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A story is something you have to want to write, so it's a really personal question on how to do it well. There are countless articles on the internet on how to do it. Most of their authors are way more successful than I am. Yet, here I am, basking in my ego and adding my own droplets of advice to the sea. Or the thread this was intended for got deleted and now it's ended up on my profile. That works too.

Some tips that work for me:

- Start with a premise. For me, that's some question I want to answer while writing. For Treatise, I wanted to discover how grief would cement itself in a generally unstable baron. Now I'm writing a sci-fi about humans that have bargained with the devil to reclaim their home. My question is more in how they will do it, and how far they're willing to go in overcoming the boundaries. Both in-depth and straightforward at the same time.

- Read. Read storygames on the site to both get a feel of what works and what doesn't. Read books to discover which styles you like, what topics draw your interest, what character works for you. The more you write, the more you get a 'second way' of reading that's more analytical. Don't overdo that and suck the pleasure out of reading. Almost everything has been done before. The art lies in the mixing and the rebranding of used components, and to give the package your own flair.

- Don't plan too long. Most ideas die after the two-week mark or the first phase of planning everything out. People are getting bogged down in the minutiae of their world or the tiniest of characters. Personally, I think everything is secondary to the concept I want to explore. As long as that first premise is intriguing, the rest will fall in place during writing. Allow yourself to be free to write yourself into different bends that you initially didn't plan out. I like to explore the question during the writing, improvising everything as I do, based on some vague thoughts I had during my daily commute. The uncertainty gives me the motivation to continue.

- Don't rewrite... too much. I am a big fan of rewriting, but do it with purpose. After writing a scene, I'll go over it the session after in order to change words and sentences. They're usually small changes mainly to do with the flow. I'll read the scene out loud (well not really that loud, I'm not a nutcase) and change sentences where I need faster or slower tempo. Significant/total rewrites should be reserved until you're far ahead in the story itself. For example, when you feel a particular plot needs more substance or there isn't enough foreshadowing. Think of it this way. Writing a story is a journey to the 100%, does rewriting give a substantial enough of a boon to warrant you not progressing towards the end?

- Love dialogue. Ever notice how much smoother the reading is of scenes that carry themselves through dialogue over dry descriptions? It's a quick, easy, and secret trick (and experts hate it)!

- Think in plot, world, and characters. Try to further at least two of these three in every scene you write. These three pillars are what makes a story. Go back to your premise. Is it plot-heavy? Is it world-heavy? Is it character-heavy? Let that reflect in the scenes you'll be writing.

- Have fun. At the end of the day, writing is a hobby. If you aren't having fun, why are you doing it? You're better of working if you don't, or at least look for a better hobby. This ties directly to the writing itself. If you yourself aren't enthusiastic about your work, why would anyone else be?

- Just write. You have a story to tell and it's up to you to tell it. Don't get over-attached to that one golden storyline. In a few years or even months, you'll have moved on to other things. It's better to do it roughly now and finish later than to leave it undone because you overthought everything and became too scared to do it.

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Featured Story A Treatise on Heartly Manners

A contest entry for Bucky's year's end contest: choose your own prompt II.
Play as Lord Robert, the baron of Rivellon, at the lowest point of his life. He's cheated on by his wife, betrayed by his liege and filled to the brim with a turmoil of conflicting emotions.
How does his life end? 

Allow me to share my story.

Guns of the Future
The year is 2478 and the human race once again finds itself within Sol's borders. Like a phoenix from our bitter past, we have risen anew.

Like Aeneas, we had been cast out of our home. We searched the galaxy for a new home, and like him, we found it and made it our own. We struggled and were battered by the harsh conditions. But now, both ready and willing, we will eclipse the legends of old.

Now we shall fight to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

This is my neglected story.

zExpedition Aquarius
For centuries, man has scoured the stars, desperate to find its likeness. Thus far all was for naught; empty husks and barren rocks worked hard to crush his dreams. There was just one anomaly, one beacon amid the darkness. This is its story. This is the story of man's first foray to the stars.

An entry to Mizal's Tiny 'topias Jam. Where a lot more little bite-sized stories are -and will be- shared by other authors.

And for those that don't have the extension, and thus can't click on the storygame to open it, here's a tiny backdoor left open. Feel free to make use of it, and even leave a comment if you like.

Expedition Aquarius

zLetters Unanswered

An epistolary novel containing the desperate pleas of a sole father. How will he bring his daughter safety in a city ripe for rebellion?

An entry to Mizal's Tiny 'topias Jam. Where a lot more little bite-sized stories are -and will be- shared by other authors.

And for those that don't have the extension, and thus can't click on the storygame to open it, here's a tiny backdoor left open. Feel free to make use of it, and even leave a comment if you like.

Letters Unanswered

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