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Featured Story Inepta Academy

Welcome to Inepta Academy!

You play as Elizabeth, an intelligent nine year old girl who earned a scholarship to the school. Unfortunately, you've only been there for a month and don't have any friends. To make matters worse, Randolf, the most popular boy in the school (to the boys) has been annoying you lately.

Now he's stolen your bag and hid it in the boarded off area. It's up to you to retrieve your bag from the area after school is done, so that you can study and pass the big test tomorrow. Maybe you can even find a way to get revenge on Randolf somehow while you're there.

Was made as an entry for the School Based Contest 2016.

--Version 2.0 Update [11/23/2016]--

+ Fixed an issue where players found the password too hard
+ Fixed an issue where end game formatting would burn the player's eyes
+ Fixed scripting issues
+ Now tracking your destruction
+ You can also break more stuff now
+ Added more paths and options
+ Added a way to not be punished
+ Added a more satisfying conclusion
+ Added different possible endings
+ Added a page which tells you everything that you did in case you forgot while playing

Special thanks to TheNewIAP for helping with edits.

Featured Story Koi Koi!

Welcome, Hero!

It's time for you to be sent to another world, one currently under threat by the ancient Demon Lord. Naturally, as you are the Hero, it's up to you, along with a helpful group of legendary samurai, to save the world!

Which you will do by playing the ancient game of Koi Koi!

... Wait, isn't that a card game?

Note: This storygame doesn't diverge as much as most story-wise, as a large portion of it is the card game.

Characters and plot based off of the Mythic Nippon: The Demon God of Sendai campaign played by users here many years ago...

Featured Story Survive the Zombies

Yep, another zombie game.

No worries though, this one is different, it has phases.

Also random deaths are rare (but still exist), use your head and you should be fine.

Endings are (In order of how good they are)

Best: 9001 points

Secret: 8000 points

Excellent: 4000 points

Good: 300 points

Decent: 200 points

Mediocre: 100 points

Bad: 50 points

Death: -666 points


Update: 07-03-2012

- Fixed grammar & spelling errors (more than I would care to admit)

- Added scores for endings

- Fixed some routes

- Made ending phase harder like it was supposed to be

Stats: [197 Pages, 297 Links, 9 Epilogues, 10 end-game achievements, and many different ways to die!]


Hope you enjoy it!

Featured Story Through Time

You play as Jacob, a 28 year old man who has gone nowhere in life. Suddenly, you wake up to find yourself 10 years in the past. Once there, you meet several people who seem to recognize you, but you can't seem to remember them at all. Is your life the only one that went wrong? What really happened in your past?

This storygame plays out like a visual novel, with a unique route for each main character, and a true route. Replaying it more than once is highly recommended to get the full experience.

I also recommend you complete all the good routes before going for the true end, as it ties everything else together.

How to load a saved file:
Go to
Click restore beside the save titled "Through Time"
(You must be logged in, and have a saved file for this to work)

How to interpret your score:
(Max score) 97531  - You completed every route possible.
Score has a 9 - You completed the true end.
Score has a 7 - You completed Olivia's good end.
Score has a 5 - You completed Ian's good end.
Score has a 3 - You completed Tina's good end.
Score has a 1 - You completed Allison's good end.
The actual "score", doesn't matter, just these numbers.

Special Thanks:
Kiel_Farren - For editing and grammar
Tanstaafl - For editing and grammar

Complete Walkthrough (should you require it): Link

Test Publish

Articles Written

How to Create a Codex
A Codex is a page with a list of entrees of different creatures. Each creature has it's own page dedicated to it and the page always links back to the Codex. The key thing about the Codex is that it's accessed through an item and as such can be used at any time in the story. Any Page <------> Codex <------> Any Creature Entry

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Unicode on 12/2/2021 12:48:08 PM
Naturally, this is by design. Our founder Alex was way ahead of his time and saw the rise of the Chinese menace on the horizon. As such he decided to prevent them from ever gaining a proper foothold in CYS by disallowing their fake moonrunes from ever being seen.

