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I'm your average neighborhood writer and a sucker for shitty generic fantasy works.  I draw a bit too, nothing über fancy, so if you have any requests, you just have to sweet-talk me into it. Write me a whole stanza about how awesome you are or something.

Status: Alive and cursing myself why I've taken up such a big writing project.

Hobbies: crying about Berserk (read the last chapter, Miura breaks my heart again), reading trashy fanfiction and searching for even trashier Isekai.


Project reaching for home currently being put onto hold. 

Currently writing little witch's potion shop; The bones are kinda finished now, the meat ehh... give it a few more decades. You know fuck it, I make a progress meter again in my own fucking profile to hold myself accountable, because my Dutch ass can only be fuelled though public shame. I will continue to update stuff as I go. (I will be working with word counts in arcs, as my computer will crash when it does anything more than that.)

10/16: Oh I've forgotten to write an update. Little mage's potion shop has cracked the 200 pages as I've now discovered. I feel a bit depressed looking at how much time I've spent on this work haha. I'm honestly getting a bit tired from writing arc 5 for so long, it will probably exceed 40.000 words soonish. That's the length of a novella for a single conversation. I wonder how long the next few arcs will be; I'm only hoping that little mage's potion shop will not exceed 200.000 words, but I cannot promise anything right now. 

Progress chart 2! 6 arcs to GOGOGO
9/25 Arc 5: 25.463 words
9/26 Arc 5: 26.644 words
9/27 SHAME
9/28 Arc 5: 27.123 words
9/29 Arc 5: 27.389 words
9/30 SHAME
10/1 SHAME
10/2-10/5 SHAME
10/16 Arc 5: 31.000 words

Some of my thoughts: 

Some ideas I have for shorter projects after little witch potion shop: murder mystery in the shape of the party game werewolves, incest horror island with an insanity meter, a time looping mcdonalds worker having to deal with a Karen and a guy desperately trying to ask a girl out in a bus. Oh and I want to one day dethrone the brony by getting a fanfiction story featured; thought about a fma fanfic about a soldier from amestris experiencing the war of Ishval. I think that I want to go for a shorter story before jumping into "reaching for home" again. (I have planned to do a short Karen time travel game next! Then we will go back to the plague story, then we will do the incest murder island or the werewolf story. At last perhaps the fma fanfic. Killing the brony can wait.) 

I've reached peak level degeneracy as I've read every damn thing of the romance genre; yes, even the fetish fuel called Wheeler and Brandt (Don't look it up unless you want some achievement or something. It makes my skin crawl by the thought that someone can stomach writing and publishing that thing with no hint of SHAME. The author probably has a box of tissues while he was penning down the paragraphs of awful shlock.) 

Look, perhaps I'm complaining a little, but let me summarize what the romance stories generally have to offer in terms of themes and ideas in case you want to write your own romance story!

> The obligatory 'My girlfriend is sick and then DEAD and now I'm SAD."

> I have to find a DATE to some fucking PROM/ Have to find a suitor before I become an old maid.... :(((

> dead lesbians/gay men (the only good one of that type is inseparable, the other ones are trash.)

> I'm sad and DEpREssed, but there is that one girl that SPiCes up my life and NoW my DEpREssion is CURED. (Look up manic pixy dream girl)

> My childhood friend is MIRACULOUSLY in love with me, even though I'm a CARDBOARD CUTOUT. (Can be combined with the sick girlfriend story)

And I've almost completed my quest in conquering the fantasy corner. The only work left is the last installment of the Magellan series. It will be cool if I get that review trophy one day, gotta collect all the trophies!  

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Featured Story Little mage's potion shop (and the curious adventures surrounding it)

Running a Potion Shop Has Never Been This Exciting!

The country of Riverrock had just discovered a brand new continent called Foundland. Settlers and hopeful souls flock to the promised land. One of them is the young mage Lise and her accomplished teacher. They set up a potion shop, build a house and decorated half of it. All things were fine and dandy till her teacher decided to fuck off and go on his own adventure. Now she has to run it on her own. 

