Gay Old Time

A fan fiction storygame by Darius_Conwright

Player Rating5.58/8

"Too few ratings to be ranked"
Based on 20 ratings since 03/22/2023
Played 254 times (finished 18)

Story Difficulty3/8

"Trek through the forest"

Play Length6/8

"It'll be a while, better grab a Snickers®"

Maturity Level7/8

"Anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Time Travel Shenanigans and More

Have a nice awkward talk with your boyfriend in the hospital.

It's written using mostly dialogue.There are a total of six "official endings". One tip to find all six of them is this: Never press the go back button. The game will remember things you've done in the past.  

Thank you Endmaster for giving me permission to publish this. Here's the Link to that lovely little Convo. Remnants of the old title are seen in the cover.

Also the contest entry to the Endmaster's second prompt Contest

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