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Goals for the site:

1. Write a storygame that'll make BerkaZerka s**t his pants!

2. Get more goals

3. Hope to make it clear to people that goal 1 is a joke that I made up cause it sounds funny

4. Write a bio that's actually good (optional)

5. Make some friends here! (also optional)

6. Leave this site and find a better place

CYS members (and events I guess) that remind me of songs (I totally didn't get this idea from someone else smh...):

The Crisis Contest: Palace Of Destruction

Surrana: Right There, Ride On
Mystic_Warrior: Sonic ~ You Can Do Anything (Literately just cause of the lyrics...there's another song that's more suitable but I'll edit this later to post it since I don't remember the name of the song off the top of my head...)
Hetero_Malk: Big Apple, 3 A.M. (I actually think of an original song that's like 2 seconds long on a constant loop...either that or its something I heard a long time ago and don't remember where it was from...I linked this song cause its the closest thing to what I think of that I know of...)
Enterpride: Enemy Approaching
Ravenic_Virtue: Zeta 素数の世界と超越者 (This is only here cause Ravenic bullied me into giving her a song! She is so mean! Help me! Please! :O)


Chaos's Game
unpublished , coauthor

AshenArc never meant to partake in the events of The SHAME Pit, but, being a newbie to the kingdom, his curiosity got the better of him. Once he entered, there was no turning back. Even if he had only gone into the larger than life coliseum just to see what it looked like, planning to leave after a quick look, the gods had locked him in as one of the next and many contestants who would fight for glory within the prison like walls of the dreaded arena.

Now, several months later, he finds himself on the third and final floor within The SHAME Pit with a new session of the gods' game about to commence. Armed only with a simple Warden's bow staff, can you bring him safely back to the light of day and to glory? Be careful, for one wrong move could send Ashen falling into the Abyss, never to be seen from again...

(This game is a fun, but gory and bloody, story about the well-known SHAME Pit and my interpretation of what it would be like if, one, it existed irl, and, two, if it involved actual fighting instead of just writing stories.

Some characters are based off of members here on CYS, more so the gods/goddesses of the story, who are all based off of the moderators. Try guessing what god or goddess is the story version of their moderator counterpart! ;) Any other character who seems similar to other members is most likely a coincidence.)


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Thunderdome 13 continued: Ravenic vs Wizzycat! on 7/17/2024 3:27:42 AM

I vote for Story B!

I might come back and explain in more detail why later, but for now I'll say that I just liked how Story B flowed, was structured, and what happened in it a lot more than Story A! It cut to the heart of just being a good, simple, and well paced drama story that got me feeling suspenseful the whole way through! Meanwhile Story A just didn't really have that going for it, felt a little more all over the place/scattered in comparison to Story B.

Crisis Contest Progress Thread on 7/16/2024 12:56:35 PM

Yes I'm aware she can answer on her own, just figured that she wasn't online so uh...



Crisis Contest Progress Thread on 7/16/2024 11:59:22 AM

She's updated me on her progress and its unfortunately very little. She was having motivation issues.

From what she's been telling me recently though, she should be writing more soon though (not counting the upcoming thunderdome challenge which I'm sure she'll do just fine in!).

TL;DR We've been sharing progress with each other quite a lot, and given that time is running out for both of us, that should be a motivator in of itself. We'll figure it out though! ;)

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 9:49:37 PM

I delayed correcting you for a single day because I thought it was I realize it was stupid! :(

Sorry about that! Will communicate better going forward I promise! :O

(If anything I should be blaming YOU for taking so long to say that you thought I was a girl in the first place! :O)

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 7:53:43 PM

I thought it was because blue is a boy color and purple is a girl color, so the two colors end up cancelling each other out.

What gender are red and green accociated with?! :O

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 7:51:08 PM

I don't blame you at all for tuning that out. In fact it doesn't surprise me either.

My reply was simply an explanation, not an accusation or assumption!

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 7:30:57 PM

Why do you feel such a strong inclination/impulse to point out every grammar mistake I make? Like it's not just situations like this where I make a simple spelling mistake and you correct it, sometimes it's completely unprompted. (The comment where you explained to me what proofreading was and used my story as an example really stands out to me!)

I'm not mad, just curious, as this has been going on and off for months now.

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 6:05:25 PM

I'm really tired now so I ended up making a 1244 word reply to this (saved it somewhere as usual).

Might post it tomorrow, as I've realized its better to make judgements on these sort of things when your not super tired...

Short answer: eeeehehehehhrehh who fricken cares!!!! uwuwuwuwuwuwu! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

EDIT: I saw what you originally posted before you edited it! (Though I suppose I can at least appreciate the sentiment behind your edit) I'm still going to reply to what you originally said though! :P

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 3:01:18 PM

She did in that one thread, but then I corrected her in private and if you look at her posts AFTER that thread you can see she starts calling me a "he" instead.

I figured this confusion would happen after she initially started doing that, thankfully its resolved now...

special kids shoving beans up their noses on 7/13/2024 2:54:58 PM

Ok so I never thought I'd have to clarify this but just so that its officially out there...

I am a boy...