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"Clearly Orange is a faggot and also a straight whore" -Steve

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Forest of Past Voices

Elliot hears news that his aunt is dying. He has to trek through a forest haunted by his own memories in order to see her before she passes. There are two paths through the forest and two true endings. They are both clearly marked as 'epilogue.' The maturity level is probably a bit of an exaggeration but there's some material that is definitely mature in one of the paths.


When the scientists at HappyCo created a one time injection that makes you feel nothing but happiness for the rest of your life, people lined up to get it. Unfortunately, the world soon found out that happy people aren't motivated to do much of anything and the global economy collapsed. There's no real estimate on how many people didn't get the mandatory injection but Mike, a serial killer in Texas, is determined to find as many of them as possible.


Penthos, the Greek daimon of grief, begins destroying Seattle, forcing people to feel more grief than ever. There are three true endings, each clearly labeled 'epilogue.' This is my entry for the 2017 Chaos contest.


Warning: rated 7/8 for a reason. It's about the apocalypse, so naturally, there is gore. Not excessively detailed gore, but it is still present.

Song of Nothing

Nothing doesn't exist, but still he helps others and resists fate.

The Ballad of the Orchard

The goddess of an orchard has been alone with only trees for company for the last thousand years. Then one day, a little boy comes to her orchard. There is one true ending, you'll know when you find it because it says "true ending."

The Cliff

In a small Alaskan fishing town, Val lost everything.

The Mortician

I ran my hand along her porcelain skin

Stillness greeted my soft touch

I kissed her smooth and lovely neck

Cold fingers stuck in my clutch


I did not know her when she lived

But here she was in my arms

I sniffed her hair and touched her breast

Her body would meet no harm


If people knew my secret fantasies

They’d surely think me mental

But they just do not understand

I am always, always gentle

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I'll try to actually make something this time.

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I never thought I'd survive the apocalypse. I'm shocked that I made it this far, honestly.

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They better be the best 900 words I've ever read.

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I love a lot of these prompts but I think I'll take prompt 13.

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Hi everyone! I apologize for posting this a bit late but here is my scoring. There are 100 points maximum:

30 points- prose or writing style

10 points- theme

20 points- grammar/spelling 

10 points- branching

30 points- interesting story


Vampyr - Epilogue on 5/24/2020 9:07:37 PM

Belinda addressed the town, firm in her loyalty, "please be aware that King Charlie may not WANT to eat a werebadger. I certainly wouldn't, much too hairy. I understand that he must eat one of us and I am fine with that. Sacrifices must be made after all. I give my vote to Charlie, as I will vote for whoever he would most like to eat, even if that is me." 

A Vampyr in Cyspool on 5/24/2020 4:16:24 PM

Belinda was ready. Finally a king worthy of the great castle that stands in Cyspool. Someone who could overtake that stupid shitty Cystia once and for all. "Yes Charlie, I will vote for you as king. Let's put Cyspool back on the map."