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I'm an old hand at storytelling but completely new to writing.

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The Northern Settlement

"The world is what we'll make of it, and there's furs, iron and gold aplenty to the north!" The princeling told us. He was gathering the coin, and he was gathering us. He promised us riches, so we followed him on a few ships he had chartered to claim the land to the north. First landing is about to commence.

Boarding Action

The colonization of the solar system is underway. With that regular lanes of travel and communication need to be kept open.

This is where you come in. You are Marine second class Garfield. Your job is to board Disabled and destroyed Pirate vessels so engeneers can clear away the hulks before they become a threat to non-planetary life.

Corgi's Quest

Be the knight! Save the kingdom! Or really just deal with petty squabbles and underwhelming threats (if you're smart about it) to your little plot of land.

Deal with court politics, squelch bandits, fight beasts, and get around to doing something about those pesky goblinoids.

Dragoon's Charge

This is a story about a gut shot Dragoon's charge into the enemy.

This story is for Mizal's "Lone Hero" Competition.

Aditional branching added the Ninth day of November 2019.

For the Empire

As a recruit for the Imperial forces, fight the various rebels, secessionists, pirates, criminals, and the indigenous forces of various oppressed worlds. Bring peace and civilization to the Galaxy with the equality and opportunities that the Empire brings to all its citizens.

In Cave and Trench

A kobold's fight.

Ten Blocks

The zombie apocalypse has kicked off! It's time to pick up your chainsaw and get to work... except you know that's a very bad idea. You have a fair collection of knives around your home, but you are also smart enough to realize how martially capable you are, which isn't very.
Maybe you'll just wait things out a little bit longer until you feel it's safe enough to make it farther than your front porch

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Collecting all Artists on 9/1/2020 4:41:23 PM

I was expecting more hats.

June is Noob Threshing Month! on 7/15/2020 1:12:39 AM

Good job everyone!

The adventures of Sir Corgi! on 5/15/2020 6:15:12 PM

“Puppy!” the 600 pound creature declared as it chased the dog.

“Nope! Nope! Nope! Get your Cheeto stained fingers away from me. No no! The ones covered in Fried chicken grease isn’t any better.” The fully sapient Corgi told the lumbering biped.

“Puppy!” The maybe human says in response.

“No! Stop! Cease! Do you speak the Queens English!” The dog replies

The dog continues at a slow trot staying well out of the lumbering beasts reach. Finally sighting an elderly man sitting on his porch he realizes he may have found a rescuer.

“Good Sir! Please call the authorities! I require assistance!”

“Oh, that may not be wise. You’re an uncollared dog and the thing chasing you is technically human. You’ll likely get thrown in the pound where it can get you easier.”

“Puppy!” the beast replies to the interchange.

“Ah. I’m left to my final resort then. Ahem.” The Corgi sits and face the beast before taking in a deep breath.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!!!!” The tiny dog screeches.

Unperturbed the lumbering beast closed the distance. “Puppy!”

“Ah. I knew my end would come someday. I had even hoped it would be from extreme obesity. Not like this though.”

The Dog accepting it’s fate sits still and waits for the disgusting fingers of the grotesque beast.

“Puppy.” Was all the monster said as it reached down to pet the dog. It’s fingers never made contact with fur. Unknown by the Monster. Corgi’s were bred to be so short that they could herd cattle. The distinct advantage of their short stature was so that when a Cow kicked out it would pass over the dogs head. This feature saves our hero this day.

“Aha!” The dog says as the beasts hoof passes overhead.

“(Strained Grunting)” Is the only reply the monster has.

The old man pipes up. “You’re not out of the woods yet. Look at that critter. It’s going to tip itself over trying to pet you.”

Looking up the Dog can see he’s right. “Well what could I do about that?”

“I don’t know. Looking at it, you’d think it would have gotten tired and given up following you by now. Maybe it’s scared of something?”

“This creature has been following me for three hours. It stopped for a snack hourly and still managed to follow me. It’s gotten more disgusting every time it’s stopped to consume something.” Says the dog.

“Heh. Looks like it might be afraid of anything unprocessed plant. I got a smashed Watermelon in my front garden you can try to distract it with.”

“Why do you keep smashed watermelons around?”

“It was whole before I shot the kid trying to steal it. The kid dropped it and it broke.”

“How have you not been arrested!? Wait forget that. Can you shoot this horrifying beast?” The dog yells.

“The shotgun’s loaded with rock salt. It won’t kill anything, just sting for a few days.”

