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I'm your average neighborhood writer and a sucker for shitty generic fantasy works.  I draw a bit too, nothing über fancy, so if you have any requests, you just have to sweet-talk me into it. Write me a whole stanza about how awesome you are or something.

Status: Alive and cursing myself why I've taken up such a big writing project.

Hobbies: crying about Berserk, reading Mushoku Tensei (I have gobbled up 19 volumes of it, I'm surprised that I like it that much), reading trashy fanfiction and searching for even trashier Isekai.


Fuck this all, I'm writing a new update thread that no one will read anyways. One chapter is finished. Chapter 2 is still in perpetual drafting mode and the flashback arc is making its way to be finally finished. That monster is 28.000 words (50 word pages) and we haven't reached the ultimate climax yet. The reason why it became so long was because I added some new characters in and I also added some routes you can take. It's still one of the more linear chapters. I still hate writing romance. No matter what I do, everytime I write I make them have some stupid fight again and again. Sometimes I just want to scream at the main character and the love interest: "fucking kiss and make up already". Alas, is this how relationships are supposed to work? I also might have added in some homoerotic subtext. I hate myself.

Most of the characters are based on some real twats and some characters I have seen in other stories. With the three politicians, we have the neurotic paranoid twitchy abolitionist, the boisterous, child-loving, racist monarchist and finally a manipulative, cold-hearted imperialist. They are quite an endearing bunch. My favorite one is now the imperialist. Yeah, one of my most beloved villain is Griffith, what an incredible selfish rotten prick he was, a prickly prick that will bury us all. 

Okay the total length of this monster is 60.000 words. The next milestone would be 100.000. I hope that I'll eventually reach it. I'm getting way too invested in the characters to drop this whole project.

I had calculated it again, if 1 finished chapter and 2 half-finished chapters are 60.000 words long, then we technically have 2 chapters. The total story has 10 chapters. So based on the calculations it will be 300.000 words long. So that's even more work and me crying about it. 

Some of my thoughts: 

I'm actually now on a quest to read all the stories in the fantasy category. Damn, it's saturated as heck. It was also nostalgic to read some of the older ones. I now have plowed through some short stories. Most of them are not that great. Luckily still no dragon stories.

There was another dragon story. Why do people on this site like dragon stories that much? 

I've concluded that most of these writers are indeed furry larpers, there's no other deniability.

I finally read rogues. To be honest, my favorite work of endmaster is still the Innkeeper haha. Call me boring, but I just love the mundanity of it. I like reading about the lives of normal human beings with no ties to royalty or any high status. 

I also have the same attitude about history. As I grew older and older, I realized that I didn't care much about the battles, the wars, the "great men of history" such as generals, kings, nobility and politicians anymore. The most interesting part of history is just learning how normal people like you and me lived their lives. I want to know what types of clothes they wear, what they eat, what their childhood is like.

Perhaps this was the reason why I have so many side characters who are just normal people with shit paying jobs. It's kind of ironic that I went on to create a story with its main focus placed on petty political squabble and a protagonist being in a rather privileged position haha. 

I think that my next project would be smaller next time with more likable characters. I was thinking of a real medieval high fantasy setting with magic, elves and all that jazz, but that the sole focus of the story would be placed on a young witch who is running a potion shop, because her former teacher decided to spend his last days being an adventurer and slaying a dragon of some sorts. The whole setting and tone would be much more light hearted and slice of life. Perhaps this would soothe my aching broken heart after I finished this depressing piece of mine. 

Sikes, I had made it dark again


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Little mage's potion shop (and the curious adventures surrounding it)

Entry for Endmaster's manifest destiny contest. 

Manifest destiny and the conquering of native lands in the eyes of a simple mage running a potion shop after her teacher decided to fuck off and become an adventurer and is set in the last frontier of a newly discovered continent  

This story is basically a mix between soothing slice-of-life activities with dark fantasy undertones. 


