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Well Darius is Dutch, probably a futile hope for him to become more manly"- DB

"Darius, you degenerate scum." -Ford

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I only have to read 80 stories to make the trophy shiny. The bad news is that at least 20 are sci Fi stories.

Stuff I've written (from oldest to newest)

Little mage's potion shop Open map fantasy colony shenanigans 
One story please Short fantasy story
It's a boy Werewolf horror story based on Little Red Riding Hood
Gay old time Modern supernatural stuff
The Duke of Winslow Open map horror story, most gamey one I've made
Saint Joris A dragon story

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Gay Old Time

Time Travel Shenanigans and More

Have a nice awkward talk with your boyfriend in the hospital.

It's written using mostly dialogue.There are a total of six "official endings". One tip to find all six of them is this: Never press the go back button. The game will remember things you've done in the past.  

Thank you Endmaster for giving me permission to publish this. Here's the Link to that lovely little Convo. Remnants of the old title are seen in the cover.

Also the contest entry to the Endmaster's second prompt Contest

Featured Story It's a Boy!

Romancing a Werewolf Has Never Been This Family Friendly!

Since there were no little girls left to be sacrificed to the great wolf, the young lad Rufi was sent instead. However, he will not be killed this quickly as he vows to kill the wolf with his own two hands in order to avenge his sister and the other girls.

A spin of the classical tale of Red Riding Hood and inspired by the CYS romance corner and Bucky's contest prompt. "Breathe fresh live into the tale of Little Red Riding Hood." It's written in the cave-of-time style. "It's a Boy" contains a total of 19 endings, good luck finding them all! 

Extra warning: The assigned 7/8 maturity rating was not a mistake. Be warned of some very explicit scenes. Go in with caution. 

Featured Story Little mage's potion shop (and the curious adventures surrounding it)

Running a Potion Shop Has Never Been This Exciting!

The country of Riverrock had just discovered a brand new continent called Foundland. Settlers and hopeful souls flock to the promised land. One of them is the young mage Lise and her accomplished teacher. They set up a potion shop, build a house and decorated half of it. All things were fine and dandy till her teacher decided to fuck off and go on his own adventure. Now she has to run it on her own. 

This story is basically a mix between soothing slice-of-life activities,attempts at comedy and dark undertones. It will have two main endings and five side-endings. (for people who have trouble finding the mini arcs, please select this white space: herbs, study, potion, entrance.) More mini-arcs and extra content will soon be added. If you have any trouble getting a particular ending, feel free to message me. 

Entry for Endmaster's manifest destiny contest. 


One Story Please

What Happens When You Have Only This Many Minutes Left

A short story following the last king's final decision in a land on the cusp of the industrial revolution. There are 4 endings in total.

Submission for Corgi's Lord of the lands contest, a product of my sleep deprived mind and fever dreams

Edit: extra drawings added + one extra proofread 

Featured Story The Duke of Winslow

Going To Your Backwards Breeding Hometown Has Never Been This Interesting!


Dear young master,

You might not be bothered to read this letter as I'm very aware of your bullheaded character. Nevertheless, I've come to inform you that a dreadful curse has been placed in Winslow. Beasts of inscrutable sizes roam its streets. Even your father couldn't fight it as he had succumbed to this illness. Although your opinions might differ on this matter, Nikolai Percival had been a kind man of great character. His passing had shocked the entire village to their bones. The people are scared, lost what to do. I am aware that you expressed no intention into taking up your father's mantle, but the village needs a new leader, a new duke. I plead to you to at least finish his affairs before making any lasting decisions.


Oh help us all, the mother's milk, I hear the voices sing to me, the elder gods, their song. 

-Eduard Merrill


Play as a prickly prick and discover the grimy seaside town of Winslow. Similar to "little mage's potion shop", it's an open world setting with multiple locations to explore and puzzles to solve. There are a total of three endings! Guide and map included. 

(and yes, this was supposed to be the fishing story contest entry till I forgot that I was bad at copypasting and linking pages together.)

Fun fact: this storygame has 457 pages and 980 links. According to the site it's about average.

Edit June 11th: fixed the links of the light house, baker and beach area 




Variable testing site

Me learning to script! Woohoo!

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Sherbet's Guide To Being A Cat Pt. 3 on 11/29/2023 5:26:33 AM

How did it even get fatter? 

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/28/2023 10:05:06 AM

You know me too well

Sherbet's Guide To Being A Cat Pt. 2 on 11/28/2023 4:30:16 AM

Caught him on Tape

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/27/2023 10:07:01 PM

It's a bit complicated, but I used to read lots of Dutch novels through high school. Not a lot of authors I particularly liked or remembered. And later on, I wasn't really bothered with looking up who wrote what thing heh. Most of them are anonymous anyways.

