The Elder Scrolls : Shadows of The Princes

A fan fiction storygame by fluttershypegasus

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably be between PG-13 and R.


You are a prisoner, bound for the Isle of Betony to await your final sentence. But strange voices whisper to you in the darkness, and before you know it, you are thrust into a new and unfamiliar world. Do you choose to explore this place, doing deals with the Princes in order to increase your own power? Or will you find yourself caught up in a plot to stop the most sinister ancient beings the world of Tamriel has ever known?


This story features:

- A skill system: Your skills will allow you to complete certain quests, though there are ways to boost skills you are weak in

-A small open world - A map will guide you around the Isle. Make sure to take a break between adventures in New Wayrest, especially if you come across gold in your travels.

- New and old characters - You will come across plenty of characters familiar to the Elder Scrolls universe, as well as a few new ones...


Maturity Level:

I would give this an age rating of 15 , and would advise anyone who does not enjoy any kind of horror elements to act with discretion.

EDIT: Some glitches where the game was left in an infinite loop have been fixed.


While it is possible to fail at this game, I have tried to account for as many skill combinations as possible. As such, the only consequence of a poor skill choices should be that the game takes a few more quests to complete.

While I have tried to stay as true to the lore as I can, there are parts of this story that are very heavily influenced by my own interpretations, which may differ from the interpretations of others.

Some issues with text spacing are sadly unavoidable due to how much this relies on variables. Apologies.

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