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I just like to read.

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End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest on 7/19/2021 11:57:48 PM

I'll enter the contest. I was going to write something sooner or later anyway, might as well do it now.

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/17/2021 8:31:24 PM

Congratulations to Wizzy!
In spite of the mass shaming, it was still really nice to get a handful of new storygames out of this contest. Looking forward to the next one!

New here on 7/3/2021 6:27:37 PM


Hi there! on 6/30/2021 11:11:00 PM

Hey there, welcome to the site. I haven't been around very long, but I've found that this is a very nice community to be a part of and the storygames are a lot of fun to read. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have. Good luck with your writing!

Crackhead Cringe on 6/29/2021 12:51:19 PM

This one time, I was driving to visit some family living in Florida, but I ended up having to stop for gas in a particularly bad neighborhood. The gas station was right next to a convenience store, and sitting by the door next to a red bike (or rather, some scraps that resembled a bike) was the most obvious-looking crackhead I've ever seen in my life. Frighteningly skinny, strangely dizzy-looking, and even had white crumbs mixed with dried blood all over his upper lip. I kept a pretty good distance as I walked over after fueling up my car, asking if he wanted me to buy him a sandwich.

I've always felt sympathy for people like this, but my parents taught me that giving them food was a lot better than giving them money since they would probably end up spending the money on drugs. The guy initially declined and asked for fifty dollars instead, which I refused, after which he seemed happy to accept a sandwich.

So after I finished buying some stuff for myself for the remainder of the drive, I got him a turkey sandwich, but when I offered it to him right outside he seemed pretty confused. As I asked him if he didn't like turkey, he leaned forward and bit me. You'd be surprised how much it hurts to have your thumb bitten by a guy who probably has about three teeth. The guy started apologizing after I smacked him in the head to make him let go, but I didn't stay there any longer, dropped the sandwich, and got right back to my car. To this day, I'm grateful that I didn't catch anything from that bite, and even more grateful for the fact that I wasn't bitten by a crackhead with better teeth, and therefore got to keep my thumb.

Felt pretty stupid afterward, but hey, at least I learned an important life lesson.

Let me introduce myself! on 6/19/2021 3:27:32 PM

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Although, it looks like you might already be getting a little bit too comfortable...

Summer Sales on 6/18/2021 10:34:40 PM

Looks like I was mistaken, it's not really a bot. The official Terraria Discord server has a channel appropriately titled 'free stuff' where they post when items on Steam become free. There's an option to follow that channel and have the messages redirect to a channel in a different server you own.
They also post about the Epic Games Store in there too, between the two there's usually something every other day or so.

I actually picked up Spore when it was on sale on Steam a little while back, fun game, but once you start your second planet you start to realize that the game isn't really as big as it first appears. The DLC helps, though.

Summer Sales on 6/18/2021 3:41:53 AM

Yeah, those sales can be tricky. There's just something so tempting about a game that's normally $59.99 being sold for eighty percent off, even if you know deep down that you probably won't play it.
Out of all the games I own, it's pretty surprising to me how few of them I make time for. Almost all of them were just bought because of a limited-time low price. I like to think I've improved in that aspect recently.

Not to mention, I found a Discord bot that automatically tells me whenever a game becomes free on Steam, so I've had the luxury of filling my library with games I won't be playing without having to pay for them. Feels good.

Hello on 6/4/2021 1:12:46 AM

.... .. -.-.--

Exams again on 6/2/2021 12:49:59 PM

I wonder if all FemaleWolverine threads from now on are going to unintentionally reveal more layers to the child abuse thread.

Anyways, breakfast is great, easily my favorite meal of the day. I don't have them too often, but a good crêpe is hard to beat in my opinion. Fresh berries, sweet filling, and crispy edges, all dusted with powdered sugar, it's the best. It's too bad they don't serve them in more places. 
It's also too bad breakfast happens to have some of the most unphotogenic but good-tasting foods (like oatmeal and sausage gravy), but oh well.