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Crime of Passion
Play as a man in post WWII New York. Life sure was easy before you fell in love with a canary. This is an entry for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 2 Mystery Box: Story that starts with the protagonist being sentenced to death. Note: There is only one ending that ends with the protagonist alive. This is not meant to be the winning ending. This is meant to be a crime noir, and sometimes death makes a beautiful ending to a story. Every ending is a winning ending.

Wrath of the Edomite
My debut story and an entry for Endmaster’s Myth and Religion Contest Play as Doeg, the herdsman of Saul, a minor antagonist to David. The biblical story of Doeg is found in 1 Samuel 21 and 22. A “true” ending is one I considered containing an ending where the protagonist accomplished a part of his purpose or made some kind of mark on history. Feel free to disagree or to like one of the death endings better. There is a (relatively) biblically accurate path with a choice between two epilogues, so you can consider that a “win” if you want to.

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Darn. Another failure

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Congratulations Mystic. I’ll read your story after all the shorter ones. I’m also dreading actually reading back through mine. We can’t all be winners

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I phone typed all of this to instrumental grunge

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I think this is actually gonna work out

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I like story A better due to the more original plot and the execution of the creepy character being made sympathetic at first. Story B was alright, but a bit boring and in present tense, which I kinda hated.

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Yeah, we’re supposed to get up to 40 mph in the mountains of Northern Arkansas

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Mine is COP, which explains why my progress was arrested

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More like five, seven, six unless you have a really wacky accent

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It’s two people competing for the love of one person, and the numerous variations thereof