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Beset by the Byzantine empire, your small Slavic tribe is discussing how you can defend yourselves. They are overconfident, and you feel death will overcome you. Upset, you go visit the temple of Prabog, an ancient Slavic god that you hope will protect you. Will you find glory, or death?


I recommend trying out the obviously bad choices as well. You may find the story a tad short otherwise.

The world is similar to ours in the 7th century except with the addition of magic and magic creatures.

A realistic, silent, unremarkable village

You're an oblivious 25 year old with so much wasted potential. Once a child prodigy, your days are now spent playing games and considering suicide. When the nearby country of Jhina declares war on your own country of Arstokia, it is up to you to make it through the war somehow.

Will you step up to the plate and defend your country? Or will you just run away from your problems as you always do, perhaps into some totally normal village? I would recommend the latter, as that is the "main path" of this story, however the people that want to be heroes will have a chance to do that as well.

If you get a titled epilogue you can consider yourself as having "beaten the game".

Any references to countries, real life events or people, both living and dead, are intentional, yet not intended to offend anyone. Or at the very least, intended to offend everyone equally.

Speaking of references, there are a lot of them. Try to find them all.

If you're offended by harsh language, dark humor, violence or snide remarks this is not the game for you.

What a terrible world

A story where the world just keeps kicking you in the tender bits. Stuff keeps going wrong for you your whole life, and you're not going to take it anymore. Well, you aren't going to take anything anymore, as you will kill yourself soon.

However, fate has another plan in store for you. Will you take the opportunity presented before you? And will you lose yourself along the way?


Note: Rather depressing, with a lot of dark humor, harsh language, violence and snide remarks. If such is not your cup of tea, keep away.

If you get a titled epilogue, consider that a win, even if it sucks for the protagonist.

Also more than half the fucked up shit that the protagonist talks about actually happened to the author, so you can have a fun guessing game of which is true, and which is made up.

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