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"She already shows a lot of promise and has the right attitude... I'll just adopt TCat." - EndMaster, 28 March 2023, 9:05 PM EST.

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Two legends. Two children. The winding of fate.

Entry to Mizal's contest of the Damned and the Shamed.


Miriam, sister to Moses, Prophetess.

An entry for EndMaster's Myth and Religion contest.


They killed her, and they'll pay.

An entry for Mizal's Gone Fishin' Contest.


One little girl trying to survive in a twisted world.

There are six epilogues and many death endings. If you want an answer to every question posed, you will need to find all of them.

An entry for EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2.

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Future CYS Game Sign Up on 6/10/2024 8:21:09 PM

I would like to enlist for Fallen Land, please.

If there are already too many people signed up, I'd be happy with any other game as well.

Press B to Bork Respects on 5/27/2024 6:05:43 PM


End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 4/1/2024 10:45:30 PM

I have nothing to publish. Into the shame pit I go. 

I'm very sorry that I let you down, End. I did try. But it's exam season and I'm tired.

Secret Hitler - Game thread on 1/17/2024 10:32:28 AM

Freidrich casts a mildly annoyed glare in the direction of all the politicians, who seem insistent on making him do actual work. "If you truly must know, I was handed one liberal policy and two fascist. I removed one fascist before sending it over to Frau Merkel."

His reasoning for nominating Frau Merkel is that she'd been rather nice to him on a few occasions prior to the meeting and also he'd forgotten everyone else's names.

Secret Hitler - Election cycle 6 on 1/9/2024 3:05:02 PM

Friedrich vaguely shakes his head in the direction of in Frau Merkel in an attempt to get her to leave him alone, which the rest of the politicians interpret as her being selected chancellor.

@fresh_out_the_oven has been chosen as chancellor.

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 1/8/2024 11:58:25 AM

One free commendation, please.

I enjoyed my gift. I'll attempt to set the picture to my storygame cover once I figure out the HTML for that. Thanks, Darius.

Secret Hitler - secret Hitler round 5 on 1/6/2024 3:06:36 PM

Freidrich votes aye, for the sole reason that he enjoys holding controversial opinions and he feels it would be vaguely amusing to have a fascist takeover of Germany.

Obligatory Thanksgiving thread on 1/1/2024 3:01:01 AM

The turkey did not cause food poisoning and vaguely bordered the realm of edible, and I wasn't forced to interact with anyone, so I would consider the task a success.

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 1/1/2024 12:18:14 AM

Number 31 for me, please.

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 12/24/2023 1:56:05 AM

I'd like to join, this site is the only place in which I have a social life.