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Jew Jitsu! on 8/14/2020 7:56:38 PM
That evolved into a lot of words. I always thought palestine was just a city in israel and the country was just full of jews milking the holocaust. Muslims dont like that cause israel is their holy country and palestine is their holy city too. And they both dont like each other cause their jesus is different. I will not be emploring any further information and I will continue to believe this regardless of whatever the resident jews say.

Who's going back to school? on 8/14/2020 7:48:31 PM
I was 4 years ago where the fuck were you I already got a math degree and moved onto mechanical engineering then switched to electrical/computer engineering.

Who's going back to school? on 8/14/2020 1:15:33 PM
What's your major so we can make fun of you

Hello! on 8/13/2020 8:32:19 PM

A Very Senty Dream Journal on 8/2/2020 1:52:34 PM
it means ur a fag

How to get fast points? on 7/29/2020 7:02:22 PM
Make bot that edits the first page to brute force an end-game link and give it a list of all the storygame titles Wait a bit Profit

What’s Up on 7/27/2020 8:41:15 AM

~ on 7/22/2020 8:57:39 AM
"No hats inside." she heard, entering the bar.

"Excuse you." she pulled her hat a little more snug.

"I kid, of course. Welcome back, Mad." the bartender looked happy to see her.

"You shouldn't joke about my hats Timmy." MHD said, taking a seat at the empty bar.

"You shouldn't call me Timmy. Would you like a drink this time or did you bring your own?" he asked pleasantly showing off the selection behind an obsessively clean glass cabinet. MHD looked through the glass, her eyes browsing amongst many fine spirits while her mind traced the mahoghany frame. Tim fully expected her to bring out a bottle of her blue gunk - magic tea or whatever it was - as she had done time and time again. He couldn't remember the last time she ever actually ordered a drink, if she had at all, and was astounded she would even look into the selection cabinet. "We have quite a few finer things in the back, if you're looking for something of a particular taste." he advertised, offering to bring out a wider selection if she would give him a hint to what she was looking for.

"Two blind faith's, if you would have a drink with me." Mad smiled pleasantly and Tim took a moment of hesitation to smile back. He knew the cocktail well, it was one of his regulars' favorites. He had the recipe memorized: 1.5oz rum - preferably Prusser's as it has good matching flavor tones for the drink, 1oz grapefruit juice, 3/4oz white grape juice, .5oz ginger liqueur, .5oz mango syrup, and about 1.5oz ginger beer with a touch of saline. As he began to make it, he wondered what MHD had in mind and why she would choose this drink in particular. She was an odd one and exccessively unpredictable. "There's a lot going on out there recently." she said as Tim served a glass to her and poured one for himself. Tim nodded in agreement.

"I've heard some stuff about it. I try not to concern myself with such antics." Tim said, taking a sip of the drink, careful not to drink too much in the presence of Mad nor lose sight of her. MHD smelled the drink and gagged. The smell of the alcohol produced some painful memories. "Not exactly your usual cup of tea," Tim giggled at her dramatized reaction. She took a reluctant gulp anyways. The caramelized coffee taste was nice but the alcoholic aftertones were utterly disgusting to her. The dramatist within her kept face and she began to act a bit buzzed. Gossiping about the rabbit and how she'll never hear the end of his new prized collectors item - subtly leading the conversation to what she really wanted. Tim let her lead, at his bar it was good etiquette to listen to the customer and not talk over them. He simply sipped the cocktail and commented on things here and there. It was perhaps the most pleasant conversation he had ever had with MHD up to that point. MHD had taken another gulp before giving Tim a look he didn't often see with his customers.

"Tim, would you go on a date with me?" Tim didn't see that one coming, but he kept his composure as best he could, and prepared his practiced polite rejection. It was not the first time his handsomeness had brought a woman to ask this of him and it would not be the last.

"Well, I'm not really looking to sta--" Tim was interrupted by the feeling of cold insanity that made the hairs on his neck stand and his legs go cold. To an outsider of the conversation, it would seem as though Mad had done nothing - but Tim recieved the near imperceptable change in her smile. It was as though he went from being her friend to being her prey and back once he cleared his throat and rephrased what he was about to say. "I uh, I think that would be interesting. Um, did you have a particular activity in mind?" Tim was a bit rattled, but he was coming back. It's unlikely anything good or normal could come of this - but he was trapped now. So he submitted.

What MHD described as a date actually sounded perfectly normal and quite fun for Tim - a hike up beautiful mountains followed by a viewing of fireworks from atop the peak all sounded good until she insisted he wear his "scary, colorless, garb." Tim knew she was talking about his chemical warfare outfit. The thought of a fight between him and Mad flashed in his head. Even with the greatest amount fo preparation he could muster, he decided, a miracle would still be needed for him to walk away from a serious fight against MHD. Regardless, he was trapped into this "date" and it was clear that this would be no endeavor as ordinary as a date.

Tim finished the rest of his blind faith, thinking it may be one of the last drinks he'll ever have. If Mad was sent to get his head, she was sure to get it. He felt that death was near. Hid mind raced about how she might go about killing him. Would she want to fight? Is the date a setup to create some last moments of happiness for her to crush leading to his own insanity before succumbing to the madness? Would she make it quick and merciful? What reason would she have to do any of this? She doesn't operate on reason, he concluded, but still felt empty without a satisfactory explanation. Mad cackled with glee at Tim's serious expression.

"Hey hey! Think of it this way, Timmy, either way she goes it's a celebratory drink! Hahahahahaha!" MHD smiled as a cheshire cat. Only then did Tim realize what was going on and he caught the barest glimpse of Mad's terrible smile before she vanished from the barstool. He stared into his empty glass with the knowledge that that may have been the last blind faith anybody would ever order.

"How cruel," he thought, "to have me drink to something that hasn't happened yet." He felt as though he had already let go of his memory of Mayana. It would be a gruelling show of fireworks.

Sherbert on 7/22/2020 8:55:59 AM
I got 100% back in the day in about the same amount of time. Though I cheated to do it and I'm skeptical it could be legitimately done in such a short time.

My Mother Has Covid-19 on 7/17/2020 12:40:44 PM