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Ebott Energy

Universe hopping through Undertale AUs. 

How will you survive?  By gathering knowledge, forging alliances, or taking a more direct, hands-on approach?  Go all in on one strategy or try to walk a more balanced path?  

The choices you make in earlier scenes directly affect the choices available to you in later scenes.

Several premature endings.  11 unique final endings, achievable in a variety flavors/variations.

Last stab at this CYOA thing

Undertale fan-fiction. Travel through the multiverse to solve a mystery on the Surface.

Night of the Zealot

You have been investigating strange events taking place in your home city of Arkham, Massachusetts. Over the past few weeks, several townspeople have mysteriously gone missing. recently, their corpses turned up in the woods, savaged and half eaten. The police and newspapers have stated that wild animals are responsible, but you believe there is something else going on. You have gathered your research together at your home to make sense of these bizarre events.

Random generator

I roll the dice and define the options. You make the decisions.  No dying.  Just exploring ideas with a quick, randomly generated adventure.

Undertale CYOA (2023)

Because I cannot let this go!  Not mucking around with items or variables.  Just straight up binary branches (except the first one, which is a three branch choice).  putting skeleton outline in place first, then fleshing out with more and more prose.

Undertale Fan-fic Adventure

A basic story to figure out the site mechanics.  (Using story pathing and variable-determined links.)

Gather information and forge alliances.  Early choices may affect which options you get later in the story.

You often only get one chance to learn something before the story moves on.  Choose your questions wisely.

You often only get one chance to make an impression on someone.  Choose your actions wisely.

At the end, will you have to information and allies you need to steer the story in the direction you want it to go?  Or will you be at the mercy of the details you missed and enemies you made?