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Myth and Religion Contest Results

Posted 11/2/2022 by EndMaster

Alright the results are in and I was actually surprised so many managed to get a story in. 11 out of 17 is pretty good. Would have had 12 if Wizzy hadn't fucked spectacularly.

But enough about the problems of the lesser born, here's the results. Sherbet was very fast and efficient as a judge.

And the winner is:


Yep, you fuckers let the crippled war criminal win. Good going guys.

But I'm sure this is the highest point of his life right now, so we'll let him have this moment.

I am pleased to say that none of you managed to do worse than the KAE interlopers. Though that was a simple enough task even for Ford's lazy ass given that one of them didn't even submit anything and the other was... Paradox.

Paradox did manage to put choices in his story this time even if he got them mixed up, so he's getting better. Watch out next contest folks, you might actualy have to put in TWO days worth of effort to beat him! (The struggle)

Here's the complete list.

1st: Celicni's 'Slavic Pagans' (6) 
2nd: DBNB's '99 Problems but a Girl Ain't One' (6) 
3rd: TypewriterCat's 'Prophetess' (5) 
4th: Gryphon's 'The Sea of Legends' (5) 
5th: Petros's 'Wrath of the Edomite' (5) 
6th: fresh_out_the_oven's 'The Gods are Angered' (4) 
7th: betaband's 'The City and the Tower' (3) 
8th: Yummyfood's 'Escaping The Pit of Sin' (3) 
9th: Axxius's 'Children of Cain' (2) 
10th: Ford's 'Whaat' (2) 
11th: Paradox_4's 'The Sins of our Fathers - part 1' (2)

Sherb was actually a pretty tough rater with nobody even getting higher than a 6. This just goes to show what happens when you have a merciless judge unswayed by particular story content and favorite themes. Or maybe you guys all just sucked that bad and he was forced to pick the least worst of the lot.

Anyway, might need to have Sherb do this all the time as I'm sure this only fueled his notorious lust for more power on here.

Also special shout out to DBNB who is proving to be one of the ones to watch for in these contests after just having entered two of them. All the first time noobs did alright too, probably most surprising was Typewriter cat, who joined fairly late and came in third.

Alright, that's it for this contest.

EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest

Posted 8/31/2022 by EndMaster



Deadline: 11:59 PM (EST) October 31st (Halloween)

Reward: 72 waifus and whatever else seems fitting. You'll find out later and there probably won't be any waifus.

It's that time again. Another contest to keep you faithless slugs somewhat motivated and active as well as to gain at least a few more good stories to the coffers. (Hopefully)

The theme is myths and religion, that means for the most part taking an existing myth or religious story and making a CYOA out of it. Yes the entire contest is practically glorified fan fiction! That's what it's come to folks, Jesus Christ.

Anyway you can take tales from the Bible or various other mythology and do whatever the fuck you want with them.

You want to have the option of Moses to ignore his Jewish heritage and just take over as pharaoh? You can do that. You want to write a choice where Pontius doesn't order the crucifixion of Jesus, you can do that. You want to be a boring sack of shit like everyone else and just mangle the Greek myths for the umpteenth time, you can do that too!

It doesn't strictly have to involve god/gods. If you did something involving the Arthurian or Baba Yaga myths for example, that's also acceptable.

What you want to avoid is myths/religion from "fiction" meaning you wouldn't be able to write about the gods from D&D or something like that. Yes, this unfortunately means Cthulhu too, if anyone had something like that in mind.

Though if someone just says "Fuck you, I'm writing about cosmic horror gods anyway!" I hope you've got what it takes to impress the god that's in charge of judging this contest. Such daring could be rewarded greatly or it could just get you a trip to the SHAME pit. Who can say when dealing with abominations from beyond.

Speaking of outer space, Scientology is one you can fuck around with, so is Mormonism. In fact it might be a challenge to make those even more insane than they already are.

As usual, if I see and "loop back to the beginning" rather than proper endings, you'll be cast down with the Sodomites. Of course some of you might already be there, so you'll be cast down even lower to the tossed salad Chef.


If you're joining, post your intentions in this thread. Also when you're done writing your story, post a link to it here.

That's it for now, unless I think of something else to add or change as needed.

Good luck.