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I'm 31 years old, Christian and an avid lover of reading and writing. I've been doing both for as long back as I can remember.

My first book, Ice Warriors: Key of Midgard was self-published through Amazon and can be purchased through all the versions of said site.


Final Quest

A fantasy adventure wherein you play Esther, a warrior in the King's army.

When the King is poisoned, it falls to you to seek out a cure for him. But with no idea of who in the court or the army you can trust, every step you take could be the wrong one. And that's not counting the dangers you will face on your quest.

Krypton's Child

(Written for my niece).

You play Ciara, the daughter of Astrid from DC's Supergirl series. When an AI wakes you from stasis, you find yourself stuck on Earth as the child of a major supervillain and a woman unsure of what side she's on....

Let Me Out

You play Courtney Addams, a teenager with budding psychic abilities who's just moved to the town of Budding Shadows with your parents and siblings.

Uprooted from everything you knew before and tormented by strange dreams, you can't shake the feeling that something is very wrong.

Missing. Presumed Dead

On your computer late at night, you suddenly receive a message notification from your friend Abigail.

But Abigail's been missing for months. Presumed dead. Is it a prank? Is someone playing games with you? Or maybe, just maybe, you'll finally get those answers you've been searching for.

New Year's Massacre

It's New Year's eve and you were invited to the Carnell Mansion, along with many of the other people who live in the town of Red View.

But as the clock strikes midnight, a curse falls over the people here merely to have a good time. Everyone around you is killing each other.

Will you survive?

Out of Darkness

Reaching Safe Haven

You play Bailey, a teenager infected with the Flare virus and who became a Crank. Left with others of your kind to 'guard' the entrance to the city, you were the only one who was able to regain a fraction of humanity and leave when your peace was disturbed by a group of people trying to break into the city. But by the time you reach there, the virus is clawing at the edge of your sanity. Smoke and flames are everywhere. Nowhere is safe....

(Starts off as a zombie story. Turns into more of a dating sim).

Times of Survival

You play Savannah, a college student in Central City. On what seems to be a normal day, someone tries to kill you....

Recent Posts

Contest SHAME 7: The Greatest SHAME on Earth! on 6/1/2018 9:45:41 PM

Yeah, I found myself really reluctant to just churn out something when I knew I'd lost inspiration. I'll work on getting more site points by actually finishing and publishing my current works and the next contest I enter, I'll complete something and pull myself out of the pit of SHAME.

Just wondering, though, why are some of the names bolded in the first list? Does that mean anything, or...?

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 5/28/2018 4:28:57 PM

I could do with an extension, if that's at all possible. Managed to fall majorly behind with a lot of things I was trying to do.

Question about dialogue preferences on 4/9/2018 8:42:03 PM

When you're reading/playing a storygame, how much freedom do you prefer when it comes to dialogue? Would you rather pick everything the character you play says? Have more generic responses (i.e. 'witty response', 'sarcastic response', etc.)? Just picking one question or comment to 'trigger' an entire conversation? Something else I haven't mentioned here?

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 4/9/2018 8:28:21 PM

Oh, I've got mine saved on a site - but I'm copying it across to here page by page as I complete one. I read Mizal's comment as people writing it all off-site and then transferring it over once it's all done. Which I did think about doing, but with all of the potential storylines, I'd manage to make myself even more confused than I have already.

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 4/9/2018 7:11:48 PM

Do most people write off-site? I think I'd find that difficult to do, personally. I might write an individual page in Word and then copy and paste, but otherwise, I find it easier to write directly here. Then again, I only recently got back into writing these types of stories.

Is it possible for those who are writing off-site to privately share what they've written with Killa? I'm not sure how that would work, but it might be worth considering.

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 4/9/2018 5:46:23 PM

There may or may not be a bonus check-in at the one month mark

If there is, would it be a case of producing a finished story? Or showing something of a started story? And if it's the latter, how would I go about sharing that?


Ready Player One on 4/3/2018 11:46:12 AM

I personally found the movie quite entertaining to watch, but I did think the romantic elements were forced. And the danger in the OASIS didn't exactly feel real. Plus, I thought The Shining part could have been more subtle.

But the use of Chucky as a weapon made me laugh. 

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 3/23/2018 12:37:22 AM

Awesome, thank you!

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 3/22/2018 8:35:51 PM

I can enter, then? I'm fairly sure the idea I got last night is one I can finish in two months. Provided my brain doesn't try to over-complicate things....

Killa's Spring Thing Contest! on 3/22/2018 5:14:33 PM

See EndMaster for rules regarding your service to him if your entry sends you into negative points.

There's provision for if you don't have enough points to enter? Because I really do want to join (and I think I could do this one), but as I've only got 39 points...and don't want to risk betting the measly few I have....