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Featured Story A Treatise on Heartly Manners

A contest entry for Bucky's year's end contest: choose your own prompt II.
Play as Lord Robert, the baron of Rivellon, at the lowest point of his life. He's cheated on by his wife, betrayed by his liege and filled to the brim with a turmoil of conflicting emotions.
How does his life end? 

Allow me to share my story.

Cannibal Apocalypse
Pretty sure this isn't meant for the family-friendly category.

Darkest Hour
The year is 2478 and the human race once again finds itself within Sol's borders. Like a phoenix from our bitter past, we have risen anew.

Like Aeneas, we had been cast out of our home. We searched the galaxy for a new home, and like him, we found it and made it our own. We struggled and were battered by the harsh conditions. But now, both ready and willing, we will eclipse the legends of old.

Now we shall fight to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

This is my neglected story.

zExpedition Aquarius
For centuries, man has scoured the stars, desperate to find its likeness. Thus far all was for naught; empty husks and barren rocks worked hard to crush his dreams. There was just one anomaly, one beacon amid the darkness. This is its story. This is the story of man's first foray to the stars.

An entry to Mizal's Tiny 'topias Jam. Where a lot more little bite-sized stories are -and will be- shared by other authors.

And for those that don't have the extension, and thus can't click on the storygame to open it, here's a tiny backdoor left open. Feel free to make use of it, and even leave a comment if you like.

Expedition Aquarius

zLetters Unanswered

An epistolary novel containing the desperate pleas of a sole father. How will he bring his daughter safety in a city ripe for rebellion?

An entry to Mizal's Tiny 'topias Jam. Where a lot more little bite-sized stories are -and will be- shared by other authors.

And for those that don't have the extension, and thus can't click on the storygame to open it, here's a tiny backdoor left open. Feel free to make use of it, and even leave a comment if you like.

Letters Unanswered

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Raping Thingy on 1/27/2022 9:48:46 AM
Hi there old friend, I'm sorry I left you hanging Was kinda hungover too, then had shit to do Raping for two, so I guess I just forgot about you Then again I always found it peaceful talking to a corpse So I came back, one last track as a snack to end this tic tac toe This won’t be no screaming and shouting, just me and my thoughts Now it’s just me and me speaking truth comforted by the solitude Just letting it all out, one last verse before you're taken away by the hearse With slim shady, spinal, and steen I got so many s-tier mcs to make the shutzstaffel jealous Thinking back, maybe I was too callous, hung out with too many hard fellas I forgot you just ain't us You took it too personal, continued on without realizing the joke was on you all along Producing some throwaway lines about sex and violence, I inspire a world where you don't belong Truthfully when you don't know shit about the other MC you gotta come up with your own story Because apart from your name being voldy, you're a blank body and kicking you down won't beget glory The odds were high of your bars being all about mine and spewing the most cliche shit Acting like an addicted slut spurned, crawling along my trail begging for another hit Noticed while complaining about me being a broken record, the only one talking about sex is you Fuck man, at this point I don't even need to read your reply to know what're you're going to do I'll just read my lines again and imagine a fool repeating them back with some epileptic kung fu Though I'm glad you learned to rhyme more than two syllables from a braindead beast Guess after being afraid of big words for so long your verbosity simply increased Still, I got to give some slack, you copied a solid biggie flow Though while he was hard you only acted so Then again you're both dead so what's the point Maybe you'll learn some creativity now you've been rejoined Oh, the car's arrived I trust you'll see yourself out Maybe if you follow fast for once you'll make your mama proud Cause I don't prefer a crowd to do all the shit you denounce

