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I'm your average neighborhood writer and a sucker for shitty generic fantasy works.  I draw a bit too, nothing über fancy, so if you have any requests, you just have to sweet-talk me into it. Write me a whole stanza about how awesome you are or something.

Status: Alive and cursing myself why I've taken up such a big writing project (again!)

Hobbies: I'm getting into sudoku again, it's addicting.


Project reaching for home/little mage's potion shop 100.000 words

duke of Winslow: 70.000 words

I do have something nice that I've been working for a while (60.000 words, but I planned it to be 90.000 words). It's about 60% done. So that's exciting.

I really should start to finish some of them.... ahhrgg...  this is just 230.000 words going to waste.

Some of my thoughts: 

Some ideas I have for shorter projects after little witch potion shop: murder mystery in the shape of the party game werewolves, incest horror island with an insanity meter, a time looping mcdonalds worker having to deal with a Karen and a guy desperately trying to ask a girl out in a bus. Oh and I want to one day dethrone the brony by getting a fanfiction story featured; thought about a fma fanfic about a soldier from amestris experiencing the war of Ishval. I think that I want to go for a shorter story before jumping into "reaching for home" again. (I have planned to do a short Karen time travel game next! Then we will go back to the plague story, then we will do the incest murder island or the werewolf story. At last perhaps the fma fanfic. Killing the brony can wait.)

The horror corner is not that bad and there are lots of hidden gems. It's surprisingly a much more enjoyable experience overall, probably because of the lack of lazy dragon stories.

Perhaps I should write reviews of some of these bad horror stories. There is some weird vitrolic joy I get from lightly ripping on jurassic writings which are probably older than my nephew. I hope that I will finish my werewolf story in the summer, still gotta proofread that giant and make sure that there are no inconsistencies. It's really gathering dust in there for half a year. 

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Featured Story Little mage's potion shop (and the curious adventures surrounding it)

Running a Potion Shop Has Never Been This Exciting!

The country of Riverrock had just discovered a brand new continent called Foundland. Settlers and hopeful souls flock to the promised land. One of them is the young mage Lise and her accomplished teacher. They set up a potion shop, build a house and decorated half of it. All things were fine and dandy till her teacher decided to fuck off and go on his own adventure. Now she has to run it on her own. 

This story is basically a mix between soothing slice-of-life activities,attempts at comedy and dark undertones. It will have two main endings and five side-endings. (for people who have trouble finding the mini arcs, please select this white space: herbs, study, potion, entrance.) More mini-arcs and extra content will soon be added. If you have any trouble getting a particular ending, feel free to message me. 

Entry for Endmaster's manifest destiny contest. 


One Story Please

What Happens When You Have Only This Many Minutes Left

A short story following the last king's final decision in a land on the cusp of the industrial revolution. There are 4 endings in total.

Submission for Corgi's Lord of the lands contest, a product of my sleep deprived mind and fever dreams

Edit: extra drawings added + one extra proofread 


Variable testing site

Me learning to script! Woohoo!

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Drawings From Night on 5/20/2022 9:03:07 AM

I friggin love it! I myself am not that great at drawing environments, so this one looks so cool! I especially like the grass texture :). The font is also very nice. 

Haha, but it's up to Gryphon as the one and only author if it will be the cover art or not.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/17/2022 3:15:59 PM

Can I pick number 5? Think this will be a short one.

Drawings From Night on 5/13/2022 7:53:37 PM

Secrets of the Crag supremacy!!!

It would be cool if it gets some cool cover art!!

Drawings From Night on 5/13/2022 7:52:48 PM

Legend of the Crag supremacy!!!

Unrequited Love on 5/10/2022 3:15:33 PM

Nice write up. Spotted a typo or two!

I do no fe-feel - should be: " I do not fe-feel

Unseathes- should be: "unsheathes"

Note: Eh, so the king's sword was not a sword after all? What might that thing be?

Fantasy Recommendations? on 5/6/2022 6:12:40 PM

This one's free to read! It's a webnovel called "the wandering inn", a litRPG about an innkeeper. Lots of slice-of-life elements with some dark fantasy part sprinkled through it. The beginning parts are a bit rough to read, but it quickly becomes a really engaging time sinker. 

Well, or you can just pick up any Brandon Sanderson novel/wheel of time/G.R.R.Martin novel/Tolkien works. Lots of people got into fantasy because of them, might want to check them out.

If you don't mind the rather childish writing and weebness, you can also try out "ascendance of a bookworm", it's one of the few light novels that doesn't want to make me roll my eyes out of exasperation. The plot: A bibliophile is reincarnated into the body of a sickly girl in a medieval fantasy world (Without books!), hijinks ensue. It has surprisingly intricate worldbuilding with tons of quite informative tidbits. I literally learnt how to bind paper through this novel series!


Through the Passages of Madness on 4/26/2022 8:52:17 PM

*sheds tear*, I have at last found a comrade in arms. Screw dragons and shitty dragon befriending stories.

Struggles with finishing on 4/26/2022 8:43:32 PM

Well, I do have to warn everyone who wants to put 10.000 words on their first page: be prepared that no one is going to bother reading your story for at least a good while or forever. Perhaps you may have noticed, but in most of the popular/well-read stories on the site, their words/page ratio is about 500-1000, 1500 is really stretching it and 2000 is straight up a big turn off for most.  

But, yeah, think of it a little, but with the site's absolute obscurity and the unwillingness of many site users to read, fame might not be something you can obtain here.

As for tips: lots of people have already said useful stuff. One thing I have to add is that it might be easier for you to visualize your outline now as a huge map rather than a short story. It makes keeping track of choices and other important stats a lot easier and can keep your focus on the big picture. Something like this would come in pretty handy, especially when you are afraid to do something a little more extravagant.

I quickly made a small example of an outline: drawing programs are not necessary, colored pens and a notepad will do. It doesn't have to look fancy or something, it is just a helpful tool for yourself to use at your discretion. This example of a choice tree will also illustrate what some peeps are telling you about. 

Pink represents the gauntlet style of branching.

What the blue lines indicate is the bottleneck branching.

The red is about the "false choices" one can choose to include. The green is again to indicate stat changes or when a certain stat is required to choose a path. Through the inclusion that stat, what otherwise would be only two endings, can now have three or even four endings without changing much of the structure!

Mix and match these techniques a little and I think you can make any linear novel interactive fiction.

As for my suggestions:

Minimal pain and time for your side: gauntlet style and fake choices. 

A little more pain and headaches: +stat usage and bottleneck branching just like the others have suggested.


Addendum: Well, this is just my opinion, but it is easier to craft a story with the interactive element in mind from the very beginning rather than trying to wack an already existing thing into submission. It lets you just take more advantage of the medium this way and let you be a little more creative with how you approach branching, stats etc.


Some people just do whatever it suits them and do just fine haha. From what I can read from the old forum interviews, Endmaster seems to just write out a story from beginning to end and every now and then inserts another branching story whenever he feels like it, just like what you have been doing I guess. 

Edit: I'm really starting to feel that the article: "Choose-Your-Own-Stories, Paths, and Writing" needs another update to make it a little more detailed considering these questions lately. Perhaps pictures and the inclusions of these suggestions would be nice to have.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/23/2022 5:59:49 PM

Gotta do that now haha!!!

Ruins of Anzar Walkthrough on 4/23/2022 5:57:56 PM

I love you so much Gryphon. If this were in real life, I would have given you one big hug and squeeze you to death and three kisses on each cheek!!!! Thank you so much!!