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Featured Story Inepta Academy

Welcome to Inepta Academy!

You play as Elizabeth, an intelligent nine year old girl who earned a scholarship to the school. Unfortunately, you've only been there for a month and don't have any friends. To make matters worse, Randolf, the most popular boy in the school (to the boys) has been annoying you lately.

Now he's stolen your bag and hid it in the boarded off area. It's up to you to retrieve your bag from the area after school is done, so that you can study and pass the big test tomorrow. Maybe you can even find a way to get revenge on Randolf somehow while you're there.

Was made as an entry for the School Based Contest 2016.

--Version 2.0 Update [11/23/2016]--

+ Fixed an issue where players found the password too hard
+ Fixed an issue where end game formatting would burn the player's eyes
+ Fixed scripting issues
+ Now tracking your destruction
+ You can also break more stuff now
+ Added more paths and options
+ Added a way to not be punished
+ Added a more satisfying conclusion
+ Added different possible endings
+ Added a page which tells you everything that you did in case you forgot while playing

Special thanks to TheNewIAP for helping with edits.

Featured Story Koi Koi!

Welcome, Hero!

It's time for you to be sent to another world, one currently under threat by the ancient Demon Lord. Naturally, as you are the Hero, it's up to you, along with a helpful group of legendary samurai, to save the world!

Which you will do by playing the ancient game of Koi Koi!

... Wait, isn't that a card game?

Note: This storygame doesn't diverge as much as most story-wise, as a large portion of it is the card game.

Characters and plot based off of the Mythic Nippon: The Demon God of Sendai campaign played by users here many years ago...

Featured Story Survive the Zombies

Yep, another zombie game.

No worries though, this one is different, it has phases.

Also random deaths are rare (but still exist), use your head and you should be fine.

Endings are (In order of how good they are)

Best: 9001 points

Secret: 8000 points

Excellent: 4000 points

Good: 300 points

Decent: 200 points

Mediocre: 100 points

Bad: 50 points

Death: -666 points


Update: 07-03-2012

- Fixed grammar & spelling errors (more than I would care to admit)

- Added scores for endings

- Fixed some routes

- Made ending phase harder like it was supposed to be

Stats: [197 Pages, 297 Links, 9 Epilogues, 10 end-game achievements, and many different ways to die!]


Hope you enjoy it!

Featured Story Through Time

You play as Jacob, a 28 year old man who has gone nowhere in life. Suddenly, you wake up to find yourself 10 years in the past. Once there, you meet several people who seem to recognize you, but you can't seem to remember them at all. Is your life the only one that went wrong? What really happened in your past?

This storygame plays out like a visual novel, with a unique route for each main character, and a true route. Replaying it more than once is highly recommended to get the full experience.

I also recommend you complete all the good routes before going for the true end, as it ties everything else together.

How to load a saved file:
Go to
Click restore beside the save titled "Through Time"
(You must be logged in, and have a saved file for this to work)

How to interpret your score:
(Max score) 97531  - You completed every route possible.
Score has a 9 - You completed the true end.
Score has a 7 - You completed Olivia's good end.
Score has a 5 - You completed Ian's good end.
Score has a 3 - You completed Tina's good end.
Score has a 1 - You completed Allison's good end.
The actual "score", doesn't matter, just these numbers.

Special Thanks:
Kiel_Farren - For editing and grammar
Tanstaafl - For editing and grammar

Complete Walkthrough (should you require it): Link

Articles Written

How to Create a Codex
A Codex is a page with a list of entrees of different creatures. Each creature has it's own page dedicated to it and the page always links back to the Codex. The key thing about the Codex is that it's accessed through an item and as such can be used at any time in the story. Any Page <------> Codex <------> Any Creature Entry

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Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/31/2022 8:43:22 PM
Yeah, I'm not against hosting a game again, but I'd probably make it less open ended. Endmaster's more clear cut "here's your options make your move" style forum game worked out a lot better as far as engagement was concerned. Probably par for the course given the nature of the site lol. Maybe I could modify it to be less resource based and more event driven. We'll see.

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/31/2022 1:20:39 PM
I might do a shortened combat variant, but probably not the full thing. I think people got overwhelmed with possibilities, or didn't realize they could ask to do whatever and most things would be accepted in some form. Most people made like one or two unique things, then just kinda coasted. I guess a game on a CYS website should be a bit more geared toward giving out options then letting the players think up some. Ultimately this led to people struggling at points they should have been fine at, which I think discouraged people. Funny enough the original timeline had a much more kill-able robot. At about 1 week to Icarus' original return date, the rumoured injured one would show up and have to be dealt with in some way.

Should CYS become a business? on 12/27/2022 4:08:33 PM
Its possible to monitize this the same way youtube/twitch does, that is to say just skim some off of the tips that get sent to authors (if that becomes a thing). In fact to start that may be the least invasive way to monetize.

Merry Christmas on 12/26/2022 12:52:14 PM
Wholesome music like this transcends generations. Should be played in malls on repeat the whole month.

Should CYS become a business? on 12/25/2022 1:28:17 PM
Spring thing used to have some big cash prizes. The lastest one i remember checking didnt though.

