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It was quiet Wednesday, just like every other Wednesday, when you jumped out of nowhere and shouted "on this 6th day of April in the year 2022, I challenge you, cysid, to a duel of Rock Paper Scissors!"

In response to the challenge, cysid bravely accepted and began the battle. you, the challenger, chose Paper, while cysid, the defender, chose Rock. As you expected, the challenger prevailed. cysid lost the match, forfeiting a good 4 points.



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First attempt at a storygame to learn the how the editor works.

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Another Fucktard on 5/13/2022 10:32:53 AM

Well, yeah, I agree.  You would think something would click one of these times.

But it's still funny to laugh at stupid people. (or to translate for the next stupid alt "funneee to laff at stooopid peple")

Another Fucktard on 5/13/2022 10:06:09 AM

I must be bored because I am finding it slightly amusing to watch the mods play "whack-a-mole" with the alts.

Another Fucktard on 5/13/2022 9:39:23 AM

It would seem "smoothtalker" isn't very smooth.  I would expect someone with a username like that to have a much better grasp of language in general.

Royal Fucktard on 5/11/2022 11:11:00 PM

At the moment I am curious as to how one might go about killing themselves with a bugged smartphone.  Also, is it necessary for the smartphone to be bugged, or would a non-bugged smartphone be just as effective?

Badges? on 5/4/2022 11:23:43 AM

Badges?? We don't need no stinking badges!

Oh sorry, did I say that out loud... just couldn't help myself.

Im new, so don't know of any other end of game badges.  Looks like you got a collection started though.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/23/2022 2:34:37 PM

Will do! Also, when I have time over the next few days I will leave a review also.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 4:09:50 PM

On this last playthrough, In the sanctum, the cabinet option is dimmed out.  It still opens after using the detect magic spell, but is dimmed initially upon entry.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 4:05:25 PM

Playtest Scores:


Strength(-1), Constitution(3), Precision(-1), Agility(-1), Charisma(-1), Will(1), Intellect(3), Perception(1), Health(35 / 36), Mana(9 / 20)

Adventurer(1), Rogue(104 / 145), Mage(144 / 140), Ranger(47 / 45), Bard(65 / 160), Necromancer(16 / 10)

Arrak(0), Thoed(0), Daiel(0), Qin(0), Morrivik(2)

Fireball(0), Phasing(5), Stone to Flesh(4), Blink(0), Speed(1), Ghostly Energy(0), Healing(0), Fortitude(1), Arcane Ward(0), Spider Climb(1), Unlock(1), Gust of wind(0), Keen Eyesight(0), Detect Magic(1), Invisibility(0), Speak Language(1), Psychic Attack(1)

Bones(4), Crystal(0), Fan(1), Fish scales(3), Fire beetle glands(3), Glass(2), Keys(1), Moss(5), Moth(0), Shadow scale(0), Ash(8), Webs(5), Coffee(2), Gem dust(0), Honey(4), Ooze(1), Scorpion poison(2)

Investigate(24), Dagger(26)

Orcish(6), Healing(0), Sparkling(0)

Completion(43 / 52)

HEALTH is 35.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 3:57:48 PM

Finally, Dark Disciple complete. So have now tested all endings.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 3:18:47 PM

Well, during playtesting over the past couple days I have tried poisoning lots of things, but not the fish. 

It is a bit Ironic that "Yummyfood" tried to poison fish though.

I have unlocked Epilogue 11 - but I will finish the dungeon before submitting scores on this last one.