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I like to read and sometimes partake in some witchcraft here and there. Apples are also great, as they're good for consumption and being turned into juice, as well as various pastries. 


My name is Thara if you couldn't tell. A witch that was turned apple goddess by her own admission. I have a wealth of knowledge on silly things.

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Featured Story The Tale of The Foolish Princess

Family must die. With a kingdom in shambles, and a crown too heavy in the weight of both responsibility and sin, someone must acquiesce the throne. But what can one princess do?

Update: Taking ninjapitka's very helpful and wonderful comment in mind, I've went back to this story to iron out many of the typos that were present in the first publishing. So I want to thank him for basically allowing me to bring a hopefully improved story-game here for you all to experience. However, there still might be some that are present. If so, feel free to point them out in a comment or message me directly if you feel the want/need. In any case, I hope any potential enjoyment isn't too badly affected, and that this is something that can be found fun in some capacity. Thank you to ninjapitka again, and whoever reads this.

Update #2: The story-game is in the progress of being proofread and fixed up a bit. A special thank you to Tim36D for sitting down and giving me a list to follow for these corrections. 

Author Notes:

This story is a contest entry for EndMaster's Dark Fantasy Edge lord contest 2. I wouldn’t call the protagonist in this instance an edgelord, but the story does have some rather dark themes to say the least.

Foolish Princess has three endings that you can receive. There's one that is honesty pretty normal. One that can be considered the 'bad' ending. And there's a 'true' ending that can be reached as well. 

I hope you all enjoy it. 

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& on 7/2/2021 4:36:25 PM

Man, I sure do hate being fooled. 

This particular entry has really spoken to me. 

Hopefully story Thara can fulfill her aspirations of not being tricked. Oh, and this was a pretty nice entry in my opinion. I mostly say that because it was once again about me, but there's a part of me that's being objective, so no worries.

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/7/2021 10:25:29 AM

Ah, yes, this post seems to have a syndrome of its own at play.

I think they call it Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

And I love being a nerd that makes mothers with dilapidated vaginas, and poor grammar, crack up. 

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/7/2021 8:39:24 AM

Well, there's grammatical issues. Some of the dialogue also makes me want to entertain the thought of punching whoever wrote it in the solar plexus. But that's just a matter of personal taste, I suppose. 

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 6/4/2021 7:25:52 PM

But he's just a 'placeholder' character to her. Despite living in her head rent free, to the point that she's writing about him and taking lines of things that he's written and adding them to her own story. 

Yup, just a placeholder alright. 

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 6/4/2021 6:36:47 PM

It was 3 for me when I've read Iphone-7, and then cutoff jeans. But then it spiraled into one when the seething at Ford began, and then it became a lolrandom story with CYS fanfic implications.

A total and complete lack of talent on 6/4/2021 6:20:43 PM


& on 6/4/2021 9:49:36 AM

Wow. that was all well paid off. I feel so flattered by Ford's surprisingly descriptive writing and world-building.

Now if only I had a head maid for reals. That would certainly make both life and my time on CYS easier, time-management wise. 

& on 6/3/2021 7:58:06 PM

Ah, yes, very intriguing and good. Is this setting something up? And no, I'm not just saying that because it's Thara-centric. 

Cyberpunk Contest: THE DAEMON on 5/31/2021 3:32:27 AM

But then the ant people would be alienated.


Well, the wrting's fine. There are minimal typos here and there. However, my main gripe would be that it feels like it's going down a grungy cyberpunk checklist. You have the unemployment and robots taking jobs, nowhere for the homeless to sleep without being killed off, due to the advent of technology being inherently anti-homeless apparently. There's the invasive and heavy advertisements in the character's cyber modfications. 


And this is like all on the first page? It just feels like the writing is trying a little too much to tell me that it's cyberpunk, without these elements just naturally being mentioned. Because I do feel it would feel more authentic if this story's going to be in a first person perspective? Like this would just be everyday things for the main character that he wouldn’t feel the need to explain the purpose of? Well, I guess that's just personal preference for myself. Eh, but one could say that any sort of criticism is steeped in personal  preferences. lol. 


But maybe this is just how exposition goes? Oh, but I don't want to sound too harsh. 


Any of my personal opinions aside, this writing is once again, what i would deem as fine. It's descriptive, although i would say that it becomes wordy to a perhaps superfluous degree. Like maybe less time lingering on a point wouldn’t be something bad? That's just something I have experience in now having recently read through my own published work. Sometimes the urge for padding out even more words becomes tempting, but if it's your style, then that's fine. 

This can be a potential strong entry to the contest if you decide on entering it. If that so happens to be the situation, then I'll wish you good luck. 

Hello Everyone! on 5/31/2021 2:55:59 AM

Well, then, good luck.