin' on 5/18/2023 5:15:31 PM
Eh why not I'll try to scribble something passable. Count me in.

Hey gang, it's time again! on 5/17/2023 11:56:03 AM
That is what I don't get. The sub exists for a while now and there's clearly no sign of anyone trying to take it over yet people act like we're repelling constant attacks from you guys. At least he agreed and dropped it after I mentioned that you can't have fair platform without letting both sides speak. Doubly funny when you keep in mind that the post was made by a COG adjacent person who just wanted some info on what's going on.

Hey gang, it's time again! on 5/17/2023 8:04:32 AM
I'm not planning on spending more time on this, but thought I'll add to the archive before leaving to do something more productive.

Hey gang, it's time again! on 5/17/2023 7:32:54 AM
Yeah just got notified of that reply. Far as trying to divide me that won't work since I already consider both sides turd slinging monkeys. This side at least doesn't act like they're something different.

Hey gang, it's time again! on 5/17/2023 5:53:09 AM
That was quite a thing to wake up to. Anyway I nuked the whole Penguin vs The World shit slinging match since the whole thing is just bad PR and half the messages came from people who's accounts no longer exist (lol). It's all archived here anyway.

Songbird Editor - A new tool for IF writers on 4/22/2023 4:50:01 PM
Inklewriter is more of a basic tool for smaller stories. Writing something complex mechanically or extremely branching might be a challenge though I only played with it for a little bit so I can be wrong on that. Also a game made with Songbird can be easily built into an app for multiple platforms like Android, IOS etc. Most other engines either don't offer such versatility or require extra steps and knowledge to use. Of course Songbird isn't perfect either but that has more to do with getting apps signed and certified so that a store will even accept it being a chore for new users.

Songbird Editor - A new tool for IF writers on 4/19/2023 3:35:16 PM
The editor itself is just a Unity package file that can be imported into the engine. No executables or hidden files so I'd say it's as safe as can be provided you get it directly from me or download from the official website once the public beta starts.