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Prompt Contest 2 Results (Such as they are)

Posted 3/17/2023 by EndMaster

So there were 49 contestants and 31 of those were SHAMED.





"Depart from me, ye cursed into everlasting SHAME prepared for faggots and fucktards."- End Master 24:7

Jesus fucking Christ, I don’t even have any words for how much you fuckers failed on this one. Sure I always expect you to fail, but this is pretty spectacular even for you. Five of you faggots got yourselves double SHAMED and one fucktard got himself triple SHAMED. 

Fuck, two of you were so fucking hopeless you even got yourselves fucking BANNED.

You lot had THREE extensions and squandered ALL of them. And the topper is the one asking for all of them didn’t even finish! I’m not even going to mention her name here, she already knows how disappointed I am in her. 

Her AND the other divine being that failed to turn anything in have been cast down and STRIPPED naked of their powers until they get their shit together.

"Well at least we're together." - Thara

"Shut up, this is all your fault!" - Mizal

Good thing all the KAE folks also flaked out so your failure wasn’t even worse by having filthy foreigners embarrass you even further. CYStian honor is still preserved, but only fucking barely.

I’m going to just chalk up this mass fail to some grand “thoughtful” gesture of not wanting me to slog through your shitty writing so you didn’t turn anything in. 

Yeah, let’s go with that.

As for the ones that actually turned something in, two of you even failed at doing that properly and got yourself SHAMED anyway. Great job you fucking mongs.

So who won? At this point I’m not even sure why I should fucking bother with naming a winner. Shit, I should just name Fresh the winner since her story made me laugh the most which is one of the few bright spots in this shitshow.

In any case as usual Darius and Mystic being the overachievers they are, wrote like a billion words for their contest stories. In Mystic’s case she did even more than that, what with sacrificing things like sleep and eating just to work on her story.

The joke's on her of course since I didn't even bother to read it, however, if 31 of you kumquats had even 1 percent of Mystic’s drive, you wouldn’t be in the situation you are now.

So naturally she ended up winning again, though given the others that managed to limp something over the line, that’s hardly surprising.

As for the rest of you losers, some of you did alright for whatever reason and some of you sucked for whatever reason. I suppose another bright spot is there were a lot of noob writers that came through with better than average stories so there's promise for the future.

Here's the final results of those that actually turned in a story, except the two that co-authored that linear piece of shit. Fuck you both. (You got a 1)

Spell of Slumber - Mystic_Warrior 8

Gay and DepressedER! - fresh_out_the oven 8

Planetshakers - Wizzycat 7

Monster - Sherbet 6

Underland - TypewriterCat 6

When Rock Meets Watermelon - goodnight_a 6

Gay and Depressed (M) - Darius_Conwright 6

Hazy - crystalpenguin 6

The Siberian - Yummyfood 5

In 3 - PerforatedPenguin 5

Digital Consciousness - Abgeofriends 5

Crime of Passion - Petros 5

Meant To Be? - TrueParanormal 5

Undermined - DrowningWhale 4

The Painting of Red - ugilick 4

Temporary Paradise - Stormwind 4

Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf - Axxius 3

G-H-O-S-T - Morgan_R 3

That's it for this contest. Let’s just move on and not speak of this dark day again.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2

Posted 12/31/2022 by EndMaster

                    ENDMASTER'S PROMPT CONTEST 2


Deadline: 11:59 PM (EST) March 15th, 2023

Reward: More than the losers

Starting off the new year with another contest again. It's another prompt based one so you slugs can choose which topic to write about and then inevitably flake out on like half of you did last time.

So if you’re joining, obviously pick one of the following prompts provided below and lock your post.

Joining the contest but failing to pick a prompt (Like fucking around like a retard posting in the thread saying you're "thinking about" joining the contest) will result in a random one still available being picked for you that you might not like so you probably shouldn’t do this bad thing. (And if you do, definitely don't whine like a faggot about it.)

Finally, when you’re done with your story, post a link to it in this thread.

That’s about it for now, unless I think of something else to add or change as needed.

Good luck.

