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Biscuits and Ghosts

An estranged lover meets an estranged lover, and together they solve a mystery that has been plaguing Blackwood for some time.


The stunning conclusion to the Blackwood Chronicles!

And while this story does stand alone, a clever ghost might read Edithe Zilonis and Soul Thief beforehand. . .

Featured Story Edithe Zilonis

An undertaker meets a dead woman who is more alive than most of the living.

A (mostly) illustrated story involving a very mysterious murder, ghostly romance and spirits possessing --- the dead?

Let's not worry ourselves with the details. This is Blackwood, after all.


UPDATE 11/9/19: Housekeeping and an added Bonus Update Epilogue. All your questions will be answered in time. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/13/20: New, better art (finally!) The original art looked like it was hastily drawn in twenty minutes as if I was completely over this story by the time for illustrations came. (You all can tell me when my art sucks, sheesh!) Enjoy!

Featured Story Soul Thief

The Gods discover a soul thief among humans.

A story about an ethereal romance and an otherworldly mystery.


Entrant and winner of EndMaster's IS "Resurrection" Contest!

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Halloween Writing Jam on 9/19/2020 10:50:35 AM
Haha, I'm always up for a spooky story. Thank you!

Halloween Writing Jam on 9/19/2020 10:35:00 AM

Count me in. :~)

#27 - Let's Make a Story Redux on 9/10/2020 6:27:51 PM

Hakkan heaved the rock, struck the eggshell of this Humpty Dumpty, shattering him into pieces, and from the egg shards an enormous, dark, shadowy monster appeared in a swirl of black dust --- a dreamleech indeed.

Collecting all Artists on 8/30/2020 5:18:39 PM

Haha, it was a gift for a friend! And definitely not my usual.

Collecting all Artists on 8/30/2020 11:45:55 AM

Hello, I'm MHD and I don't just draw silly comics on niche writing website. :~)

I've also been doing $10 character sketches and $15 flat color character sketches if anyone is interested!

Collecting all Artists on 8/29/2020 11:42:36 PM

Obviously, the same way anyone else is able to perform incredible feats!

Collecting all Artists on 8/29/2020 10:38:18 PM

I have to keep all my sporks in separate cups or they'll fight! ;~P

Collecting all Artists on 8/29/2020 10:35:16 PM

I can't go back! :~(

Collecting all Artists on 8/29/2020 4:08:22 PM

Alright, you caught me. It was all just a ploy to cover up who I really ship! ;~)

Collecting all Artists on 8/29/2020 2:52:23 PM

I swear it was entirely coincidental! My art has a terrible case of same face (or same, cloaked-face) sometimes. ;~P