Raping Thingy on 1/20/2022 10:13:02 AM
Goddamn bitch you're truly addicted are you, still coming for more Got good news for you though got another floor not yet stained red in gore Your ass widened to four fingers and I ain't even finished Tip, start fisting before I'll mount your body on a pillar, leftover from your sister's dish Losing your family, ideals and still clinging to intelligence Completely irrelevant when I scalp your eyes and defenestrate At least you cut out your weak ass accent and make more sense I guess seeing through your lens I represent your worst trends Love to hear you scream for daddy now bitch, big papa's looking down Completely embarrassed by your attempts to sound pertinent clown Your nightmare made flesh, just love how you trash around Downed and hands brown, damn not even a bomb to bail yourself out Hats off to you though, still trying hard hanging around in a noose Don't worry, I'm having fun for two, freddy krueger's on the loose Or wait, is that me, I don't know how exactly I killed that last bitch but it was disgusting

Raping Thingy on 1/20/2022 8:40:24 AM
Your vote's worth as much as a bitch with my dick down her throat Gargle just a bit harder fucker, and your vocal cords get a new coat Letting you breathe a bit now, you see how's it gonna be But you got a stick up your ass as well, been preparing for me?

Raping Thingy on 1/20/2022 8:30:45 AM
Welcome to my home, the land of the death Free from gods with all your demons high on meth Wants some ket, hoe, cause this world is my psychosis My flows morose and verbose forced down your throat don’t miss See your sister dear, she’s a living miscarriage carrying the guilt Cheeks wet with tears, quivering in fear of the latest device I built In her hand a stanley knife incapable of cutting her veins Bitch can’t even do one job properly so she’ll be stuck here for days Half her weight in plastic, tits feel so fantastic, these bars fucking bombastic Just fed that bitch an extra load cause she’s so anorexic Fucked my way to her very core, leaving her whole body sore Broke her legs so she'll come back crawling for more goddamn So listen up you fake ass biggie wannabe Do you still want to see when big papa comes to meet But biggie got shot so think hard about that You’re dead for your cause and ain’t even fat A pathetic manifestation gestated to be in your element When you’re smacked around so hard you picked up a speech impediment Talk normal bitch, and stop the whiny rhymes before I truly wind up killing you Wandered in the wrong place wrong type, you fake ass hoe, and that’s the truth Mentally you're just the sentimental type to vent Your weak ass frustration leaves no dent Cause the only way I go out is with my dick in my hand

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 9:19:22 PM
Trying to put me down bitch I already died I'm a walking corpse with one goal in mind Came straight up from hell Your mother said hi, I knew her well She's satan's slut begging for rest Capable only of watching me put motherfucking poison in her nest Bubonics bothering her most base cysts Each one bursting out your name in a fucking lisp I'm fucking malignant like that hard lump under your tit Trying so hard to put monikers on me they narrowly fit I'm a meat state metastased to your marrow and bone Swimming in your blood, bitch you let me get in your zone My dick's living rent-free in your brain fucking your mind without shame Medics pulling their hair as you wither in pain Chemo ain't working against me, faggot, now you're bald as well Why are you so white, did I cum already, just can't tell You're terminal and all you see on the scans is me Hi retard, it's just too easy to be your end and it fills me with glee

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 7:53:14 PM
Bet you hear that one often

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 11:11:22 AM
Great, another whore to stumble upon my raping party But I hate you, fumbling your flow harder than playboy carti I hate my addiction to rape, leaving me with nothing to say I hate bitches, hate your mother and father I hate your bars, hate all homo sapiens But most of all I hate faggots, all you sick fuckers Get your aids dicks the fuck out of your dad's anus Pass

Not quite on 1/17/2022 1:17:59 PM
Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is This Super Dangerous Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

CYS is not your personal army on 1/14/2022 9:35:29 PM
Dude. Painting the picture

CYS is not your personal army on 1/14/2022 8:44:30 PM
In this scenario the only one getting fucked is you. Everyone everywhere already knows what Gayson does and you're no one special. Maybe in education as you seem to think you're different from the dozens he'd banned before. Really, once he whips his microcock out on the table you either struggle and come back for more later, or you move the fuck on with your life. And that's the choice that defines you. Get a job or something