1) A story that uses time travel or temporal mechanics as a game mechanic or major driving force. Darius_Conwright DONE

2) A story surrounding a violent championship sporting event. Paradox_4 (KAE Interloper) SHAME

3) A story where the narrator is a bond-esque villain.  bucketofknives SHAME

4) A story starts with the discovery of the entrance to a hidden secret room.  Mizal SHAME

5) A story about exploring and/or crashing onto an uncharted planet.  WizzyCat DONE

6) A story involving a dangerous hunting competition. This can be any setting (fantasy, scifi, modern, etc) DBNB SHAME

7) A story about a wholesome romance. TrueParanormal DONE

8) A story about a society on the verge of a Golden Age experiencing a cataclysmic disaster. DingDongBells (KAE Interloper) SHAME

9) A story where you wake up one morning and everyone insists that you've been living for years with a certain family member, friend, or pet. Only you know for a fact you have no memory of them ever existing. What is going on here? Sherbet DONE

10) A story set in the ancient world. This means anytime before the fall of the Roman Empire. And yes, if you don't want to strictly be historical, you can fill it with Atlantean technology or whatever. Yummyfood DONE

11) A story involving inheriting something valuable from a dead relative. Ford SHAME

12) A story involving fairies in some way. Mystic_Warrior DONE

13) A story involving dinosaurs.  imadgalaxy SHAME

14) A story where an abominable horror has come to a small town and that horror is YOU. Stormwind DONE

15) A story with a ghostly protagonist haunting an area. This can be a house, a forest, a ship, whatever. Morgan_R DONE

16) A story about an underwater adventure. mazdark SHAME

17) A story set in a lunatic asylum. Larry_Bombadil SHAME

18) A story involving a group of children having an adventure. Think The Goonies, Monster Squad, The Sandlot, Stranger Things, etc. as examples. TypewriterCat DONE

19) A story involving the dark web or anything seedy involving the internet really. You can even take it into cyberpunk territory if you want. Axxius DONE

20) Mystery Box. Pick this one and I’ll tell you what your prompt is. Petros DONE

21) A story where the protagonist has a dangerous addiction or obsession that drives the plot. betaband SHAME

22) A story with heavy themes of technology versus magic.  enterpride SHAME

23) A story that features a complex, detailed, and consistent magic or alchemy system. crystalpenguin DONE

24) A story about returning to your childhood home and stumbling across a terrible secret. Heresy/SkorchedRat SHAMED AND BANNED

25) A story about a band of mercenaries. Zweihanderr SHAME

26) A story written in the epistolary style. (Told through journal entries or letters.) MintyRosedeer SHAME

27) A story heavily driven by a love/hate relationship with the antagonist. MrAce321 SHAME

meadowmellow (KAE Interloper and former 27) SHAME

28) A story that starts with receiving a letter or call from someone you thought was dead.  Nightwatch SHAME

29) A story about naval warfare, or submarines. hetero_malk SHAME

30) A story involving a floating city. RedOceans SHAME

31) A story where you're caught up in a historical revolution. DrowningWhale DONE

32) A story where your family is hit by a historical natural disaster. BenCrucifix SHAME

33) A story where your consciousness is uploaded into...something...as a way to cheat death. (Can be done using magic or tech.) Abgeofriends DONE

34) A story about rebuilding after a war. Chris113022 SHAME

35) A story where you must save someone close to you from a disastrous relationship. goodnight_a DONE

36) A story where one by one people in your little town are forsaking material wealth, moving to a communal farm on the outskirts, and becoming....odd. ugilick DONE

37) A story where cephalopods are the dominant species. (Examples include squids and octopus for the unenlightened) evilsoap SHAME

38) A story where In 72 hours, the sun will explode. PerforatedPenguin DONE

39) A story involving a fresh take on a fairy tale or fable...or come up with your own. elad771 SHAME

40) A story where dragons have invaded. EbonVasilis SHAME

41) A story about acquiring a harem through slave trading.

42) A story involving Arthurian mythos, but make it as grimdark as possible.

43) A story involving playing as a bigoted superhero. Voldy SHAMED AND BANNED

44) A story involving court intrigue while attempting to seduce one (or more!) of your relatives. OatmealShenanigans SHAME

45) A story revolving around carrying out a terrorist attack. (Yes, you can even do a mundane school shooter protagonist) Suranna SHAME

46) A story based around playing as Otto Skorzeny. (Up to you on how historical you want to stick to his life) krieginphern SHAME

47) A story about being an alphabet person and being depressed. (You could add to the series!) fresh_out_the_oven DONE

48) A story involving lesbian wrestlers and lots lesbian shenanigans. (Keep the maturity ratings in mind there folks, this still isn’t a place for pornorama degeneracy) TharaApples SHAME

49) A story based around carrying out genocide. Setting doesn’t matter. CLiF SHAME

50) A story done in the “CoG style.” This means including 3 billion romances and mental illnesses. Stuff like interesting characters or a good plot doesn’t matter. corgi213 SHAME