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/22/2022 8:19:06 PM
Np, had fun with it. Glad i put the out in though lol. This would have been tough to continue for another month especially with holidays.

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/22/2022 5:59:29 PM
Health-Head 94/150 Health-Torso 200/200 Health-Arm-Left 170/200 Health-Arm-Right 66/200 Health-Leg-Left 150/150 Health-Leg-Right 150/150 Almost took an arm out, and did solid head damage, but that flat 50 armor (intentionally so) makes it super tanky.

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/22/2022 5:24:35 PM
--Ending Fight-- As everyone tensely waits, a few people decide to idly spend their time. Big Whiz, flexing the whole time, decides to pick up large boulders and places them in front of everyone to give some semblance of cover. Tuola also decides to pick up the relic, explaining someone needs to have it to maintain contact with Icarus. Unfortunately, Icarus is beaten by the men of metal. In the distance, a single man of metal is spotted. It is seen sprinting towards the meeting area, as inhumanely as the first time you saw them. In place of arms are large metal swords, which you are somewhat thankful for, as you remember some others have large holes that could produce flames. It towards over everyone at 8 feet tall, making it seem impossibly large. As it approaches Jim and his group decide to heroically man the front-line, with Big Whiz just behind. Ivarr and his group prepare to flank, and Kevin's group holds the rear with the relic. As the man of metal approaches, Kevin lets out a heroic battle-cry, which Big Whiz and soon everyone else joins in with! Everyone with a ranged weapon sends a volley at the incredibly fast machine as it gets into range! Jim and Drystan let off their arrows from their short bow, which hit... and simple bounce off doing no damage. The two curse the fact that they are so hungry they can barely draw the bow. Vesta and Arun are next. Arun manages to breath deep in the moment and get a crit! He does a massive 83 (133 damage minus 50 due to armor) damage to the right arm of the machine. Its arm seems to be operational however, indicating it has more health than you guys. Vesta pulls out a mysterious weapon (revolver) and shoots 6 times rapidly at the crazed machine. It looks very impressive, but unfortunately only 1 shot manages to damage it in its left arm for 30 damage, due to a crit (80-50 due to armor) Big Whiz also throws a rock at the crazed machine for good measure, but to no effect. As the machine gets into melee range, everyone suddenly realizes no one from Kevin's team actually helped with the volley. They turn to find his entire group escaping like cowards towards the sea, relic in hand! Seeing no chance to run themselves, everyone decides to gear up for the fight of their life. The machine easily steps over the 6x6 hole created, as it had eyes and was able to see it. It does however, get hit by the trap of stones, as Arun, hot off his strike against the metal man, lets loose the trap. Somehow, it actually works! But not exactly in the way you expected. The rocks do no damage to the machine, but it does cause it to lose its balance. It stumbles backwards and falls into the pit! Again, it does no damage, but it does momentarily cause it to be trapped. Deciding to take advantage of this, everyone begins attacking its head and arms that are now exposed! (from here on assume damage shown was actually itself +50 taken away due to armor) Ivarr manages to do 17 damage to its right arm! Big Whiz manages to do 11 damage to its right arm! Everyone else manages to connect, but their attacks just bounce harmlessly off the machine. Then it strikes back. It runs the numbers and targets the only two people that managed to injure it. First it targets Ivarr, and with one swift strike, manages to chop his head clean in half (125 damage) killing him instantly. He then targets Big Whiz, who attempts to jump back to dodge, but the machines aim strikes true, and he chops Big Whiz's left leg clean off (116 damage). The group realizes this may have been a bad idea at this point, but its too late now. They're all in on attempting to destroy this abomination. Realizing that their ranged attacks were the only thing to deal any damage, Vesta and Arun take a step back and each prepare a new ranged attack. Meanwhile Big Whiz, undeterred by his lack of limb, goes in for another strike, and deals a respectable 30 damage to its head! No one else manages to deal anything of consequence. The machine then counter attacks, chopping Bronaugh's left arm clean off (188 damage) and Big Whiz's right arm clean off as well (193 damage). Big Whiz is now down to two limbs, but he is able to hop and strike again if needed. Its at this point the machine realizes something, he should probably aim for the human's squishy head and torso, as those are their weak-points. It re-calibrates itself to target those areas, at a loss to its efficiency. Arun and Vesta tell everyone to step back, then shoot a volley of arrows and bullets at the machine... but there are no crits this time, so it does nothing. Missing an arm and a leg, Big Whiz swings at the machine but without any force, just bounces off. Everyone from Jim's group again, through their intense fatigue and hunger, attack the machine, but it does nothing. The machine targets Bronaugh and Big Whiz again. It cuts Bronaugh clean in half through the torso (135 damage) but miraculously, Big Whiz manages to hop back and dodge the large sword just in time. The group all collectively attack the machine yet again... but again it does nothing. Tired of the games, the machine then takes this turn to lift itself out of the hole, and with it towering over everyone around it... it suddenly seems even more intimidating. Letting out one last battle cry, Big Whiz jams his spear as hard as he can into the right arm of the machine with a clean hit, dealing 23 damage. The machine in response decides this weirdly powerful human is too powerful to let live any longer, and he cuts him down cleanly in half, from the his head to the ground (171 damage). So ends the tale of Big Whiz. It then swings at Arun, the other to deal decent damage to him, and separates his lower half from his upper half (147 damage). From there the remaining villagers take turns getting chopped in half while feebly attempting to deal damage. First to go is Vesta, as the only other person left to deal any damage to the machine. He took a sword straight through the face (128 damage). Next was Dystan, who took a stab through the chest, which he somehow managed to survived (99 damage), but he promptly collapsed due to blood loss. Gulliver and Jim were next, each being chopped clean in half (117 and 145 damage respectively). Finally stood Raca, the poor, abused and bullied Raca. She threw her weapon to the ground in a last ditch attempt to be spared, but in turn the machine merely cut her head clean off (180 damage). During all of this, Kevin and his group had been retreating to the coast. Their plan was simple, use some of the drift-wood that was lying around, to float into the water, and somehow escape the man of metal. It was a bold strategy, and no one was really sure if it would work, but it seemed far more sound than attempting to face one of those things. Tuola, being quite fast, was the first to reach the shore. He tossed the relic on a large piece of wood, then ran into the water. Shortly after he saw the rest of his clan in the distance, sprinting towards the water as well. He smiled, if only for a moment, as they had barely reached the water before the man of metal could be seen in the distance, covered in blood. Tuola thought for sure they could still make it... probably... all but Glugol at least. It seems everyone had forgotten about his minor leg injury that he still had. Normally it wouldn't matter, but in this life or death situation, it made all the difference. As he judged the distance himself, Glugol slowed down, and raised his arm in solidarity with his clanmates. He wouldn't be able to make it to the shore, but he certainly could slow down the man of metal, to ensure everyone else made it. He turned and faced the man of metal, stone axe in hand. As the machine reached him, he swung forward with everything he had, and somehow managed a crit! He dealt 26 damage to the head of the machine as it leaned forward to strike him with its own blow. In retaliation, it struck Glugol's chest (156), then raised the sword up, to cut him straight through his head, gruesomely ending his heroic sacrifice. It turned out to be a invaluable one, as the other members of his clan hit the water with their own pieces of driftwood as just body his the ground. The machine sprinted towards the group, as they feverishly swam further and further into the blue water. For a moment everyone thought it would simply stop at the coast, but to their horror it continued to sprint forward, as fast as it could while in the water. Now together, the clan grouped their logs to make some sort of makeshift raft, with Tuola and the relic on top, and kicked forward like their lives depended on it. After several minutes of intense kicking, Tuola screamed with joy and pointed behind them. The man of metal had indeed gone into the water, but as soon as it had reached its torso, it stopped in place. It menacingly starred them down, but made no effort to move. It was at this point that the group was yet again thankful for it only having swords. A short while later, the relic came to life. Icarus asked for the situation, to which he was informed. Satisfied the man of metal would be no threat, he brought his ship down, and in 15 short minutes the clan could see the a large object falling from the sky, directly towards them! Icarus calmed them, telling them it was him. The strange object was large, at least the size of several carriages, and made of a material everyone could only assume was what the men of metal were made of. No one had any idea how it was flying, but they were thankful for its presence. Icarus held the ship, floating just above the water, so that everyone could get in. His initial descent caused the makeshift drift-wood raft to collapse, and the relic fell into the sea as a result. Tuola had tried to go after it, but Icarus stopped him, saying they had to leave. The four survivors, Kevin, Tuola, Nausk and Attentum, all manage to safely get into the ship. Where they end up is another tale, but at the very least, the managed to survive this land as a tribe. --Game End--

