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D&D on 7/26/2021 8:36:55 PM
So I've run a few games, and am typically dm, so I guess I'm a little qualified to give some advice here. So first you have a choice to make, you can either run a prewritten or make something original. Whatever you choose, I recommend making a oneshot, meaning that it's all in one session. This will let your players have something fun and fulfilling without either you or them having to commit much. Now assuming you make your own oneshot, a couple things. First you don't need to plan everything out, and you especially don't need to write it all down. Have bullet points of plot things, if you have a map you might want to plan what's in each room, but you don't need to do what I did my first time and write down the dialogue an npc makes if the players make a specific skill check in this one spot. Another reason beyond just saving time is that your group will probably goof off a lot and might mess with the plot a little. If you have an idea of what needs to happen you can come up with alternative ways to lead them down that path, but if you have all this planned out and count on them going in the exact rooms in the exact order you planned, either you will mess up your plot, or you will railroad your players into doing a thing, squashing the fun out of it for them. Going off of your group goofing off, keep in mind that the whole point of dnd is to have fun. Don't squash it for your players by keeping everything 100 percent serious. If a player wants to go up and tame the giant skeleton dog that shouldn't be tameable, try to let them. At least let them try, and if it's towards the end letting them have it can be a game defining moment that you'll laugh about down the line. And since your players probably won't be trying to speedrun the mission as fast as possible, try to limit how many things you put in. Things will take a lot more time than you think to do, and you don't want to have to rush at the end to do everything. Now as far as running the game, it might seem daunting to have to learn all the rules and do everything perfectly, but here's a secret. You don't! Now it is important to learn the rules, but you don't need to know all of them by heart. And if a rule is dumb, feel free to change it. It's your game, design it to be the most fun for your players. (This works because your players don't know the rules super well either. You will probally want to tell them that you're doing a rule this way before doing it.) For an example when a player drops to 0 hit points the player rolls a death saving throw every turn. 10 or lower is bad, and 11 or higher is good. Roll bad 3 times and you die, roll good 3 times you go back to 1 hp. Now players can also heal each other to escape this and get them to 1 hp. So what I did, granted I saw this idea online, is that I would roll their death saving throws and they wouldn't know what they were. This creates suspense since everyone is panicking since the last 2 rolls could have been bad. Just try not to break the game, but if you do it's a one shot so it doesn't really matter. So that's all I can think of in my current tired state. I'll post an additional post if I think of anything else. I wish you good luck in running your games.

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 5/17/2021 8:29:48 PM
That was my plan if he responded to me lmao.

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 5/17/2021 3:32:19 PM
Belt, a CYS classic. E: Since Sent has already suggested a belt, allow me to suggest you something else. You log off the site, go lay down and grab some lotion to jack off with for the 3rd time today. You pull out the scrapbook of pictures with your ex. She never really loved you. You know this. I mean if she really loved you she would have appreciated the fact that you kept up your end of the deal and payed her 250 every week. Never late, not once. But she didn't. You caught her with 3 other guys in your bed! When you walked in she just laughed at you, and told you to get out. You left without saying a word, hell you're still paying for that apartment's rent, dispite moving out. You look at the picture of her. Clothed of course, the only time you saw her naked was the last time you saw her. As you look her body up and down, you furrouisly start to jack off. As you try you go limb, and nothing can get it to rise again. A week and a doctor visit later you learn you're impotent. Something about not having enough testostrome, and not catching it in time to give you any supplments. Overcome with grief, you grab a belt. You then relize you don;t know how to tie a noose. You look up some tutorials, but they are too complex for you. You go into the kitchen and look at your knife drawer. At least you know how to do this.

Ridicule the Noobs on 4/2/2021 2:13:03 PM
I just ignored it and stopped using the thing, or if I had too put everything like hot pockets on a plate. Eventually after about half a year she cleaned it because the landlord was coming for an inspection.

Ridicule the Noobs on 3/31/2021 2:41:47 AM
Ah, I wasn't as sure about the last one. I knew it was better than infierno even though that one translates to hell, but didn't know how much sense it made. I was a lot more concerned about the second one since I didn't find much on it online. I know the second one is apparently mexican, and think it is something like, hatefully calling someone a pain in the ass/calling them a stupid bastard.

Ridicule the Noobs on 3/31/2021 2:13:21 AM
As much as I despise dark, you're actually wrong. Assuming you aren't making a joke and are just being an insufferable prick. Allude: Suggest or call attention too Elude: Evade or escape from Ftfy

Ridicule the Noobs on 3/31/2021 1:42:36 AM
Really?! Man I even joined a spanish learning discord server to confirm my translation wasn't awful. Truly sad. And yeah, looking over it after publish the english was pretty bad. I tried to edit it, but that didn't happen e: I am actually intrested in where I went wrong with the spanish though, if you feel like sharing.

