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Adventures of Minsara
Welcome to Minsara! A world made up of many diverse islands full of adventure and intrigue! You've been placed at the center of Minsara, on an island known as [SPAWN ISLAND NAME] where you can meet up with your friends and have fun; but be warned - the further from [SPAWN ISLAND NAME] you get, the more danger awaits.

Unlock the secrets of the world of Minsara as you quest throughout this asymmetric archipelago of adventure! Or don't! There's a little something for every play style.

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CYS Prophet has spoken on 11/29/2022 5:35:51 PM
Hmm. Mmmm?

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/27/2022 1:47:55 AM
hell yeah they be

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/27/2022 1:45:47 AM

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:52:13 PM
being ugly and having no friends doesn't mean you're a different gender

How do you do a battle system? on 11/22/2022 7:18:42 PM
The most basic would be to give both the PC and NPC the following:

- Health

- Attack
- Defend

It can be very simply hard coded fights where the NPC is controlled by dice rolls, the most basic of which could be something like 1D2 split (50/50 chance) to attack or defend. The player can then do whatever they feel is best.

After creating a simple system like this you can easily add more stats like Stamina, MP, or whatever is relevant to the plot and give more actions like Heal, Special Attack, etc.

The behind-the-scenes script is just checking if the health of the player is over 0, health of NPC is over 0, and any action/link clicked will just be a script that lowers health or does something to the stats of the PC/NPC based on their choice (or in the NPC's case, based on a dice roll).

And you're right, alexp's original basic scripting article goes through a simple combat system as an example.

CYS Prophet has spoken on 11/22/2022 6:52:52 PM
Hmmm. Mhm.

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/22/2022 3:09:52 AM
that sounds fuckin awesome dude

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/15/2022 4:04:54 PM
companion timelapse video

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another draw thread by a non artist on 11/15/2022 2:03:41 PM

reference material: 304307 p40

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/15/2022 2:03:27 PM