STATS Page on 10/1/2021 8:39:54 PM
No it can be done with html just fine, you just need to fine tune the location. Since it doesn't like the raw code, here's a link to it: pastebin location. Just put this in your global page script, and replace the number 303 with your link id (and fine tune the location).

Variable D6 on 9/17/2021 4:23:36 PM
You guys all use such weirdly complex logic lol. %BASE := 10 %ROLL := 1D121 - 1 %ATTACKP := %ROLL * 10 / 100 IF %ATTACKP > 10 THEN %DAMAGE := %BASE * 2 ELSE %DAMAGE := %BASE * %ATTACKP/10 Just use this. %DAMAGE is you final attack variable. I guess if you wanted to keep reducing damage each time you could set base to damage to begin with (this would mean you'd speedrun to 0 damage very fast though)

Variable D6 on 9/12/2021 5:56:57 PM
Yeah, reason I suggested the multiple different dice is because I remembered hearing about that specific bug. I can't recall who brought it up last (probably Brad).

Variable D6 on 9/11/2021 1:39:56 PM
What you could do instead is have x number of die roll every page, then just grab their values if needed. %DIE1 := 1D6 %DIE2 := 1D6 %DIE3 := 1D6 %DIE4 := 1D6 %DIE5 := 1D6 Add more if you ever need more than that many dice rolls, then just grab the values as you need them. Not the most efficient way, but easier than determining where to actually roll dice every time.

items that add to stats on 9/10/2021 11:54:20 AM
"when I use this script and come to the page the item is on, It seems to not take into account the variable modification that I set. So it will add 5 but where the base is set at 1, the variable change is to add 10, then the item should add 5 on top of that so the total being 16 but the total comes to 6, 1 for the base and 5 for the item. " ...Then don't set the base there? Obviously its going to over-write any of your other stat changes. I already said you dont have to set the base in that script. The entire reason we have a base and a current attack is so you can make permanent changes to the base.

items that add to stats on 9/9/2021 5:06:35 PM
Pagescript executes when the page loads, and link scripts execute when a link is click. No script is executed when you pick up/drop an item, so you wont notice a change until the next page, when it checks if the item exists. Your script will also add or remove every single time a page is loaded if they're holding the item. What you'd really want to do is have your base damage, your current damage, and then any buffs applied per page. Holding the item is a buff, and anything else you want could be a buff really. %PLYRBASE := 10 %PLYRATK := %PLYRBASE IF $ITEMSTATE1 = 1 THEN BEGIN %PLYRATK := %PLYRATK + 5 END Now you don't need to worry about removing the buff, since the check is on each page, so the page after they lose an item the buff is gone. You don't need a max for an attack. Having a max/normal variable is meant to represent that value has a current and max value (like health). Unless you're doing something like removing attack whenever they attack, it doesn't serve a purpose. (Note you can set your %PLYRBASE outside of the global page script, I just put it hear to show what it could be)

items that add to stats on 9/8/2021 9:31:54 AM Global link executes once at link is clicked, global page executes once a page is loaded. If your result is 5 that most likely means your attack value is empty. I'd assume %Attack is actually populated whenever the user goes to attack, and is not just a set value.

Coding on 8/3/2021 3:38:28 PM

Not to flex too hard here but I made a storygame where items and enemies appear, so it may be worth while to check it out:
Koi Koi

The short answer to your question is create an "encounter" page which handles the logic that you would typically goes through in a fight. You then simply "load" in an enemy when the encounter begins, by setting the different values of the enemy (health/attack), based on the encounter. Variables are all global, meaning you can access them anywhere. So if you want to apply extra damage, or subtract armour from an attack, you just do it by referencing the variable in the attack script.

Coding on 8/2/2021 11:21:07 AM
Items are best thought of as "actions" the player can take at any given time, or to represent something they're holding. They don't really work as enemies.