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I like to read and sometimes partake in some witchcraft here and there. Apples are also great, as they're good for consumption and being turned into juice, as well as various pastries. 


My name is Thara if you couldn't tell. A witch that was turned apple goddess by her own admission. I have a wealth of knowledge on silly things.

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A Tale of a White Lie


It all began with a harmless lie.


Update: A very big thanks to Sherbet is owed from me. I thanked him already, I think. However, it doesn’t hurt to really make sure that it's stated in this description of my story-game as well. He proofread so much and found the many, upon many typos that were littered in the game. Unfortunately, this is still something that was written by me. So there might still linger some weird prose and maybe even the odd typo. Not because of any fault of Sherbet's, because the proofreading was immaculate, imo. Despite that, I hope the experience is one that is enjoyable/entertaining at the end of the day. Thanks!

Author Notes:

This story is a contest entry for EndMaster's prompt contest. It shares the same world as Foolish Princess and might even follow many similar story beats. However this can be experienced in the vein of a standalone entry. None of the characters are shared and no mention of any events or characters in Foolish Princess is made. Matter of fact, this takes place many years before Foolish Princess chronologically.

Oh, be advised that this story tackles themes such as murder and genocide, crusading times and such. 

The Tale of the Foolish Princess

Family must die. With a kingdom in shambles, and a crown too heavy in the weight of both responsibility and sin, someone must acquiesce the throne. But what can one princess do?

Update: Taking ninjapitka's very helpful and wonderful comment in mind, I've went back to this story to iron out many of the typos that were present in the first publishing. So I want to thank him for basically allowing me to bring a hopefully improved story-game here for you all to experience. However, there still might be some that are present. If so, feel free to point them out in a comment or message me directly if you feel the want/need. In any case, I hope any potential enjoyment isn't too badly affected, and that this is something that can be found fun in some capacity. Thank you to ninjapitka again, and whoever reads this.

Update #2: The story-game is in the progress of being proofread and fixed up a bit. A special thank you to Tim36D for sitting down and giving me a list to follow for these corrections. 

Author Notes:

This story is a contest entry for EndMaster's Dark Fantasy Edge lord contest 2. I wouldn’t call the protagonist in this instance an edgelord, but the story does have some rather dark themes to say the least.

Foolish Princess has three endings that you can receive. There's one that is honesty pretty normal. One that can be considered the 'bad' ending. And there's a 'true' ending that can be reached as well. 

I hope you all enjoy it. 

The End-Game Link Pit.

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When I see people like this, I always think in the back of my mind:

"This is why abortion shouldn’t be made illegal anywhere."

This is a, this is why abortion shouldn’t be made illegal anywhere moment.

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I'm reading them while offline.

But I am a pretty fast reader irl. There were times in my youth that my teachers thought I couldn't possibly have already finished a chapter, or an assigned book before everyone else.

And then everyone clapped and cheered.

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A lot.

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It's okay.

People barely read or write anyway.

It's rarer to find someone that does both.

If someone wants to game the commendations, they're still doing 100% more work and effort than everyone else anyway, so maybe they deserve to reap the benefits.

Hmmm, actually with contests being a thing, everyone's writing a lot more than before, and the creative corner gets some use as well. It's more of the reading and barely/slowly rating things.

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Based, based, based, based, based!

It's so lame and faggy, almost CoG like to leave loyal site members in the dark on such prudent things. Now we know why Briar loses her trophy sometimes, things about commendations, story length, voting weight, what certain people can't get trophies apparently, etc.

Being the one that's constantly spit roasted in the middle in Cali orgies seems to make one gay in the lame way in terms of personality as well it appears.

Don't tell anyone, but you're my favorite. Just work on your crossing the street skills. 

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