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The Wardens have a total of 2,128 Commendations.

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1SindriVSovereign and Exemplar730
2pugpup1Infrangible and Exemplar199
3AzBazInfrangible 185
4Chris113022Infrangible and Exemplar164
5RomulusInfrangible and Exemplar112
7RNDGamer Exemplar87
10applegirl Exemplar57
14Saika Exemplar29
17MicroPen of Avon21

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4/6/20202MicroPenFeatured Comment on A Very Special Choose Your Story
4/4/20202NagitoKomaedaFeatured Comment on Imprint
4/2/20201NagitoKomaedaForum Post
3/27/20202jster02Featured Comment on Unbroken
3/25/20201Tim36DForum Post
3/24/20202jster02Featured Comment on Hollow: Outbreak
3/22/20201Tim36DForum Post
3/21/20202jster02Featured Comment on Lost in the jungle
3/19/20201jster02Forum Post
3/18/20201Chris113022Forum Post
3/17/20201enterprideForum Post
3/16/20201BluefurForum Post
3/16/20201SpartacustheGreatForum Post
3/11/20202jster02Featured Comment on Centenarian
3/10/20201jster02Forum Post
3/9/20202jster02Featured Comment on Onguard and the Battalion
3/9/20201BuckyForum Post
3/3/20202Reader82Featured Comment on Merlin: Origins
3/3/20202BuckyFeatured Comment on A Treatise on Heartly Manners
3/3/20202Reader82Featured Comment on A Treatise on Heartly Manners
2/29/20201BuckyForum Post
2/28/20201undrForum Post
2/15/20201Tim36DForum Post
1/28/20201Reader82Forum Post
1/25/20202enterprideFeatured Comment on The Book of Vanishing Tales
1/24/20202RamsayReedFeatured Comment on I Went to the Graveyard
1/24/20202Reader82Featured Comment on When The Music's Over
1/7/20201BuckyForum Post
1/6/20201Reader82Forum Post
1/5/202072enterprideStorygame: A Treatise on Heartly Manners
1/5/20202Reader82Featured Comment on Read My Stories or Die!
1/2/20202Reader82Featured Comment on They came from le moon
12/30/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on When The Music's Over
12/30/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on Day of the Dead--One Soul's All Souls Procession
12/30/20192Reader82Featured Comment on Day of the Dead--One Soul's All Souls Procession
12/29/20191SpartacustheGreatForum Post
12/29/20191SpartacustheGreatForum Post
12/22/20192pugpup1Featured Comment on The Sanguine and Blackbeard's Cutlass
12/18/20192Reader82Featured Comment on The Veil
12/17/20191RomulusForum Post
11/30/20191BuckyForum Post
11/22/20191Tim36DForum Post
11/19/20191Tim36DForum Post
11/19/20191AlKhoForum Post
11/11/20191MicroPenForum Post
11/9/201976Chris113022Storygame: When The Music's Over
11/1/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on Dark Nights
10/30/201987RNDGamerStorygame: The knight order of the Golden Sun
10/1/20192GlandrosFeatured Comment on Princess Pretty - Adventure Begins -
9/24/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on The Will Of The Lord
9/24/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on Necromancer
9/23/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on Surviving Pre-School
9/22/201941pugpup1Storygame: The Bard's Tale
9/21/20191pugpup1Forum Post
9/21/201941RomulusStorygame: The Ballad of the Winter King
9/21/201957applegirlStorygame: Farewell, My Childhood Self
9/21/201954RomulusStorygame: The Raven
9/21/201943GmmcgheeStorygame: Avery M: Dead Man's Journal
9/21/201939BuckyStorygame: USA State Capitals - With Zombies!
