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You missed it by a hair. Lets-all-be-dicks-to-Ford day was 2 days ago now.

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anything to appease my parole officer test

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I have often convinced heavy-weight raters to give garbage games an 8/8, this much is true. I don't do it often these days and have simply put out the general rules: if theres no EGL on the first page, it gets a 1/8 except if it was made by an admin, which all get 8s. If it's a puzzle game it also gets a 1 regardless of who wrote it.

A total and complete lack of talent on 6/4/2021 5:00:25 PM
alt+f4 is the keyboard shortcut you're looking for

A total and complete lack of talent on 6/4/2021 4:35:40 PM
alt+f4 is the keyboard shortcut you're looking for

Darius' drawing board. YOU SAY I DRAW on 6/4/2021 4:17:53 PM
ty next req: mature year-of-the-cow themed redhead elf with a fuckin dumptruck double cheeked up on this fine friday afternoon thanks

Darius' drawing board. YOU SAY I DRAW on 6/4/2021 2:36:16 PM
kappa making stir fry

& on 6/4/2021 4:38:52 AM
End sat in the top room of the central spire to his home. Light fed through a decorative window onto the pages of a book in his lap. As he took a sip of the finest cola, the sky severely darkened and he closed his book with a sigh. He snapped his fingers, summoning a maid. "Yes, my lord." she said, kneeling and bowing her head to him.

"Whats with the sky? Another challenger come to die?"

"Not so, my master. I believe Miss Apples is creating her first lich today, using the courtyards' darkstone."

"Ooh, a lich. I do enjoy the pretty light shows from lich awakenings. Let us watch from a respectable area." End snapped his fingers again, and he appeared beyond the columnade of the courtyard with several onlooking maids and servants.

Thara felt their presence. Jeez dad, even when you make your aura neutral it's still the most obvious thing for miles... she thought. She made some last minte checks of her circles and the placement of the mages' corpse. It had been two years since End cursed her with immortal healing, and though it severely increased her magic ability she had plateued for some months. With this lich summoning, she may gain the power necessary to go further into magic. Her current mana wasn't enough to fill the lich creation circle adequately, so she had attached a magic amplification circle - a triangle with two lines coming from one face and another out of the tip. The line from the tip of the triangle connected to the grand lich circle, and she used one of the face-side lines to connect to the darkstone of the courtyard. Her circles were impeccable, they were of shimmering bloodquartz and beset with impregnated adamantite.

She consulted her notebook: from the basics such as the circles being made of some material that would not be found within the circle area (so as to not sully the spell), to the more intermidiate checks like how her lich circle was set up and the sigils within in it aligned with the corpse, and finally the advanced checks such as the incantation order and the geometry of the stars used to determine how much mana would be necessary for everything to go smoothly. Thara clasped her notebook closed, and focused. Everything was ready. At the age of only 12, she would be the youngest in recorded history to awaken a lich on her own. She had defeated this mage in battle a few days prior, and noted his affinity was higher than average - perfect for a lich. She had treated the body with salts and spells to prepare it for soul decomposition and realignment.

End watched his daughter go through her final checks, noting that the body was in superb condition despite suffering a fatal loss. "A basic lich summoning using a circle is very inefficient," he said to the maids around him, "the wasted mana creates a wonderful lightshow in the surrounding area though. Really only happens once per mage, as later lich summonings are more mana-efficient and less showy." The sky filled with thick dark clouds as Thara began to channel her mana and start the incantation. End raised his hand and clenched it into a fist - signaling all activity in the greater castle area to halt. The air was now saturated only by Thara's mana with no magic interference.

She finished the incantation and placed her mana-laiden hand upon the lesser lead of the magamp triangle. The amplifier would detect the difference in power between her and the blackstone, and amplify this difference to the output - filling the lich circle without Thara having to use up all of her own power. It did so successfully. Too successfully. As the corpse of the mage began to lift upwards and lines of mana began to seep out into the air, creating miniature aurora's throughout the courtyard, it became obvious there was simply too much magic about. It needed to be siphoned off. Thara had considered something similar, and lifted her free hand outward towards the on-lookers, "A drawing stick!" One maid stepped forward, ready to toss her a wooden stick, but End stopped the maid and tossed Thara a copper spear. Plenty sharp to cut through the grassy courtyard, but blunt on one side to dig into the dirt.

She caught it, and upon almost touching the ground with it, she refrained. End smirked. Thara saw the copper tip and decided she would be pissed off later. Copper would taint the ground with its alchemical properties, and a circle drawn with it was likely to fail. The lich circle was losing control fast - she had to act rashly, and stabbed herself in the lower leg with the spear, breaking off the copper tip and unveiling a blunt of clean wood. Though in severe pain and bound by mana flow to the magamp circle, she drew a summoning circle by memory for a vampiric entity. She would use some of the excess mana to summon it, and once it was here she could command it to siphon some of the lich circle's mana, bringing the whole operation under control. Or at least, that was the plan.