Then there was a pretty long time before I read any "book" book, so not a lot of published novels. However I did read tons of badly machine translated webnovels in novelupdates. I guess that a lot of my plot points, tropes and ideas were very much shamelessly borrowed from them, but I like to think that I do my own fun spin on them. There's tons of very niche stuff and rehashings of rehashes of ideas in there. Very pulpy too. What I learned from them is that stories don't have to be very deep or original or even have fancy pancy prose to still be enjoyable. Heck, in certain moods, I still kinda like this slob.

How I structure my stories is if I think about it more reminiscent of long running novel series instead of individual (I tend to think in arcs that are separate on their own with an overarching narrative. You still see that in some novels, but this is a lot more prominent in webnovels that are supposed to run over hundreds of chapters).

One of the stand outs was definitely Ascendance of a Bookworm. Despite its very simple prose, it laid out a very intricate fantasy world and had some great foreshadowing too. Perhaps due to this series or beating my head when trying it puzzle a story with Google Translate, I kinda realized that I don't care much about prose as a reader, as long as it is clear and readable.

Also borrowed a few themes and stuff from horror visual novels, stand-outs are sweet pool and Song of Saya. From these visual novels, I did some digging and got into the works of Lovecraft and his other writing buddies. 

I've also read a sizeable amount of fanfiction and discovered more weird tropes and stuff. Plus it made me get into detective novels. That mostly meant the classics like Poirot or Holmes.

So in short, low brow pulpy stuff made me like reading books again (that are in their time considered to also be very low brow lol). Well, and I probably will pull inspiration from both.

Thunderdome 10: Suranna vs Lux vs ??? on 11/23/2023 3:20:11 PM

Congrats Darkspawn and others for voting!

And why do you want such a fight to happen. Since Dark is on a winning streak, shouldn't you put him against Enter, Petros or Tcat?

Thunderdome 10: Fresh vs Darius on 11/23/2023 3:12:30 PM

And I finally won after three defeats! 

Thunderdome 10: Fresh vs Darius on 11/23/2023 3:11:32 PM

Thanks for the write up and announcement and thank you Gryphon, Zake an Wizzy for being so thorough! Haha the reason why I had the dad not write any letters was to trick the reader into thinking he was dead and also to make Louise's smackdown more sympathetic and understandable, but I see now that it would make the dad a bit of a dick. I did like people theorizing that story B was written by a child lol due to it having a child pov lolol.

Fresh, I still don't why you wanted to duel me, but you did well! Was almost afraid I would lose to a teen girl.


Obligatory Thanksgiving thread on 11/22/2023 9:07:44 AM

Shamefull it is not, but I'll be eating sausage rolls (saucijzenbroodjes) and zongzhi. I haven't eaten them in a while.

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/21/2023 11:41:25 AM

I feel bad that there's not much response anymore even though the questions are becoming more interesting.


Well, as for the question, I thonk that the setting should serve the plot and its themes. Most people are not Tolkien and crafting super in dept worlds and languages and laguage histories. Life is too short for that stuff except if it's your hobby.


My favorite settings always involve very great integration of small scale worldbuilding into the story. It's where you exactly know what people do in their daily life depending on their occupation and status. What do they eat, what is socially acceptable to wear, how do people marry, what is taboo, how do they maintain personal hygiene? It,'s always such a bliss to read about these very small things instead of long windy explanation of some big war that happened 100 years ago. These are also the settings where it really feels lived in haha.


Where to find the balance? I think that you shouldn't leave things in if they dont serve the plot, the themes or the characters. However, it researching and thinking about your setting a little will certainly reward you in the long run! For a very in dept worldbuilding it is inevitable that you know more things about the world than your reader will ever come to find out by reading your story.


(For example; in a very big action set piece you will probably never really stop to explain the strict class hierarchy and segregation of your society. BUT For the undercover mission it will perhaps be a plot moment that your thieving main character will get discovered by his slight accent that is distinctive of his lower class origin. If sugar is a new trade product, then it is very likely that the current society doesn't have a lot of recipes and that it is reserved for rich people. In this kind of setting it would make a lot of sense if someone introduces and invents new recipes based on sugar that will wow people. If sugar was more estavlished, coming up with new innovative recipes will be a lot rarer.)



On-page scripting help? (noob) on 11/20/2023 9:20:51 PM

I assumed that he wanted to stick with that copy paste thingy. If he wants to do that then he really needs to cut some characters to lower the amount of variables/possible situations he needs to account for. Or he could go along with your suggestion (the better option imo)

Was contemplating to do kind of the same thing with one story till it turned out to be too troublesome.