9/21/201977SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus: Mind Games
9/21/2019110SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 8
9/21/201965SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 7
9/21/201996SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 6
9/21/2019130SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 5
9/21/201971SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 4
9/21/201962SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 3
9/21/201964SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus 2
9/21/201955SindriVStorygame: Homo Perfectus
9/19/201977IronPantherStorygame: The Planetary Exploration Society
9/19/2019120AzBazStorygame: Frameshift
9/19/201951Chris113022Storygame: Dark Nights
9/19/201938BendyStorygame: The Perfect Mother's Day
9/19/201981pugpup1Storygame: The Daemonologists
9/19/201971pugpup1Storygame: Father Leofwine is Dead
9/16/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on Love SICK
9/13/20191Chris113022Forum Post
9/10/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Frameshift
9/7/20191Chris113022Forum Post
9/6/20191pugpup1Forum Post
9/5/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Kelly Unicornstrider and Friends (1982-1985) Super Quiz
9/3/20192Claw2k11Featured Comment on 2205
9/3/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Inheritance House
9/1/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on Death Song
8/29/20192MicroPenFeatured Comment on TRASH
8/28/20191Chris113022Forum Post
8/26/20191RomulusForum Post
8/26/20191Tim36DForum Post
8/26/20192RealKuriosIasounFeatured Comment on Transient
8/26/20192jster02Featured Comment on Father Leofwine is Dead
8/26/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Long Way From Home
8/26/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Vault Life
8/26/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Petra's Choices
8/26/20192Chris113022Featured Comment on Extinct
8/7/20191Tim36DForum Post
8/3/20191Ficsean_ChefForum Post
8/3/20191Tim36DForum Post
7/25/20192pugpup1Featured Comment on Rogues
7/17/20191SpartacustheGreatForum Post
7/15/20192AzBazFeatured Comment on Magus: Betrayal
6/13/20191Tim36DForum Post
6/10/20191Ficsean_ChefForum Post
5/22/20192AzBazFeatured Comment on Marooned on Giri Minor
5/21/20192Ficsean_ChefFeatured Comment on The Lost Emperor
5/20/20191Ficsean_ChefForum Post
5/6/20191Ficsean_ChefForum Post
5/3/20191Ficsean_ChefForum Post
5/1/20192undrFeatured Comment on Escape The Torture Mansion
3/17/20191Benajah765Forum Post
3/17/20191undrForum Post
2/23/20192undrFeatured Comment on Arakhan's Vengeance
2/1/20191LeoraForum Post
1/25/20191undrForum Post
1/19/20191undrForum Post
1/6/20192ScarletSwanHunterFeatured Comment on A Long Way Gone
1/4/20192ScarletSwanHunterFeatured Comment on Bloodlines
1/4/20192ScarletSwanHunterFeatured Comment on ~Tainted Souls~
1/3/20192ScarletSwanHunterFeatured Comment on Demons Stole the Sky
12/22/20182undrFeatured Comment on Ciara's Game
11/30/20181SpartacustheGreatForum Post
11/27/20182undrFeatured Comment on The Cat and the Crow
11/5/20182undrFeatured Comment on Agent of Order
10/28/20181LeoraForum Post
10/6/20182undrFeatured Comment on The Climate Lobby
10/6/20182LeoraFeatured Comment on The Climate Lobby
10/5/20182undrFeatured Comment on Detective 1: Blacksea Island
9/28/20182undrFeatured Comment on Bestist Frend Jane
9/28/20182undrFeatured Comment on Hastings, 1066: Aftermath
9/24/20182LeoraFeatured Comment on Ghosts
9/24/201810Chris113022Tips To Write Better Fanfiction
9/20/20181undrForum Post
9/18/20181undrForum Post
9/18/20181undrForum Post
8/18/20182LeoraFeatured Comment on Blackwell's Diamonds
8/11/20182LeoraFeatured Comment on The Wild West, An Unchangeable World
8/11/20182LeoraFeatured Comment on The Wild West, An Unchangeable World
8/2/20182BuckyFeatured Comment on A Very Special Choose Your Story
6/7/20182Chris113022Featured Comment on Neon Genesis Evangelion
5/21/20182AzBazFeatured Comment on How To Play A Game
5/5/20181BuckyForum Post
4/27/201810AzBazHow to Create a Variable Item System
4/11/20182Chris113022Featured Comment on the Androidic Purge
4/8/20182BuckyFeatured Comment on Isotope 239
3/31/20182VictimFeatured Comment on Roamers, Part 1: The Road to Safety
3/16/20182Chris113022Featured Comment on The Wal*Mart Game!
3/16/20182BuckyFeatured Comment on The King's Successor
2/19/20182Chris113022Featured Comment on Ground Zero
2/15/20181BuckyForum Post
2/8/20182BuckyFeatured Comment on Coming Home?
1/26/20182AzBazFeatured Comment on Blackbirds
1/21/20182ShyshaeiaFeatured Comment on HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start
1/16/20182AzBazFeatured Comment on His Smile
1/13/20182ShyshaeiaFeatured Comment on Candy Quest
1/12/20182ShyshaeiaFeatured Comment on Mind Games
1/11/20182ShyshaeiaFeatured Comment on Dungeon Stompage!
