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I am Milton, and also a ManThing. I enjoy stories; thus I want to make and offer my own contributions to honor the efforts of the writers that have inspired me. If we meet, I wish you well. God bless you.

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The Boy Who Would Be Duke - The Journey to Agincourt

France - Summer 1415 AD

The country of France faces a point of crisis. King Henry of England, fifth of his name and hope of the House of Lancaster, declares his intention to conquer France, stating it is the will of God. Charles, sixth of his name and known as the Mad King, is poorly suited to deal with the rising threat and relies on the strength of better men. To the shock of the French court, Henry and his army arrive safely in Normandy despite coastal defenses, leaving Henry to freely begin his siege of the port of Harfleur. Charles, furious and frothing at the mouth, threatens his lords into compliance to answer English aggression.

Command the destiny of Jean the Younger, heir to the Valois-Alençon dynasty. His father Jean the Elder, named the "Wise" and Duke of Alençon, is ordered by his liege to lead a portion of the French army to counter the English invasion. Little Jean wants to his father in action, drawn by the romantic, medieval desire to see the glory of battle. But, there is one problem: Jean is only a six-year-old boy! Nevertheless, he dreams of glory, being the son of one of the most powerful men in France.

Will you bind Jean's actions to history, guide him to a greater future or doom him to obscurity? His fate lies in your hands.

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Brainbreak Bar: Brain Broken on 7/18/2024 1:59:45 PM

There are some here who are not put off by your wholesomeness and actually find it endearing. It's good to see another Christian here. Maybe one day we can convert these pagans by gaining their respect as writers. The only thing that might be a bit much is the amount that you post in the forums. However, you're absolutely gaining some credit with your showings in the Thunderdome!

It's important to have grace for yourself and a short account of mistakes. I've definitely had this problem with dealing with myself in the past. If God isn't going to condemn you for your shortcomings, then neither should you. It's good to live and learn without beating yourself up over anything.

“Fish on!” on 7/18/2024 9:55:59 AM

Thunderdome 13 continued: Ravenic vs Wizzycat! on 7/17/2024 5:09:06 PM

My vote is for Story B.

Both of these short stories really knocked it out of the park for me. Story A's framework really reminded me of the Warhammer 40K universe and how glory for the Imperium of Man is desired and yet children can really just be taken for the sake of the war effort. With my somewhat casual understanding of the universe, while more hardcore fans might not share this opinion, I could see this short story fitting in as a decent sub story. It's well written, the character's come through well on the page and the ending is fine.

Story B manages to have a good handle on characters as well, but with a more engaging hook. Yvette's psychopathy is introduced and paced well and help paints a gruesome picture of what probably happened to Noah. We're never explicitly told what happened, but the audience is given credit to make an educated guess, which I love. Story B edges out the competition by a more engaging ending, but it was a good competition nonetheless.

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker on 7/17/2024 9:13:09 AM

It was definitely not completed and the ending was rushed for the deadline. I will be working on the second part of the story after the Crisis Competition. Stay tuned for the next episode.

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker on 7/17/2024 8:50:14 AM

And thank you as well

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker on 7/17/2024 8:49:49 AM

On a separate note, thank you for reviewing my story. I got a little heated in my last comment because I felt that your comment was strange. I do feel like we should be giving attention to every author on this site without the need for recognition. I, myself, know that I'm not reviewing as many stories as I should, and it is good that you are pushing yourself to give a lot of stories here attention. I would still urge you as well to review at least one of EndMaster's stories whether or not you get the recognition from it. Hope there's no hard feelings.

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker on 7/17/2024 8:37:12 AM

Just for that, I'm going to read and write a review for one of EndMaster's stories. That's more in the spirit of this competition than staying away from an author's stories just because the other reviews are long.

2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker on 7/15/2024 5:13:27 PM

I'd certainly appreciate the read for my story, but there's no pressure or rush. There are other, older stories on the site that do need and deserve more attention. Hope your studies go well.

Brainbreak Bar: Brain Broken on 7/15/2024 5:01:40 PM

It's the idea of sin, not the sinner, that she's referring to. Christians are called to love everyone and act lovingly without validation of certain actions.

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 7:57:23 PM

Bringing my own perspective into this, this is a site for writing. We ought, within the best of our ability, to use this space to continuously improve in our writing, both in format and presentation of content, and showcase that in our interactions with others on the site. If we believe that writing is worthwhile, we should be using this site to push ourselves to do better. No one else, and certainly not the rest of the internet, will do this for us. I make mistakes in my writing, and I welcome the critics, and the reminders to do better. There are some times where we don't have to be so committed to writing properly, but if we continue to stumble in the same mistakes, we are in a cycle of complacency. If we here aren't trying to do our best in how we write, what are we doing here?