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I don't have much to say about myself, so you'll have to read these proverbs instead. From them you can either attempt to glean something about my psychological condition, or just marvel at their wit.

Whatever works for you.

Wise Sayings

'Reach for the stars... and you'll get burned.'

'If at first you don't succeed, skydiving's not for you.'

'Great minds think alike but fools rarely differ.'

'Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.'

'Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Charisma is being able to sell a tomato-based fruit salad.' - a simple explanation of DnD stats

'If you tell a man that there are 360 billion stars in the sky he'll believe you, but tell him that there's wet paint and he just has to touch it.'

'I think, therefore I am dangerous.'

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The Village That Was

It's raining again...


Written for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 3

Prompt 42: A story set in an area ravaged by a plague or famine.


Edit 5/4/24: removed square brackets outline accidentally left on one page

Edit 14/4/24: eliminated several typos

Those Ever-Grinding Teeth

The fish are hungry...



-3: You let innocents die and joined a death cult. You are scum.

-2: You let innocents die, but you chose an 'honourable' death.

-1: You joined the cult, like a sheep.

0: Nothing meaningful happened to you (you met an untimely death).

1: You destroyed the cult, but failed to kill the fish

2: You eradicated the fish, but the cult remains, hidden deep in the shadows...

3: You destroyed the cult AND eradicated the fish. Impressive.


Written for the Gone Fishin' Contest 2023.


Edit 10/7/23: fixed green shoots error, clarified that swamp-fish can live in any water-type, proofread for spelling errors.

Edit 12/7/23: fixed Question Cultists loop error

Edit 19/10/23: fixed Resigned to Waiting paths loop error

Edit January 2024: added title page picture (drawn by mizal, not me - thank you!)

When Rock Meets Watermelon

You, a human mage with little to no reputation (who needs that anyway), are friends with an elf from Summer called Cocoa Lire. You (for some mysterious reason) call her Watermelon.

However, you learn that she is having an affair with a human commander called Jael Rock, which is disastrous for a whole host of reasons:

  • Too many to list here (but you get the idea)

Your solution? Convince them to end the relationship!

However, a small problem called 'true love' may make this harder than you think...

WARNING: Contains sadistic goats, holy cucumbers, and a whole lot of other things that may cause heinous offense. You have been warned.

There are seven 'endings' to reach. If you like that kind of thing.

Written for EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2.

Prompt 35: 'A story where you must save someone close to you from a disastrous relationship.'


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Free Reviews Here! on 4/14/2024 12:54:17 PM

Thank you so much for this review (and to Peng for recommending it - you should definitely review his contest entry next, it's well worth a read).

When writing this story, I thought: 'Let's aim for quintessential Britishness.' I'm glad this seems to have worked out.

Again, thank you for the detailed review, Mystic.

Prompt Contest 3 Results on 4/3/2024 3:38:23 AM

Congratulations to Sherbet for winning and writing a massive story that made full use of the time given (let's face it, most of us didn't).

Thanks for the contest.

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 4/1/2024 9:51:59 PM

The Village That Was
I am done.

Story keeps getting unpublished on 2/23/2024 1:32:05 PM

The minimum site standards state that any story game rated under 2.5 after 10 ratings will automatically be unpublished. Try responding to feedback/comments to raise the rating.

Edit: it seems as if I was beaten to this by 30 seconds...

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 1/8/2024 12:06:00 PM

Thanks for hosting this!

Thank you to Mizal for the picture and summary of my activity on-site. I'm going to assume it's you because you've used the word 'wholesome' twice now to describe my writing. Once I figure out how to get technology to cooperate the picture's getting slapped on the front cover, as it's far better than anything I could ever draw.

Again, thank you for the gift exchange and a belated Merry Christmas.

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 1/1/2024 4:25:55 PM

Number 42, please.

Merry Christmas on 12/25/2023 4:08:43 AM

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good [insert whatever time it is in your region here].

❅ Secret Santa ❅ on 12/24/2023 12:33:25 PM

I'd like to join.

MHD's Fantastical Fairytales Contest RESULTS on 9/15/2023 10:57:01 AM

Thanks for the contest. Well done ninja.

The lesson: never procrastinate. Or just write more.

MHD's Fantastical Fairytales Contest on 9/11/2023 6:09:40 PM

My entry: Brother Wild

I ran out of time. I'll probably pull this down as soon as the results are announced (To rewrite all the terrible parts).

Thanks for the contest, anyway.