This story is basically a mix between soothing slice-of-life activities,attempts at comedy and dark undertones. It will have two main endings and five side-endings. (for people who have trouble finding the mini arcs, please select this white space: herbs, study, potion, entrance.) More mini-arcs and extra content will soon be added. If you have any trouble getting a particular ending, feel free to message me. 

Entry for Endmaster's manifest destiny contest. 


Reaching for home

Gerden, capital of Marenostrum and the shiny beacon of factories and innovation is seized by an unknown plague. People are dying and the ruling parliament is getting restless. You, a promising doctor and doting father of a precocious son, are assigned to eradicate this threat once and for all. However, this task does not come easy as the priorities of the different factions of the parliament clash with the needs of the poor and your need to keep your son and yourself safe.

Variable testing site

Me learning to script! Woohoo!

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Hello, I'm Opy! on 10/24/2021 7:45:51 AM

Welcome! It seems that you have shown a lot of enthusiasm which is always a good trait to have. I'll try to answer a couple of them, but other more experienced people can add to it as well.

Does an Albion CYOA game sound appealing to y'all or am I wasting my time?

  • No idea what "Albion" is, but a hero's journey and a bit of world building always sounds pretty good to me. Go ahead and make it.

Are there any general rules I should follow when it comes to writing fan fiction?

  • Since this site is not entirely dedicated to fanfiction, it is best to assume that a person hasn' t played, read or seen the work your story is based on. Thus, you need to make sure that a person who isn't familiar with the source material, can read the story without being entirely confused of what's happening. Thus, proper setting explanation, character building and a little exposition is strongly advised. 
  • Make sure to do proper research and study the source material carefully if you want to adhere to the 'canon'. For example, if you want to make a story game about the book 1984, you have to be aware that while telescreens are pretty much everywhere in the houses of the middle class, I highly doubt that the government would bother to install this fancy ass equipment in the shitty houses of the proles who seemed to enjoy relatively a lot more freedom in exchange for remaining ignorant and living in squalor. Little details like these count. 
  • Like any sequels, prequels or fanfiction, analyse the original story and carefully think what makes this story so good. What are the themes of it, what makes it so appealing to you? Then take these elements and expand on it. These characters and this world are not your own, so better make sure that at least you have something more to tell than rehashing the same threaded points of the original plot. We don't need to read your avatar fanfic if it's about an avatar named Paang who has to defeat the imperialistic firelord Pozai.  

Why aren't there many fan-fiction games on this website?

  • Because people on this site are not really interested in fanfiction. It's all about supply and demand haha. To be honest, most fanfiction here is pretty subpar/low-quality compared to the original stories. Then there's the difficulty in adapting a linear story into a story game; its pretty hard to pull that off well. It's easier to start from scratch and make full use of what this medium is capable of than trying to wack another story into submission. 

Any tips or suggestions for first time story game creators?

  • Well, you've already done it since you've read Necromancer, but read a few highly rated story games on the site and read the reviews of them as well. Then read some very low rated stories. Compare them and note the differences. I'm sure you'll spot a pattern.
  • Read some of the articles on the "help and info" page. Lots of people point to Gower's guide on how to punctuate stuff like dialogue. There are also some writing tips, general grammar rules and how to work with the advanced editor. 
  •  Don't forget to proofread. At least read your story twice to fish out any spelling mistakes before publishing something, but I hope that that's common knowledge for everyone. 
  • If you aren't completely sure about your own writing skills, try to write a short story and post it on the writer's workshop section of the forum. It's a fun exercise and a nice learning experience. Plenty of people will give you thoughtful critique.

Is there anyway I can test the game first before publishing it?

  • Yup, just toggle on the settings of your story game into sneak peak mode and you see it on your profile page. Others can see your story as well, so some people also use this method to get some feedback from others. If you don't want others to see your work, you can just click on "my stuff', then 'story games' to see the list of all your created stories and click on the name to playtest it yourself.

What elements should I implement in this game?

  • As little or as much as you would like. The current meta is that most people don't really bother with stats or variables or anything that requires scripting or coding and will focus more on the 'story' aspect than the 'game' aspect. To summarize, the average reader here cannot care any less about game mechanics and stuff. They will easily be satisfied with a good story that contains at least a bit of branching and meaningful choices.

