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So my goals on this site: create a story game that's actually ranked at least a 6, get a trophy, and win approval from my favorite contributor on this site. Granted I'll probably fail at these three things, but still.

I got the trophy! And a commendation from my favorite author!  And my story 'Terrorist' had a ranking of 6.20 at one point. After ten years, all three goals have been met!

"Ben's life as far as I can tell has been one of turmoil and strife. He's been mocked, embarrassed by his baby mama who then eventually left him for a tranny. And he had some other issues after that.

But it's all been leading up to this moment. I myself shall usher him into the Gates of CYStia where he shall be Eternal. Awaited and Blessed." -EndMaster



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Halloween Fright

A short horror story where you're hazed on Halloween night. While others are trick-or-treating, you're involved in a fight for your life.


Entry for EndMaster's 2024 prompt contest.

Story prompt: A game revolving around carrying out a terrorist attack. There's actually several within this game, the method and motivations varying depending on your playthrough.

Warning: this story, while not explicit in accordance with site rules, does have sections involving murder, SA, incest, bestiality, racial undertones, and societal class discrimination. Essentially you're playing as a sick fuck who's also rich. Also keep in mind that while your protagonist can complete their objectives depending on how you play, there is no 'happy ending,' per se.

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Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 5/10/2024 2:56:22 PM

Unfortunately for John, that metal table he was strapped to had an AI, and it interpreted his shouts as a command.

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 10:58:35 PM

No I just missed Alienrun's reply at first 

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 9:42:38 PM

1. Not really. I just fucked up a short story due to sleep deprivation and my own lack of understanding about the literary prose I was attempting to use. My bad.

2. To be fair, there are a lot of people that actually do have stuff go above their heads unless it's in capital or bold. Yes, the fact that I wrote in that way definitely shows I lack subtlely, but obtuse and retard aren't entirely the same thing. I feel a retard would lack the ability to read or write.

3. That is why I brought up the idea of using Google, and reading online accurate uses of format and writing style.. 

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 7:55:01 PM

I'll probably google onomatopoeia and how it's used correctly so that if I ever use it in a story, it's done in the proper format.

Steve has returned on 5/4/2024 1:24:28 AM

Welcome back Steve! And honestly, The Path of Death is my fave

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 5/4/2024 1:06:36 AM

"How did a six-year-old end up a government agent?" You may be wondering

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 12:52:00 AM

Wasn't meant to be. I've been struggling with insomnia, so I thought writing would put me to sleep. It hasn't worked.

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/3/2024 11:00:00 PM

Lack of sleep, mostly.

a poem I wrote on 5/3/2024 10:28:07 PM

OK, this is pretty good. At first I was a little confused until I read the first letter in each sentence, then everything clicked.

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/3/2024 10:25:15 PM

You should've seen the Grimdark compeition some years back.