Gusting wind and circling mana made it difficult to draw, but once she had the sigil of Buer engraved upon the earth and a lesser sigil of a mana vampire to it she was set to connect the circles to the output of the magamp. When the lines connected she chanted twice, threw the stick away, and slammed her free hand down onto the circle. It glowed with great fevor and fire - burning her hand in the process. A vampiric gargoyle emerged and immediately began extruding some mana from the lich circle.

End enjoyed the light show with popcorn. Some maids looked on anxiously. Some were impatient and wanted to get going with their chores instead of standing still.

Thara was beginning to show some control over the situation, and continued with the latter half of the lich incantation. The mages' corpse was saturated with mana now, and the soul began to take form. It was then that Thara took her hand off the magamp and focused with all her might on forming the soul into something sinister and evil. She had a backup stone which would give her the darkness she needed, but it would feel like cheating to use it now. She thought of all the pain, torture, sadness, and anger she could while morphing the mana-laced soul into shape about the corpse. It began to take form and the lich opened its eyes for the first time since death. Thara released her hold and put the drowsy lich under a commandment spell to obey her. She knelt to the ground in fatigue.

As the lich awakened further, Thara yelled the order "Human!" and a maid threw out a hog-tied man who was captured earlier that month. If her soul moulding worked, the lich would naturally attempt to kill the man. End raised his fist, and opened his palm, ready to put the castle service back in motion. He waited for the results. The lich looked at the struggling man, squirming in the dirt. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. Thara thought hard, but the lich turned away and began drifting aimlessly about. End flagged down his hand in disappointment. Service began bustling about the castle again.

Tharas eyes watered in frustration. She pulled the copper spearhead from her calf and used it to draw a simple transmutation circle in the dirt - converting the spearhead into a small steel dagger. She glared at her father and threw it at him with a "FUCK YOU!". He did not dodge. The dagger flew right through him. The maid at his side picked it up and bit her lip. She had a soft spot for Thara, and didn't like to see the young master so frustrated, but she kept her composure.

End walked over to his teary-eyed daughter and gave her head one pat. "It was a good show of lights."

Thara didn't want his pity and brushed his hand away. She got up and walked off in a huff, wiping away tears. As the sky began to clear, the maid following End asked if he wanted her to take care of the aimless lich floating about the courtyard. "Hmm. Lock it up. Check on Thara in a bit and see if she wants to do anything with it."

"Yes, my lord."

"And send a cold coke to my room; get Thara a hot chocolate or whatever kids like."

"Yes, my lord."


Thara pouted in bed, tossing and turning. Some maids had tried to come in, but she turned them away until the head maid came - who she was not old enough or powerful enough to boss around yet. "Miss Apples, I brought you warm cider with a cinnamon stick." Tharas stomach growled; she hadn't eaten dinner.

"What do you want?" she said into her pillow. The head maid set down the cider on Thara's nightstand.

"I have nothing to want from you except your own well-being."

"mmprph" Thara rolled her eyes and mumbled.

"I bet you didn't smell these when I walked in the room," the maid set a bag of cookies on Thara's nightstand. Thara turned one eye out to her. She sat up and took a cookie and a sip of cider. Her eyes were a bit red about the edges, but a cookie gave a bit of color back to her face.

"I could've used a stone. I had it in my back pocket." Thara said regretfully.

"Oh, but it wouldn't be very satisfying to use a stone instead of your own power would it?"

"I should've swallowed my pride and used it. Now I just wasted a perfectly good corpse." Thara stuffed a cookie in her mouth and took big gulps of cider in annoyance and frustration with herself.

"Well now, we can always find more mages around."

"Yeah but one THAT perfect? I doubt it." She sighed, wondering when her next chance would be.

"The circle is still all dressed up in the courtyard, it would be a shame to let it fall apart now. How about we go mage hunting tomorrow? I know some good spots where they're likely to be, and you can try again as soon as possible. You'd still be the youngest to ever make a lich on your own even if you took another year to do it." the maid looked kindly at the young girl taking the last gulp of cider.

Thara considered it for a moment. "Alright. Let's do it! I'll make one for sure next time." she was already thinking of ways to improve the circle and control the mana flow better. The head maid took the empty cookie bag and cider cup with her on the way out of Thara's room. "Wait - can I have one more cookie?" Thara asked sheepishly.

"You're lucky I let you have cookies for dinner instead of bringing you up a pile of vegetables. Now rest up - we leave early tomorrow if you want to have a good chance for a mage." the maid exited the room, happy that Thara was in a better mood.

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