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I just like to read.


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A twisted and broken family.
A parallel world.
One chance to escape.

This is my entry for EndMaster's 2022 Prompt Contest.

Four endings, including a true ending.

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another draw thread by a non artist on 11/11/2022 5:03:06 PM

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. An art thread has gone on this long with no art?
To solve this problem, I have decided to draw something and redeem this thread.


Poll: Vault CYS on 11/10/2022 6:49:55 PM
1) Mizal is nice, has knowledge of food and various other life skills (like owning a shotgun) 2) Sent needs to be there for his unrivaled humor and wit. 3) Cricket to help maintain the wholesomeness quota, and because she will take up very little space (due to being a cricket) 4) Gower, so we can have someone to proofread the CYOA stories we'll write (surely, with all that free time, lots of writing will get done...) 5) Enter, because we'll inevitably need someone to blame everything on and he'd make it easy by starting an underground rat cult.

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/9/2022 4:45:45 PM
I wonder how long Ford can keep this thread going without actually drawing anything

Myth and Religion Contest Results on 11/2/2022 3:17:46 PM
Congratulations to all who were not SHAMED, and an extra congratulations to Celicni for winning. Reading through these was very fun, always nice to have new storygames around here, so these contests are great. Thanks End. To anyone who submitted, you're going to want to keep your stories up for a while, or else a nightmarishly powerful penguin may eat your points.

Help Endmaster Escape on 10/18/2022 6:14:49 PM
That's really hurtful and unnecessary. Why would you say something like that?

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/2/2022 5:48:21 PM
End Isle, in honor of our resident necromancer.

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/2/2022 4:01:31 PM
Let's go with option number 2. Seems more interesting.

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/1/2022 6:22:20 PM
Visit the market for sure. As tempting as those alleys are...

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/1/2022 3:38:09 PM
Spooky Stuffed animal Explorer Pirate Yo ho ho!

Bible Thread on 10/1/2022 2:07:53 PM
This is now another bible thread. What do you guys think about the bible? Favorite verse?