The dog finding itself in a position where it just wants a few minutes of freedom from the lumbering lard wriggles its way under the fence and scoops half a watermelon up with its head. Turning around with his watermelon helm the monster finally notices that the puppy it was trying to pet is gone.

“Lookout! It’s spotted you!” The old man yells right before the beast notices the walking vegetation coming it’s way.

The beast recoils in horror as the watermelon approaches it. The short Sapient Dog sensing the fear through his Fruit impaired senses charges the beast with his traditional battle cry.


The beast lunges back further than would be expected and trips over the pickup. Rolling over the truck doing severe body damage on it’s way it comes to a rest in the center of the road.

“AW COME ON!” The old man yells.

“Sorry about the truck!” The dog quickly responds.

“I’m not worried about the truck. I can fix that, and the insurance will pay me to do it. It’s going to take the county a week to get around to moving that lard ass out of the middle of the road! Ah well. It’ll be hilarious when kids come speeding down the street. You can keep the melon.”

“Thank you, good Sir!” The dog responds.

“Heh. You sort of look like a little knight. You got a name kid?...Dog!?”

“Just Corgi, Sir.”

“Heh. Corgi Sir sounds like an odd name. I might just call you Sir Corgi instead.”

With new armor and name. The Sapient Canine went on his way. He didn’t ride off into the Sunset or anything. He went to the nearest unwatched trashcan and got into a fight with racoons over leftover fast food. That’s a Tale for another time.

Hello There :) on 5/4/2020 9:52:58 PM

Outstanding! We need lots of readers and reviewers. Make sure to leave a rating and a constructive review at the end of anything you finish reading.

If you like fantasy I'd suggest you read Necromancer, followed by Death's Song, followed by Eternal. You'll at least be able to get the big Easter eggs in those.

If you like horror this one here's worth a look. It takes a few things you might be familiar with and makes them funny/creepy.

If you'd care for a mystery romance this one is my favorite that I've read from the site so far.

Enjoy the site. There's plenty to read all of varying qualities. Remember to rate and review them!

Hello There :) on 5/4/2020 5:29:34 PM

Welcome to the site! Are you a reader or just a writer?

Hello There :) on 5/4/2020 5:25:33 PM

Nothing. Aurelian is the name of a Roman Emporer. Aurelius is a Latin deviation from that. If you picked that name you're either into Harry Potter because that name popped up there. Or super into Roman history. There are other options like it's your real first name or you just pulled a name from your subconscience and it happened to infer that you were an heir to the throne of Rome.

Episodic to Epic? on 5/3/2020 5:01:13 PM

I'd actually advise that you start out with several shorter stories. If you look at the profiles of the authors that write those epics you will see a number of shorter stories along with the occasional Epic. If you delve deeper into the writing workshop you'll see a number of authors that showed up to the site, talked about writing an epic, then got burned out and never showed up again.

I'd suggest that you start writing the slice of life stories you've come up with in small portions where you only have one POV. Switching POV isn't popular here and is difficult to do well in a CYOA. This will leave you room to improve your writing with editors and also lets you use future or previous characters as Easter Eggs.

EndMaster's short stories on 5/3/2020 3:59:50 PM

I'm pumped about that. I take comfort in the fact that you write exponentially more often than George R. R. Martin.

Hello everyone! on 4/27/2020 4:31:43 PM

Welcome to the site!

If you're looking for recomendations, anything by EndMaster is great. I would recomend reading Necromancer, then Death Song, followed by Eternal if you want to delve into his fantasy.

If you're into horror. I've personally enjoyed these.

Dead man walking is pretty much the best zombie game on the site. The Disney story is just a short horror story that's fun.

This one right here is a good mystery/romance if you're feeling in the mood for that.

Welcome to the site. If you finish a story make sure to leave a review.

The house on the mountain range... on 4/16/2020 5:08:43 PM

Quit trying to find a partner for this. It's an option, but it's usually one that's requested by noobs that want someone else to do their work for them. Don't be that guy.

Yeah. You're not good yet. I was the same when I got here. I'm still not good yet, but I don't write enough to change that. Poisonmara is night and day from when she started here. You can still choose which one of us you want to be like.

"Throwing pearls before swine" is a biblical parable about not presenting prescious things to people that will tear it apart. For one, you're going to need to show people what you wrote if you want to improve. Just like you did where all of your mistakes were pointed out. For two, you just called us all pigs. Be carefull with your parables.