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Hello! It's me, fresh. I'm a creator of cartoon comics, writer of light-toned and comical stories, frequent forum poster, and maker of 5,000 clicky links. They're so fun. 

Once upon a time, I managed to publish a decent storygame... it's been unpublished by me since then; had to take it down for repair. However, you can still go check it out if you have a few minutes to waste. It probably isn't the worst thing you'll come across on this site, but most definitely not the best. If you're looking for the best story, click this link here. Or, if you have no love for life and wish to read a 2.6k-word depressing (and gay!!) tale, this link is for you.

“When something goes wrong in life, just yell 'Plot twist!' and keep going.”

Shoutout to TypewriterCat for the awesome pfp and for awesomeness in general









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Gay and DepressedER!!!

Your lesbian little sister died horribly because her gay crush fucked her over, but that’s not stopping you from taking up the rainbow flag in her honor.

Welcome to another addition to the iconic Gay and Depressed series (shoutout to queenlatifa04 for the amazing original!!). Speaking of the original, read that masterpiece by clicking this link here.

I would also like to point out that some of the more strange aspects of this tale (such as the names of the pages, tone of the story, and several of the endings) are designed as they are to keep the same style as the original.

For EndMaster’s Prompt Contest 2

Letters Through the Veil

He told her he’d only be gone a week, but he never came home. After three weeks of nonstop worrying, a letter arrived.
Maxwell’s husband left on a business trip on June 1st. Since then, complication after complication has arisen to keep him from returning home to her.
She begins to suspect that he has others reasons than work to stay so far away… but those reasons may not be what she thinks.



My Possessions

This story is about Mammon, a promising young boy whose life gets cut short by his father. But for Mammon, this is not the end of the road; it is simply an unforeseen and abrupt turn.

Mammon awakens to find himself a ghost, and must decide what to with his afterlife.

Will he give in to the greed that plagued him in life? Will he use this opportunity to get revenge on those who caused him suffering? Or will he attempt to atone for his sins, now that he has a second chance?

The Gods are Angered

Your city has been living in utter denial of the existence of the gods of yore, and they are angry.
All of them.

As the chosen representative for your hometown, (chosen by the gods, of course) you must complete twelve labors mostly based off of stories from mythology or religious books.

Despite all the religion and spiritual lessons, not every path in this is family friendly. In fact, unless you immediately (or pretty near immediately) die, you'll be subjected to some kind of suggestive talk and most definitely some cussing - some of which could be offensive, so if that's not your thing, don't say I didn't warn you.

For EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest

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Hello all on 6/14/2024 2:26:57 PM

Sup man! Yes, writing is good. I should do more of that. The vibe here is impeccable, incomparable- I would highly suggest sticking around.

Anyway, hi welcome to the site!! If you've got any questions feel free to ask, you may get called dumb but you'll also get an answer (usually)

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Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 3/1/2024 9:33:44 AM

That's what I should've done 

Any Greek Mythology based games? on 3/1/2024 8:55:01 AM

It's unpublished and has issues, but here

Good Day, on 2/27/2024 3:56:52 PM

This is funnier when I look at it like you're replying to a letter, with the subject box as the salutation:

Good day, 

  Everyone died sorry

Hello there! on 2/16/2024 10:26:50 AM

Or maybe this one!

Hello there! on 2/16/2024 8:57:36 AM

I'd love to try to help... if I was provided a description...

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/15/2024 10:28:05 AM

Private Game for Natalie

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No problem! Glad I could help (: