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Writing Process

7 years ago
I know we all have different ways to write and different ways to develop our stories. I know that some people will spend a great deal of time planning while others will just write what appears in their head. I know some will spend days working on proofreading and fine-tuning a story, while others will just write and go.

But I think that writing a choose your own story story can be a bit different.

I was thinking of trying another way of writing one of these stories, and was wondering if anyone had tried the method, or had any thoughts on it. Here is what I'm thinking of trying:

Write a story. I know, this is what people normally do. But I'm thinking of writing just a story -- no choices, no options, just a simply story. Then, once the story is completely, 100% done, ready for reading by others, go back into the story and look for a decision point. Find a point where I can say, "Hey, what if character X didn't do that? What if they did something else?" Then take that point and complete that story -- completely and 100% done. Now I've got a CYS story with one decisions point. Find another decision point in any part of either story I have now and do it again. Repeat.

I wonder if anyone writes this way, has tried to write this way, or has any thoughts around writing something this way.

Writing Process

6 years ago

That's a nice idea, but a pretty grand scale. 

Writing Process

6 years ago
I don't know, does it have to be?

Story: Little Johnny woke up, looked out his window, then headed outside. He rode his bike to Little Timmy's house. When he arrived there, they played in the sprinkler until Timmy's mom called them in for lunch. They ate lunch and Johnny went home.

What if Johnny didn't ride his bike to Johnny's?

Story 1 is the same as the initial story. Story 2: Little Johnny woke up, looked out his window, then headed outside. He decided to walk across the street to Suzy's house. They played with dolls until Suzy's mom ordered a pizza. They ate pizza and Johnny spilled coke on the rug, so Suzy's mom told him to go home.

What if, in story 1, it was raining outside?


Writing Process

6 years ago

Okay, point. My mind instantly went to writing novels and thought of all the complexity. Good point.