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New here (sort of) on 6/24/2023 1:41:42 PM

Hi I made an account here in 2018 and then just never read anything or participated in any way. Now after doing a couple of other things outside of here I remembered that this site existed and so decided to return. Unlikely that I'll write anything really but I'll think about writing something and feel happy in that way. Either way I hope that I can enjoy the community here and eventually contribute to the site's collection in some way. Maybe I'll write short stories here and there since that seems less daunting.

Oh and I was wondering if there is anyone here that decided to become a nomad in search of a new community ever since Reddit decided to destroy itself? Though apparently traffic flow is back to normal. So much for the blackout. So far Hacker News and various blogs have taken its place but it can't replace the fun of finding a bunch of mini communities and witness their change. And the demise of others and the overall direction that reddit took (largely negative but better than facebook). Is this what it's like to get kicked out of a tighly knit village? Anyways, I have my suspicion that I'll forever keep searching for a community. With that I'll end my introduction.