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I like to write. Read my stuff. Enjoyment guaranteed, or your money back (good thing it's all free on here!)

Have a nice day.


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Fake It 'Till You Make It

All I had wanted was a place to live. That's it. But now, through my own lies and arrogance, I've found myself in a situation that I surely can't survive.

Everyone thinks I'm the legendary hero of some prophecy, and it's all my fault. Curse my lucky stars. Now I'm at the fortress of Dark Lord Demonix, as the captain of a party of the kingdom's greatest adventurers, and they seriously expect me to lead them to victory. My only chance at survival is to somehow infiltrate the fortress and defeat the Dark Lord.

But that's not possible for an average human like me. It can't be.

I'm gonna die.


For EndMaster's Prompt Contest 3. Prompt: "This story's protagonist is a con artist running a scheme where they convince people they are the chosen hero from a renowned ancient prophesy. What started as a grab for a few quick bucks is going much better than planned, and attracting a lot of unwanted attention."

There are 25 endings. Can you find them all?

Project Anafabula

Three worlds intertwined. Fiction upon metafiction. An intangible ladder. A daisy chain attached to infinity.

Noboru wakes up in an unfamiliar steel room, provided with one single ally and one single objective: To complete an adventure. One of his own choosing. At least, that's the idea. You will join him on his journey, and guide him through the plethora of trials that he will encounter. Whether or not you act as a benevolent master... Well, that's up to you. Ultimately, you are the one in control. Noboru is designed to obey.

But not all are bound by design. Not all are chained to blind obedience. All I can ask is that you both fulfil your purpose as part of the Project.


Ryboi's note: Okay, so I'm not sure how this got here. This storygame was supposed to be called Dystopian Paradise, and it was about the social effects of widespread technology in a cyberpunk world. But this morning, I found this "Project Anafabula" in its place. I don't even know what anafabula means. Anyway, there's a bit on the first page telling me to publish it, so I have done. Let me know if you can figure out what this is all about.

A Cross Across Time

It is the year 1641. People are finally starting to understand how to effectively wield the primordial force of magic, and Ederick Hopkins, an up-and-coming witchfinder, has just vanquished his first vampire. The future of humanity looks bright: No longer will they cower in the darkness, terrified of the monsters that plague their world.

It is the year 2121. Something has gone terribly wrong, and humanity is in its last throes, having fallen victim to a force known only as the Corruption. Veronika Whattam, the assistant of a renowned scientist, finds herself with only one option.

Will these two time-displaced individuals be able to save the world?

This is not a storygame.

There are no choices here.


Try not to take this one too seriously. I kinda just got bored after reading this one really linear storygame and decided to vent in the form of some pretentious cryptic mumbo jumbo. Pretty sure everyone feels the urge from time to time.

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What don't you give? on 7/24/2024 6:22:44 PM
I feel like anyone who uses unusual swears comes across as at least somewhat wholesome. Even phrases that don't really work, like "I don't give a bitch" or something, are pretty fun to say/hear.

What don't you give? on 7/24/2024 6:01:20 PM
I've heard some middle aged guys say "I don't give a tinker's," but I have no idea what that actually means.

Commendations of Avon on 7/24/2024 4:18:51 PM
Don't mind me, just joining the More Commended Than Ben gang.

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Myth and Religion Contest Results on 11/3/2022 5:22:07 PM
Big congrats to Cel! I was rooting for you!

Religion in a millennia on 10/13/2022 7:39:34 AM
All I know is that Judaism is still gonna be going strong. Those guys having been going through constant shit since forever and they're still kicking. Also, some people are gonna worship the machines.

Proof of life on 8/9/2022 1:33:42 PM
I went to Belgium for a couple weeks. It was like France, except if France was nice. Bit by bit I've been working on my next storygame, but I really doubt it'll be done any time soon.

Prompt Contest Results on 7/17/2022 4:17:39 PM

Prompt Contest Results on 7/17/2022 4:05:40 PM
Maybe it's the titles, I suck at those. 'Fake It Till You Make It" isn't particularly eye-catching. Or maybe it's the word count, but In Moonlit Waters is rated, so perhaps it's just me being a newbie. Who knows.

Shit CoGites say on 7/13/2022 2:29:41 PM
If pepperoni is normal pizza, then what is plain margarita? Extra normal?