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Wrath of the Edomite
My debut story and an entry for Endmaster’s Myth and Religion Contest Play as Doeg, the herdsman of Saul, a minor antagonist to David. The biblical story of Doeg is found in 1 Samuel 21 and 22. A “true” ending is one I considered containing an ending where the protagonist accomplished a part of his purpose or made some kind of mark on history. Feel free to disagree or to like one of the death endings better. There is a (relatively) biblically accurate path with a choice between two epilogues, so you can consider that a “win” if you want to.

A Witch’s Wager

Arkansas Versus the Galaxy

Heterodoxy: The Problem of Evil
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Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/5/2022 5:38:58 PM
Ashko nodded at Jim with approbation, then looked at Big Whiz in surprise. “Are you saying that you won’t contribute anything to the feast? With you, each tribe would only need eighty-four units. Without you, they would need to provide one hundred and twenty-five. We are simply trying to avoid a war, while still murdering the woman. I strongly recommend full cooperation.”

A New Book Club on 12/4/2022 1:24:41 PM
I hit chapter eleven a few days ago and found that the edition for free in the apple book store is missing a sizable section, so that’s interesting. Guess I’m visiting the ol’ Gutenberg

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/3/2022 11:26:37 PM
“Alright, the spirits have given a blessing and a curse here,” Ashko said, eying the corpse with a strange look smoldering in his eye. “Our friend has gone mad and killed himself which is tragic, but his sacrifice will truly not be in vain. If we take his body and process the meat, that results in more food for the feast to placate the strange woman.” “On that note, I have a plan to kill her without incurring her tribe’s wrath. I make a batch of poison and hold it in my mouth while we get the preliminaries done. One of you convinces her that we have a custom of worship which requires all the practitioners to drink from a communal bowl and pour the remainder before the artifact. Make sure my turn is before hers, and rather than drink from the bowl, I will backwash poison into it. Next, if she intends to leave the food as a feast for the artifact again, we simply let her leave. If she intends to take the food, we attempt to stall her until she dies. Whenever her tribesmen inquire, we can simply say that the spirits struck her dead for attempting to attack us, as we are the chosen ones.” “Of course, this plan will require us to furnish as close to the amount of food that was originally here as possible. I am personally willing to process Pingius into food and provide a total of 250 units of food. Will the rest of you go along with me on this plan?”

another draw thread by a non artist on 12/1/2022 11:44:36 PM
I suppose the correct response would be to congratulate my competitors. In the spirit of the contest, however, I will be designing a goblin language to insult each one of you individually

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 11/29/2022 8:18:00 PM
Ashko smiles. “Do not worry. By hook or by crook, the feast will be here.” He turns to Uros and the rest of the leaders. “I will need your help, though we can discuss the specifics after our honored guest leaves. We needn’t bore her with the details.”

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 11/29/2022 4:58:14 PM
Ashko turns and winks at Jim so the woman can’t see. “Not all at once. I can give one hundred and fifty now, and pay it back as quickly as I can. One can see, of course, by the shape of her beautiful skull, that this woman is intelligent and understands that the best investments have waiting periods. I desire peace above all.”

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 11/29/2022 2:28:31 PM
Ashko smiles as he addresses the woman. “We meant no disrespect. In fact, we believed the food to be a gift from the Great Ones. I will personally restore all the food you lost. I will even give you extra if you have any information on a member of my tribe that went missing a short time ago.”

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/26/2022 10:27:14 PM
Goblins indeed be squabblin’

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 11/26/2022 4:06:49 PM
Ashko suddenly stands up, and with tears in his eyes, urinates on the bread. “Forget about the bread!” he cries in between sobs. “Our tribe member, Nausk is missing. If you have information, I need it. If not, I should be out there looking for him, not here talking about bread!”

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/25/2022 6:36:34 PM
Amusingly, one of the possible etymological origins for bad is bæddel. Apparently it’s an old English word for a womanish man or hermaphrodite. If that’s true, then the English language is built on homophobia, just like my life