12/9/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on Wennipeg's list of regrets
12/5/20172GlandrosFeatured Comment on Delve!
11/29/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on Ocean Adventure
11/21/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on Waiting for a Train
11/21/20172RomulusFeatured Comment on Waiting for a Train
11/20/20172Dottie_SnarkFeatured Comment on The Unwritten Jedi
11/20/20172Dottie_SnarkFeatured Comment on Doctor Who Fanfiction
11/12/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on Storm the school.
10/18/20172dueconsiderationFeatured Comment on The Lost Expedition (1)
10/15/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on Song of Nothing
10/13/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on A Chosen Hero
10/12/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on 4-Simplex
10/12/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on The Exploits of Fail-Man
10/12/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on Spy Mission
9/17/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on A Confused Criminal!
9/13/20172CalicovallFeatured Comment on The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
8/12/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Now You Gotta Deal With This S***
8/8/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on His Smile
8/7/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on The Carivelli Carnival
8/4/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Splattered
8/4/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on A boring day
8/4/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Random Plot: Job Saving
8/1/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on The Case of the Mondays
7/31/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero
7/24/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Polly wanna cracker?
7/23/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Before Midnight
7/22/20171AzBazForum Post
7/21/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Cantina Band: The Assassins' New Tune
7/18/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Cantina Band: Dusty Death in D-Minor
7/14/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Lonely boy
6/30/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on From A Great Height
6/29/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Dead space
6/29/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on It's Not Easy Being Me
6/27/20171EverwriterForum Post
6/23/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on A Dog's Life
6/19/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on The Snake Fiasco
6/17/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Bullet Train
6/16/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Vampirium: The Count
6/11/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on Mazkil
6/10/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on The Path of Death
6/9/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on The Multiverse Chalkboard
6/1/20172AzBazFeatured Comment on A Day In The Life of A Slice of Bread
5/1/20172BuckyFeatured Comment on In the Field
4/20/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on A Mutt's Purpose
4/17/20172Claw2k11Featured Comment on A Fantastic Journey
4/13/20172SaikaFeatured Comment on The Time Machine Episode 1: Time Travel
3/25/20172PlelbFeatured Comment on Adventures of a Normal Man
3/25/20172PlelbFeatured Comment on Jack and Jill Live On 2
3/17/20171SaikaForum Post
3/13/20172PlelbFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus: Mind Games
3/5/20171RomulusForum Post
3/5/20171PlelbForum Post
3/2/20172Claw2k11Featured Comment on Piratical Decency
3/2/20171IronPantherForum Post
3/2/20172PlelbFeatured Comment on Awesomeland - The Adventure Begins
2/24/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/24/20171RomulusForum Post
2/24/20171BuckyForum Post
2/22/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/22/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/21/20171AgstandForum Post
2/21/20172BuckyFeatured Comment on Wizard Duel at Wizard School
2/19/20171RomulusForum Post
2/19/20171RomulusForum Post
2/18/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/17/20171RomulusForum Post
2/17/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/14/20171RomulusForum Post
2/13/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/7/20171IronPantherForum Post
2/6/201710IronPantherCYS Website Guidelines
2/5/20171RomulusForum Post
2/3/20172IronPantherFeatured Comment on The Panic Room
2/2/20171IronPantherForum Post
1/29/20171RomulusForum Post
1/29/20172PlelbFeatured Comment on THE DAY
1/29/20171PlelbForum Post
1/25/201710ck23838Things That Readers Don't Like
1/25/201710squatterHow to use Scripting to Improve your Story
1/24/20172BuckyFeatured Comment on In The Deep Of Night
1/24/20172BuckyFeatured Comment on The Lost Expedition (2)
1/23/20171RomulusForum Post
1/22/20171IronPantherForum Post
1/22/20171RomulusForum Post
1/22/20171Chris113022Forum Post
1/21/20171Tim36DForum Post
1/21/20172GavinEzraGohFeatured Comment on Date Rape Laws and Prevention
1/21/20171RomulusForum Post
1/18/20172PlelbFeatured Comment on The Mystic Kingdom
1/17/20171RomulusForum Post
1/17/20171bbsharkForum Post
1/15/20171RomulusForum Post
1/15/20171LickRebornForum Post
4/15/201510jamescoker1226How to Create a Leveling System
1/27/200810OctoberUploading Pictures
4/12/200710OctoberRPS: What Wins
3/10/200710OctoberScripting: Items