Basically, what are things you wish you would've done or knew before you started your first project?

  • Story games, unlike regular novels, can quickly spiral out of control in regards to word count. If you want three main branches, then you practically have to write three short stories. So don't underestimate how long you will keep working on one single story, prepare to waste at least a couple of precious hours mindlessly typing and staring at your screen. Yeah, I had once planned to write 40.000 words, then it ended up double the length. 
  • Plan the outline and any big story branches beforehand. It will take a little bit more time, but it will really speed up the writing process and it will make sure that your story stays focused and manageable. 
  • If you write a completely new fantasy world, god, make sure that all of the necessary world building details, like currency, language and geography, is compiled into one document. It once took me a half hour to look up how much a certain coin was worth in my story, because I was too lazy to note that somewhere down. Then a lot of time was spent fishing out minor inconsistencies regarding the names of certain cities, which could have been avoided if I had a more detailed masterpage of the lore of my made-up fantasy land. 

Other fun stuff to shift through:

  • If you cannot bother to read the articles about writing, Will11 has this 'lil fun story illustrating the regular pitfalls of writers. I came across it one day and it really cracked me up. Plus it's pretty informative too! LINK
  • I've also taken a peak on your profile and I've seen that you have only read the good stuff. So may I suggest this little gem if you want to see one particularly bad example of writing: Gay and depressed. There's also the Jojo story, but it's a bit too cold-hearted even for me to rip on a unpublished work.

I hope that this write-up will help a little. 

Seasons of Life poem on 10/21/2021 8:12:29 AM

Looking at these larpers yelling at a wall

Cystians resisted laughing at this foolish brawl


Enterpride, a knight of much renown,

Had relapsed again, became the wanker of the town.

Soy no more, a motherfucker, literally

Had repaved the road of true degeneracy with a motherly bigamy.


Each of them, useless cucks of little moral worth,

Couldn't even make the words go rhyming, alas

Please release their bodies to the sky and out of earth

For a iambic meter might be too hard for them to grasp. 

Corgi vs Fem - Vote! on 10/13/2021 8:48:15 AM

Well, I already had gotten the hunch that the second story was Corgi's based on the writing style. Like in his work 'The Last Chieftain', Corgi kinda likes to write extremely short paragraphs with tons of dialogue while in Femalewolverine's previous story, the paragraphs are pretty condensed and the story makes frequent use of timeskips and 'telling'. While the difference is not as apparent as in the first duel, only a lazy twat wouldn't immediately recognize which work is written by whom. 

Corgi vs Fem - Vote! on 10/12/2021 7:09:38 PM

You did not disappoint me, Mizal haha. Both stories make me laugh for completely different reasons. The first story has such a ridiculous plot coupled with occasional typos and oddly phrased sentences that it caused me to heartily chuckle. The second story does it with its amusing description and overall concept.

As for my enjoyment and especially overall readability, I have to place my vote on the second story! It's revengeance for me!

Corgi vs Fem - Round 2 on 10/12/2021 3:46:34 PM

I'm dying to see two preschoolers verbally fight each other with little pencils.

Sentinel's Meme Museum on 10/11/2021 4:13:04 PM

I don't feel that this shitpost deserves its own thread, so I'll post it here. During a wikipedia tour an Endmaster was spotted in the wild with a dragon. 

Corgi vs Fem - Round 2 on 10/8/2021 7:05:47 PM

Trashtalking in its finest form is a way to overcompensate  for something else. As for Corgi I will leave it to his writing to reveal that in due time. /s

Corgi vs Fem - Round 2 on 10/8/2021 4:33:16 AM

The theme is so fitting for some reason.

New here? Just the FAQS. on 10/5/2021 8:16:53 AM

Nice write-up! It would be njce if someone can pin this post down, otherwise it might get buried after a few months.

Ideas for Stories? on 9/29/2021 9:53:18 AM

And with the power of friendship, he saves the day. He also gets to marry the girl and they get two children, but you will only see that in the epilogue.