Reaching for home

Gerden, capital of Marenostrum and the shiny beacon of factories and innovation is seized by an unknown plague. People are dying and the ruling parliament is getting restless. You, a promising doctor and doting father of a precocious son, are assigned to eradicate this threat once and for all. However, this task does not come easy as the priorities of the different factions of the parliament clash with the needs of the poor and your need to keep your son and yourself safe.

Variable testing site

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End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest on 7/26/2021 5:06:52 PM

For some reason I smell the american bias in this post though this time I will let it slide. It would indeed be an embarassement if an American would lose a manifest destiny themed contest cough...cough.

Project Red Storm: The Martian Genocide on 7/23/2021 11:46:32 AM

Oh this is for the manifest destiny contest right? Which category will you be writing in? Sci-fi? If so, them that's really cool! My mind always draws a blank if I was asked to cook up ideas for a sci-fi story. Never had a true passion  for the genre.

A few questions have sprung into my mind. Hehe, let's see if I can pry some information out of you.

the protagonist

To start of with something simple, what kind of powers does she have? Why does she have those powers? How did the government come to know that she had special powers?

I can imagine that if her powers were that powerful that the government would be use her as a living breathing atom bomb. If she is a child according to your description, I could imagine that she has a lot of pent-up emotional problems or trauma. Perhaps you could play with that.

the rebellion and planning

Why are the rebels fighting anyways? Is it because of a rising feeling of nationalism amongst the martians or is it due to other reasons. Most of the time most rebels actually hate each other. They are just like any political party. A lot of people bickering with many different viewpoints and personal goals. The only thing that keeps them together is their mutual hatred of the ruling government. 

You can see this in many revolutions in the past. The most famous example might be the russian revolution where people had overthrown the czar. Amongst the group of rebels were not only communists, but also socialists, liberals, soldiers and even a few members of the nobility. After the czar was overthrown the different factions went on to kill each other in another civil war.

Oh I saw the word genocide pop into the title of your thread. If you want to have something more akin to a one-sided fight, you might want to look at the louisiana slave revolt. If you read into the records or the wikipedia article, you can get some really interesting ideas out of it. Atun-shei also has made a pretty good youtube video about it if you are not much of a reader. I do have to warn you that stuff gets pretty graphic; decapitated heads and stuff.


You said the background is a little complicated and that you planned to have it be around 15.000 words with four endings, so I have to give you a little warning beforehand. 

15.000 words will probably not be enough to tell such a story well, especially with an elaborate background story and four endings. I came to find this out when I started to write my own stuff. Proper characterisation is hard to do with 15.000 words. It sounds like a lot, but you will notice that you quickly burn through it.

I suggest that you either make the scope smaller (instead of dealing with a full rebellion, make the story about a battle or a mission with the rebellion as a nice backdrop) or just plan to write a little more words or you have to rush some parts.


This is all what I have to say. I look forward to your story!

A Good Disney Reebot on 7/20/2021 12:27:18 PM

Ah, I love that this was the standard for "family friendly" in the time when these fairytales were written down.

What would even be the moral of that story? Please don't prick yourself on a spinning wheel or otherwise you will find yourself with three children and a creepy ass dude.

I'm also pretty sure that the princess woke up, because one of her children was suckling on her breast, which isn't any better. 

End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest on 7/20/2021 3:59:50 AM

I'll have now sieged this comment as my personal log for my progress. I'm conquering the grimdark section. (I know, I know, most of the submitted works are lowkey masterpieces, but I want to just try my hand at it. It's hard. I still want to write a story that I would like to read; you know a thing where I will cry my tears out.)

I've finished with my outline (4 pages) and have begun to write the opening scenes. The basic concept of my story is a manifest destiny, grimdark fantasy, slice-of-life story featuring a young mage opening a potion shop in the final frontier of a newly discovered continent. Initially this idea was supposed to be my second project and was supposed to be less dark and more wholesome. Then I thought that mundane horror and a darker setting would make a nice contrast to the rather mundane job of the protagonist. Perhaps I should go a little ham with the more gorey scenes. 

