The Duke of Winslow

A fantasy storygame by Darius_Conwright

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Going To Your Backwards Breeding Hometown Has Never Been This Interesting!


Dear young master,

You might not be bothered to read this letter as I'm very aware of your bullheaded character. Nevertheless, I've come to inform you that a dreadful curse has been placed in Winslow. Beasts of inscrutable sizes roam its streets. Even your father couldn't fight it as he had succumbed to this illness. Although your opinions might differ on this matter, Nikolai Percival had been a kind man of great character. His passing had shocked the entire village to their bones. The people are scared, lost what to do. I am aware that you expressed no intention into taking up your father's mantle, but the village needs a new leader, a new duke. I plead to you to at least finish his affairs before making any lasting decisions.


Oh help us all, the mother's milk, I hear the voices sing to me, the elder gods, their song. 

-Eduard Merrill


Play as a prickly prick and discover the grimy seaside town of Winslow. Similar to "little mage's potion shop", it's an open world setting with multiple locations to explore and puzzles to solve. There are a total of three endings! Guide and map included. 

(and yes, this was supposed to be the fishing story contest entry till I forgot that I was bad at copypasting and linking pages together.)

Fun fact: this storygame has 457 pages and 980 links. According to the site it's about average.

Edit June 11th: fixed the links of the light house, baker and beach area 

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