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A Treatise on Heartly Manners

A contest entry for Bucky's year's end contest: choose your own prompt II.
Play as Lord Robert, the baron of Rivellon, at the lowest point of his life. He's cheated on by his wife, betrayed by his liege and filled to the brim with a turmoil of conflicting emotions.
How does his life end? 

Allow me to share my story.

Cannibal Apocalypse
Pretty sure this isn't meant for the family-friendly category.

Contest Winner

Darkest Hour
The year is 2478 and the human race once again finds itself within Sol's borders. Like a phoenix from our bitter past, we have risen anew.

Like Aeneas, we had been cast out of our home. We searched the galaxy for a new home, and like him, we found it and made it our own. We struggled and were battered by the harsh conditions. But now, both ready and willing, we will eclipse the legends of old.

Now we shall fight to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

General Butt Naked


Liberia and Sierra Leone are small countries on the west coast of Africa. Like many African countries, the lands are extremely rich in natural resources and vibrant in culture.

However, in the 1980s the climate halted in corruption and mismanagement under the All People's Congress Party. With over 70% of the people barely capable of buying a single cup of rice, survival became much harder. Not trusting in the democratic process any longer, the RUF was formed to drastically revamp the economic system and redistribute the country's wealth. They fought for education, jobs, and true democracy. In the process, they pillaged the lands and cut off many limbs.

It is in these times Joshua Milton Blahyi is born, butt naked. And in these times he'll fight, butt naked. For he is:

General Butt Naked.

This is my neglected story.

zExpedition Aquarius
For centuries, man has scoured the stars, desperate to find its likeness. Thus far all was for naught; empty husks and barren rocks worked hard to crush his dreams. There was just one anomaly, one beacon amid the darkness. This is its story. This is the story of man's first foray to the stars.

An entry to Mizal's Tiny 'topias Jam. Where a lot more little bite-sized stories are -and will be- shared by other authors.

And for those that don't have the extension, and thus can't click on the storygame to open it, here's a tiny backdoor left open. Feel free to make use of it, and even leave a comment if you like.

Expedition Aquarius

zLetters Unanswered

An epistolary novel containing the desperate pleas of a sole father. How will he bring his daughter safety in a city ripe for rebellion?

An entry to Mizal's Tiny 'topias Jam. Where a lot more little bite-sized stories are -and will be- shared by other authors.

And for those that don't have the extension, and thus can't click on the storygame to open it, here's a tiny backdoor left open. Feel free to make use of it, and even leave a comment if you like.

Letters Unanswered

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Drunkius must be lucid

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/27/2023 12:55:44 PM

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/27/2023 12:54:29 PM

I went to medical school with an incredibly ambitious guy who was obsessed with collecting skulls; he'd do anything to get a head.

Let's keep this one short and sweet, just like last night with your mom. Which authors have had the biggest impact on your writing? What are the things you've changed, in either your writing style, characterization, or plot development, since you've read them? What things that you chanced upon while reading begged to be shamelessly stolen?

the world feels dead on 11/22/2023 4:44:22 PM

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/21/2023 3:14:14 PM
Do not feel bad about the billions that didn't answer the question, for I feel content with just the single thoughtful reply.

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/20/2023 3:06:32 PM

It takes some guts to be an organ donor.

We've already talked a bit about specific locations, but writing settings as a whole can be as important as writing characters. As a reader, at which point does a setting come to life? What settings have made a lasting impression and why? As a writer, where is your balance between depth and relevance?

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/13/2023 12:36:56 PM

My doctor told me I had blood type A, but it was a Type-O...

We've talked extensively about characters and dialogue. So let's talk about them some more! Character development is either a crucial part of the story or just something that's mostly redundant to the actual plot, depending on the person you ask. Do you even care about character development? Where on this spectrum are you? (Just this one specifically, please.) Do you have any tips on incorporating character development that doesn't feel either neglected or ham-fisted?

Admin Abuse? Call now! on 11/6/2023 3:28:23 PM
I was mugged a few days ago. The IRS pried 70 points from my cold, half-dead hands.

Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 11/6/2023 11:37:42 AM

What book? MacBook!

Strong characters have always been at the very center of a well thought-out plot. Whereas before we talked about how many different characters you could fit in a story, this week I'd like to ask about how to make the characters come to life. How do you veer away from the stereotype cardboard people? How do you write an interesting character? How do you approach writing a character who by design doesn't have a strong personality? Do you base them off of real people? Why yes, or why dont you?

Thunderdome 10: Suranna vs Lux vs ??? on 11/3/2023 6:10:58 PM
C. The ending was shit but before that I liked its writing the most.