The story itself is pretty episodic (one opening, a maximum of 9 playable segments, three endings) so if I will run out of time, I can get rid of some less important scenes. I'm also thinking of drawing a small map of the shop. 

This time I will promise myself to not underestimate the length again. I will not make this concept massive again. Keep it small, keep it sweet. 60.000 is my max! 


7/20 This day I have managed to write 2800 words, not too shabby as I say so myself. The prologue is finished! Hehe and the map too.

7/21 I'm now at 7000 words. God, I have now begun to write the first segment. I feel so bad for writing it. It's just plain old suffering again. Set priorities Darius, make it sad Darius. Yes, I will make it sad. I normally write about 500 words a day, but now I have to up my writing speed a little. 

7/22 9300 words. The first segment is almost finished. Haha, if I keep this pace I will perhaps have the chance to add all of the segments I had planned. This one is particularly sad. Hope that it is dark enough, I tend to shy away from darker stuff hmm...

7/23 13444 words. I have passed the first threshold. The first segment is finished. I will now have to set up some priorities. I want to get all the room descriptions done and at least 2 more story arcs before I will write an ending. I have to get a feel of the character's first. One with a soldier's perspective and one about the natives. Then, hmmm... I will start with the chapters that I found the most violent and interesting before writing the chapters which are little bit more tame and wholesome. Yeah, let's do that. That chapter was 7000 words and was also pretty long, so if I kept at it, the middle would be 63000 words. Aargh, why do I always do this to myself. No, I still want to write this. The magic system is just way too fun to play with. 

7/24: 15649 words. Things slowed down a little bit. Perhaps I will write a bit more later. It's just a little hard to pick which stories I definitely want to use, considering we have 8 unique stories yet to cover. Maybe I should make some of them a tad bit shorter. I just added some more room description to add to the feeling that it is still a living breathing world. It's kind of funny that it has many elements of an open world. In future installments I can always add more stuff in here to do, but now I'm working with time constraints. I'll be working on the second segment. If I have finished the third segment, I'll write the ending and climax. I'll proofread the bunch and program the foundation into the website. Then I'll add the other story segments if I have still time left. 

7/25: 19121 words. I planned to finish the second segment this day, but I think I will leave some parts for tomorrow. I frequently thought how I could make this section a little more interesting. Because I still want to be responsible with my writing regarding these sensitive topics, it was a very difficult to decide how to portray the natives in the story. I know, it's a fantasy world and people should not draw allegories out of them if there aren't any. Still, I don't want the main moral of the story to be that slaughtering a whole group of people is remotely fun. I could just write mindless propaganda or a rambo story if I want to, but I wanted to write something more human I guess,   

Conflicts between different groups of people are always bound to happen. These conflicts usually end pretty bloody, especially when the one group has more advanced technology than the other one. It was not a fair battle and to say so otherwise would be delusional. However it was a delicate balance in showing their violence and at the same time not implying that they are heartless savages. I wanted to make both sides in the story sympathetic. Even though the soldier in the story is an absolute scumbag considering that he ate their children and shot a few of them, he still has a family back home and dreams of his own. It's just a very unfortunate sequence of circumstances. The third story will be in the eyes of one of the natives. This one will be not as bloody as this one.  

7/26: 22.000 words typed out. I'm pretty emotionally drained, I had accidentally written a sexual assault scene, yeah, I know. Then when I read through it, it was too graphic so I had to tone it down. My wrists kind of hurt a bit, but that section was finally finished. Tomorrow I will begin the third section. I will be free at last. Haha, nope because I have to finish four room descriptions and write out the ending before I have to proofread all of it. Half of it will probably be gibberish, but we will see. This time I want to write something where not all of the choices lead to a bloodbath. I know, I know, it's grimdark, but I can psychologically only manage a so much of gore and guts before I get disgusted with myself. Section two was 7627 words if you're curious, section one was 7972 words. I concluded that this would be comfortable amount 7000-8000. Not too long to drive me into misery, but also not too short to give some characters much needed characterization. I think that my next story will focus on one of the children of the natives. You know, I had just shown powerful warriors, so we need to sprinkle in some children to humanize them a little more. I think the endings of that story will remain rather wholesome. 

