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Basement Rats

Your house sits on the edge of the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.


My entry for Poison_Mara's Halloween Jam!

Featured Story Biscuits and Ghosts

An estranged lover meets an estranged lover, and together they solve a mystery that has been plaguing Blackwood for some time.


The stunning conclusion to the Blackwood Chronicles!

And while this story does stand alone, a clever ghost might read Edithe Zilonis and Soul Thief beforehand. . .

Featured Story Edithe Zilonis

An undertaker meets a dead woman who is more alive than most of the living.


Featured Story Mission Sunshine

A scientist discovers a bright new life form.

A story about a forbidden romance.


HINT: Some endings have epilogue pages in the journal.

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A private investigator is hired to solve a mystery by delving into the seedy underbelly of the city of Polaris and questioning its inhabitants.

A story involving a floating city.


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The Gods discover a soul thief among humans.

A story about an ethereal romance and an otherworldly mystery.


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I'd probably put Roman Reigns in S tier for Handsomest

Fallout TV Show on 4/18/2024 12:32:19 PM
I loved it. I did hear a lot about New Vegas and really thought they did erase it so I'm ecstatic that next season will probably take place there. I really enjoyed that Lucy's optimism was never her downfall. It was refreshing seeing a character rewarded for her hope.

So... This is a thing on 4/14/2024 3:38:37 PM
I like this one

So... This is a thing on 4/14/2024 3:38:23 PM
My theme would clearly be heavy metal come on :~P

I need to settle an argument on 4/10/2024 5:23:25 PM
There is still multiple contest entry storygames that do not have many comments. A few don't even have an average score yet. They might be good reading while pondering such an elaborate question.

Prompt Contest 3 Results on 4/3/2024 8:41:55 PM
Congrats Sherbet!! Definitely deserved! :~)

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 3/21/2024 10:16:08 AM


feels good on 3/12/2024 3:47:08 PM

Now we need a way for the rest of us to change our 12 y/o self’s choice of username.

NFTs and AI Art on 3/6/2024 6:12:13 PM

So I posted this thread just three months ago and the advancements AI has had in just that time is absolutely insane and is at least for me, incredibly disconcerting. I've been watching my YouTube ads turn into advertisements for just about every program incorporating AI into itself in some capacity. Now you no longer have to write emails, or proofread your writing. In fact, the program I'm using to write my contest entry even has a "ghost-writing" feature. So just about every company has eagerly accepted AI.

I remember watching Airheads' intentionally uncomfortable AI-generated Halloween ad four months ago and wondering what in the world it was. When I learned it was AI I figured AI would never become as powerful or uncanny as it is now. . .

Like Sora AI, which I'm sure you have heard about by now. The AI trained to create lifelike videos. The video that shocked me the most was this one with a woman taking a video out a train window.

I think I hold mendolajames' view on the program in this post on OpenAI's forum about the matter.

"I work at Laika as a stop motion animator. As a professional animator, I am blown away by the capabilities that Sora seems to demonstrate. I’m intrigued, but also terrified. For the longest time, stop motion animators have feared that CG animators are coming for our jobs. Instead, it now seems that AI is coming for all of the CG jobs, and that it’ll likely come to conquer all of the stop motion jobs shortly after that. I’m interested in lending my unique perspective to OpenAI however I can. I also want to warn OpenAI that Sora really seems to have the potential to put a huge number of people in film and animation out of work. Perhaps that comes as no surprise."

I just wonder about the public's perception of AI and if people will also eagerly accept AI to create their animations and entertainment for them, or if there will be pushback. Obviously, Sora is already controversial. We will see in the near future if any big box films will use AI.

But, in good news, there is a definite desire for practical effects in film again. I've noticed quite a few movies I've seen lately incorporate practical effects in some capacity. Let's hope AI will never have the capability to build real life sets.

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 2/3/2024 3:31:53 PM