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Year's End Contest Results

Posted 1/13/2020 by Bucky
The site got two featured stories and several other quality stories out of the contest. Officially deemed a success.

Winner: Enterpride - A Treatise on Heartly Matters

2nd Place: Camelon - The Book of Vanishing Tales

3rd Place: Shadowdrake27 - Merlin: Origins

All the first place votes went to either Camelon (3) or Enterpride (2). Enterpride and Shadow made every judge card.

Cricket had no way of knowing this, but Cricket's card helped us avoid another tie. Golf clap for Cricket. My next contest (late 2020) will have a tie breaker in the rules. We can discuss what that will be in about 10 months.

In other news, Mara no longer gets to complain that she can't attain a good story rating. And let us not forget, corgi and coins are lazy; Digit didn't write about Snow. And Ford outperformed all three of them.

Voting for Best of 2019

Posted 1/2/2020 by mizal
All right, you should all be wrapping up your entries for Bucky's contest so let's go ahead and try this. Secret of the Grass Planet Edithe Zilonis Private Game for Natalie When the Music's Over The Chronomantic Adventures of Professor Gower: Office Hours A Pixie Danced Ineptitude 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO Landslide These are all the games submitted for consideration in the ferocious fight to be the champion of 2019. If there were better games, oh well! The authors didn't bother to enter them. The point of this whole thing was to generate discussion of significant games authors wrote on their own, outside of any contests and their implied greed and lust for points, so use this thread to discuss away. You have a full month to do it, so there's plenty of time to read as well. Although with the games having been released throughout the year and the biggest one back in July, hopefully you'll have already read at least a few. You will have until 11:59 PM CST on February 2nd. Votes must be DMed to me here on the site to count. (Votes for Ineptitude will be disregarded as a cricket does not meet the minimum height and weight standards to enter the ring. Sorry. Try drinking more milk.) I'm still on the fence about whether to do this again this year. I mean it's 2020, that seems like such a good sounding year to have a Best Of contest, but a lot is going to depend on how many people bother to participate in the voting for this one. If I do this again, entries may be accepted the full year instead of just until the end of November, but I want to make sure to have the month judging was planned left contest free. Let's wait and see how the discussion on contests for 2020 pans out.