7/27 I'm actually quite scared that I will not finish my story in time. AAAARRGGHHH, the worry. I don't want to be on the SHAME list. 

End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest on 7/20/2021 3:59:34 AM

Haha, Just when I thought about it. I''m in!

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/19/2021 1:58:28 PM

I honestly thought that more entries would be submitted, but this was surprisingly manageable. All things considered, now I really have a lingering itch to join the next contest haha. Whatever the theme is, count me in. My monkey brain still says that a shiny trophy would be nice. SHINY.

A Good Disney Reebot on 7/19/2021 7:43:58 AM

In the original movie, Alladin is 18, Jasmine was 16. It's not too bad. 

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/17/2021 2:51:05 PM


---------------------- MESSAGE INCOMING -------------------------

Dear members of CYStia,

Joyous news will be shared to all of the denizens in this mesmerizing summer day. Blood, sweat and tears were felt throughout the whole world as the competitors for the neon-lit throne rolled up their sleeves and sharpened their laser swords for the upcoming battle. Many warriors of the written word have fallen during the bloody two month long war, their bodies buried in the pits of shame, but many old and new talents have persevered and risen out of the ashes. Six entries have been submitted as offerings, though only one will be crowned as the king of the cyberpunk contest.

After many days of deliberation and binge reading, we are glad to announce Wizzycat has beaten all the other candidates and taken it duly earned title as the winner of the CYBERPUNK 2021 contest. Wizzycat’s story “FAILsafe” has the vibe and the attitude, the wittiness and a well-written visceral torture scene as one of the judges had described to me. It’s a solid work and a great read overall. Give it a look if you haven’t had the time to.


If you are also curious about my individual commentary of the other stories and my trash taste in general, you can find it in this little section. I’m overjoyed that no one had dared to insert ponies or their original anthropomorphic animals into their works.   

Engineered desires by fluttershypegasus: It’s a little bare bones, probably due to the time constraints. With a bit of polish and some proofreading, it would be a enjoyable short story. I would say that I would like to know more about the two factions before I have to make such an important choice.

A Metric Measurment of Death by DerPrussen: The sentences and story were easy to follow which is always something that should be praised. However like engineered desires, I smell some cut corners. Many scissor snipping noises have been heard while I breezed through it.  

Gig: blast damage days by Zardoz: There was some effort shown though like the entries above, it just feels not entirely complete.

Sylicon Lipstic by poison_mara: An overall good read. I also like the torture scenes. However, it took some time for me to get used to the prose due to its gratuitous use of questionable word choices and metaphors.

KRYSIS by Cromwell: I genuinely thought that you had written a whole epic, though some people have pointed out that half of it was copy pasted. I felt a little betrayed after finding this. However, I still want to compliment you for writing about the types of food people eat in your setting and the open world style beginning.


And so, the CYBERPUNK 2021 contest run by a deranged degenerate Dutch noob has officially ended. Thank you again all for your enthusiasm and hard work.

Enterpride and Malk had really helped me in the judging process. Their experience and support had really made my day. If something about the contest organization should warrant an applause it would be these two wonderful folks.

Rejoice or whine about the results denizens!

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/15/2021 5:27:47 PM

Holy shit  this is so cool! So you're also planning to install mini games. This a hell of a big project you're working on, looking forward seeing this finished

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/14/2021 3:11:41 AM

If it's not finished, you can just put it on sneak peak mode and post a link of it if you want to.