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/21/2022 8:04:02 PM
I'll give some time for you to do actions here and tomorrow I'll move things along. If nothing is said otherwise, I'll assume you attempt to fight the men of metal (should any show) to the death.

Tribal Survival - Game Thread on 12/21/2022 8:03:44 PM
"Well, I wish you good luck tomorrow! I'll ping the beacon just before I decide to land, and make contact with you to confirm the area is safe," Icarus says, and with that he leaves you. The group exchanges worried glances, but everyone heads back to their villages for the night. When they return the next day, they return together... mostly. To start, there's a trap that can rolls rocks down from a height just as discussed yesterday, with a proud Arun standing beside it. Beside him is Vesta and Arun. To their side is Kevin, along with Tuola, Nausk, Glugol and Attentum, who followed them home one night and never left. To the side of them is Jim and his group - Raca, Gulliver, Stan and Bronaugh. All of whom look absolutely starved, and will likely be of little use in the coming battle. And finally, to the side of Jim, all alone but constantly posing and looking incredible, is Big Whiz. All in all there are 14 people present. There's no men of metal yet, but they could arrive any minute. If there's any last minute changes to the plan, or any inspirational speeches, they're going to have to happen now. Icarus should be getting in contact with you in the next 5 to 10 minutes, and from there you only have to survive 15 more minutes. It'll be the longest half an hour any of you have ever gone through. --The Last Day Begins--