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I just like to read.


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A twisted and broken family.
A parallel world.
One chance to escape.

This is my entry for EndMaster's 2022 Prompt Contest.

Four endings, including a true ending.

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Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/29/2022 4:50:34 PM
Don't tell anyone, but I think it's kind of funny that Celicni got hit by a car.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/14/2022 8:58:08 PM
Got MHD a hat, but unfortunately, it seems that someone went and filled it with some kind of frozen dessert. Currently looking for the culprit.

Prompt Contest Results on 7/13/2022 12:09:07 PM

I'm very honored to have been the first second third fourth fifth choice for secret judge.

In all seriousness, good work to everyone who submitted for helping make this the most successful contest in CYS history, and thank you End for hosting it. Congratulations to Mystic!
As long as you're on the rankings list, regardless of score, remember that submitting something is better than SHAME.
Unless you're Paradox.

Bible Discussion on 7/7/2022 7:47:15 PM

Why, the crucifixion, of course. It's so important that I hear someone even made a storygame about it!

Bible Discussion on 7/7/2022 7:41:58 PM

This is now another bible thread.

Search page should provide word count on 7/6/2022 7:55:48 PM

Just noticed that when you hover over a storygame's length in the 'search' tab, it doesn't give you the word count like it does on the storygame's description page.
It's pretty minor, but I think this should be added.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest completed entries on 7/6/2022 5:36:25 PM

You're acting crazy

The Pit of Eternal SHAME on 7/5/2022 1:31:32 AM


It's hot dog and hamburger day in the USA wooooooo on 7/4/2022 11:18:35 PM

Just got back from a BBQ where everything was charred and inedible on the outside while being raw and inedible on the inside.
Happy 4th!

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 7/4/2022 2:10:34 PM

Red Mirror