Ridicule the Noobs on 3/31/2021 1:31:34 AM
11 actually. At least get the numbers right smh. And dang, you ruined my edit. I was trying the fix some of the awful spelling errors E: And and as far as being infamous goes, my reputation has died down a lot. Something I'm thankful for, actually

Ridicule the Noobs on 3/31/2021 1:22:38 AM
The fool watched the deserter. He stood up on the podium of the town square and proclaimed for all to hear, "We must rise up! There are more of us than there are of them! If we work together as one force, we can destroy the admins , and take back CYStia! Enlist today, and stop the ridicule!" The fool laughed. He looked at the crowd listening. He noted a mix between sleeping 12 year olds, and eager 11 year olds. Neither would be of any use. Of course there were the regulars too. They made their own quips, he barely heard them. Listing that much was too much work. He caught a glimpse of mizal herself. She was walking with Enter back towards the castle. He turned to follow them inside, but was stopped at the gate. DarkSpawn. "What the hell are you doing here Serpent?" "My name is Ace, old friend." "Firstly we aren't friends. Secondly your name is Serpent. And thirdly, what in the Demonio are you doing back here." "I just wanted to hear what the people on the inside thought about" "You've fallen so far as to join the retards it seems." "That is wrong on several accounts. First, there is no need for me to "join" the retards. I essentally refounded them. Secondly, you imply I stood high enough once to even be able to fall, which we both know isn't the case. And finally, hell no! You think me low enough to join *them*? You always did have a low opinion of me." He chuckled, "Point. But you do know what will happen if you go in there right? I can't stop you myself, but if you go in there you might even die." "More than enough reason to step aside then ay?" "Fine," he stepped aside, "Eres un pinche lata!" "English motherfucker" "Uh... it means... I wish you well." "Oh, thanks!" The fool then walked through the gates into the castle. Light flooded his vision as he stepped into the grand hall. God it had been so long. Nostalgia flooded over him and his eyes began to water, but he composed himself and walked on. As he snuck around, he heard a voice coming down the hallway. "They aren't even worth mocking. At least not until they make an effort. Then maybe they will be worth mock..." That sounded like mizal. Oh shit! He snapped out of it and ran to hide but as he turned she rounded the corner and saw him. "Ace. What do you think you are doing?" She stood there with Enter standing next to her. The giant man stood there with a piece of stone with paper on it, and a weighted pen that was labeled "120 lbs" on it. "Ah... haha... uh I was just looking for you!" "Oh really? Why would you come here for that. Surely you could have sent a message. Then I wouldn't be forced to reply to the likes of you and you wouldn't be caught in this situation." "Well I wasn't looking for you specificly... I uh just wanted to get the inside scoop on the whole noob army thing." "Ace you swore not to come back here..." "I was just here for a quick drop by to gather information, nothing more!" "For them?" "Oh my god no! Why does everyone assume I'm that retarded!" "Past evidence," she narrowed her eyes, "either way, another oath broken Ace." "Oh please. What's the point of even keeping oaths anymore. Like I'll be able to come back here anyway." She took a step forward, towering over him, "Careful now. We both know I can kill you." Her tone was cold, angry. A wave of defiance came over him, "How has that worked in the past for you?" As soon as the words escaped his lips he knew it was the wrong choice, her expression darkened, "Pray tell, who is the one who brought you back?" He body started quivering, his hands shaking, "Ah yes... a um... fair point," he took a step back, "you aren't going to lock me in the dungeons are you?" "The dungeons are too good for you. You belong on the streets. Leave here, and don't let me catch you here again." She turned to walked away He walked toward the exit, but stopped when he heard Enter speak, "You lift stone! Become strong! Yes?" He sighed, "Another time Enter," and kept walking. Out the castle door, past Dark, and to the rebels leader. "WYS!" he called out "General." "What?" "General WYS." "No. Anyway I came to see what this is all about." "Ah the infamous Ace! You don't seem like a noob." "I'm not. I'm in the very small group of people who aren't respected by the site, and have been here a long time. Most are either killed or leave." "What would be that groups name?" "Fools. I would dub them retards, but that apply's to so many other people. Fools fits just fine." "You embrace the mockery?!" "Ah I forgot your new to Cystia, or life in general really, so let me teach you something. If you whine at the mockers about them being mean, it doesn't do anything but encoruage and make you a faggot. But if you laugh with them, then you are slightly less of a faggot. A big win in my book." "You talk as if you have been here for a long time." "Longer than you've been alive. Well if you times the product by 3." "How long have you been here?" "About 3 years." "That's only 9!" "Yes. 9 is greater than 7 yeah? I didn't think you were bad at math too." "I'm not... Ah I see, you are one of them. You came here to laugh at us." "Sure did." "Why? You are one of us!" "Oh please. I will never be one of you. Your best shot is to become a fool like me, though there is no way you'll survive that long." He walked off, not listening to his rebuttal. God, what a pain to have to deal with them. He hoped they would be executed soon, at least then he could get some peace and quiet. He did like the excitment though. Exile could be so boring at times. Stuck with the faggots, people he couldn't relate with even though he was sort of one of them. There were people of status who resided outside the castle, but he'd already made enemies of them. Quite lonely, the life of the fool.

Google Slides & CYOAs on 3/21/2021 2:20:53 PM
1. Depends on your definition of tiny human 2. I wouldn't think I was smart, but looking at my peers and what I could be I would say yes, and same response to good 3. When I was a tiny human, 6th grade, I was in between Jeff account and MrAce being born and I made a remake of what would become life and death once I made MrAce