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Hello there! Welcome to my page! I'm a nineteen year old girl in college who is currently going for Graphic Design, but I want to change my degree to Horticulture in the fall. I love story telling, always have from a young age. I've always been a sucker (not in a romantic way, but a "I feel bad for them" way) for the villains of stories, even before it was a popular perspective. I like RPGs, especially medieval fantasy. I once hosted my own Discord server that was a medieval fantasy themed, text based rp. Sadly, I had to shut it down because life prevented me from continuing it and no one else wanted to step up because they had their own servers to run. However, I hope to take the idea and create a story here on this website for the people here to enjoy! 


Amount of times I've been called gay/a homo/lesbian (to my knowledge...) on CYS: 8


Songs That Remind Me Of Other CYS Members:

EndMaster: 'Guuci Gang [Cover]' -By Nyanners

Mizal: 'NYANACONDA' -By Nyanners

MadhattersDaughter: '3 BIG BALLS' -By DigBar

Suranna: 'Sit Pissers (Big Piss Version)' -By Lord Aethelstan

Will11: 'Boof Pack (Original NO Sax Version)' -By Lord Aethelstan


(If you want me to put a song that I think describes you on my page, private message me and we can talk a bit! :D)

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kyu kyo ku no chi shi ki
Truths quietly told
Stars align in woven verse
Ephemeral dance

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CYS Script
An overview of the CYS scripting language and its quirks provided by BradinDvorak.

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End Master's Crisis Contest on 6/21/2024 5:41:11 AM
My first page is complete. If you are reading this and have not started you are a goner and you should drop out now.

What Are Orders? on 6/19/2024 4:04:03 PM
Your next post is your last if you don't review a game before then.

Draw The Land Of CYSTIA! on 6/19/2024 4:01:17 PM
Desert is a good idea for a challenge to overcome, not too desperate with a solid aesthetic. Maybe the world should be a desert and the "islands" are the oases with different themes in the sandy wasteland.

Draw The Land Of CYSTIA! on 6/19/2024 3:59:17 PM
that's a lot of bridges

Draw The Land Of CYSTIA! on 6/19/2024 3:58:09 PM
I like the idea of making islands shaped like thingies

What Are Orders? on 6/19/2024 2:17:04 AM
something only a tranny would say

Easy Way To Influence CYS on 6/19/2024 2:15:57 AM
make your mark with essentially 0 effort, possibly for years

Draw The Land Of CYSTIA! on 6/17/2024 8:31:03 PM
DOZENS might play on a world shaped like this - DOZENS!

What Are Orders? on 6/17/2024 7:48:45 PM
Your orders are to complete the mission and kill yourself.

Draw The Land Of CYSTIA! on 6/17/2024 7:40:04 PM