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I write storygames sometimes. Yahoo!
Check out my works Warden and Monster if you want some short horror stories.
For something a little less short and a little more polished, try out my other work, Siren. It won a contest, you know!
If you're in the mood for something longer and more story/lore-oriented, you can take a peek at my other contest-winning story, Reborn.
Whatever you decide to read, I hope you'll enjoy!

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Hunger fosters desperation.
Play as Elizabeth, a young woman recently involved in a tragic accident that claimed the lives of her family... except for one, very unfamiliar man. Or, is he a man at all?

This is my entry for EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2. There are a total of 7
endings (and one profile badge) to find, not including deaths.


Featured Story Reborn

"One last adventure in the forest with our friends. There's nothing to be afraid of..."

Play as Rebecca, a troubled and pessimistic young woman living in a small town called Whittle Falls. Sleepy and independent, leading a simple existence and a very happy one- once upon a time. Now, a terrible curse has befallen the town, in the form of an unstoppable Beast that refuses to stop its violent hunting.

Navigate Rebecca's bonds both old and new, and take her on one final trek through the forest. Confront the distant and buried past, while trying not to fall to the otherworldly horrors lurking around every corner.

Not counting deaths, there are a total of 24 endings- 11 bad, 7 neutral, and 6 good. This story has connections to two of my other works, the storygames Warden and Monster. See if you can find them!

This is my entry for EndMaster's Prompt Contest 3.

Prompt 43: A story involving body horror.

Featured Story Siren

There's something horrifying lurking in the water...

Play as Will Robinson, a money-loving fisherman living in the foggy town of Bullhead Rock, who's been bribed into unraveling a mystery and putting an old legend to rest once and for all. His desire for cash outweighs his fear of supernatural nonsense- and this can easily get him into trouble...

There are 5 endings you can get, not including deaths, of which there are quite a lot.

A sixth, secret ending can be obtained by getting the Legend Killer Ending, clicking the Reset Game link, and then getting the Blessed Ending.

Winner of Mizal's 2023 Gone Fishin' Contest!


A twisted and broken family.
A parallel world.
One chance to escape.

This is my entry for EndMaster's 2022 Prompt Contest.

Four endings, including a true ending.

Featured Story Wholesome Dog's Birthday Adventure

Oh no! Wholesome Dog overslept, and is late to his own birthday party! Help Wholesome Dog get to the party his friends are throwing before it's too late!

There are 4 endings!

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Before that, the previous number 20 was MicroPen.

Though what knocked him off the board was actually this person getting a dutchman's praise back in January.

What Are Orders? on 6/17/2024 12:28:23 AM

Yeah that is a strong suit on the part of the Sages, and honestly I'm still not at all used to Architects having the second most comms. Architects have really had a good past few years with Mystic sort of leading a charge back when she was winning back-to-back prompt contests, and now Will's just raking them in with his pr*ductivity.

(That being said, Marauders number one! Yahoo!)

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There's an educational thread about it

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It was 32 comms to reach the top Wardens until recently, and I think it only changed because some random Warden game got commended on accident.

Lol, Wardens.

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This is a fantastic update.

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Don't you know what month it is??

Crisis Contest Progress Thread on 6/6/2024 7:14:37 PM

It wouldn't be a proper contest without one of these; go ahead and use this thread to talk about the writing you're doing, talk about the writing you're not doing, make excuses, form grudges, talk about how you have it all mapped out in your head and just need to get it typed out, etc etc.

PRIDE MONTH on 6/3/2024 9:01:43 PM
13 points is 13 points

PRIDE MONTH on 6/2/2024 1:34:34 AM

It's that time of year again! June is such a special time for CYS's LGBTrestoftheacronym population, and really there's no better time than now to crack open a storygame by @Darius_Conwright. Or any storygame at all, really! Please read- someone, anyone.

If you're gay, post about it in here so we all know that you're gay and we can all stare at you and point at you (but not in an offensive way, of course).

And if you're straight, post about it in here so your account can be flagged for INSTANT DELETION.

PETROS on 5/28/2024 11:12:30 PM

Him and Bezro have identical profile pictures, didn't you know?