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After The "Happy" Part

A twisted romantic(if you'd like to think of it that way)/horror story.


The loveless man weeps, seeking out his one and only true love. No matter the cost.

He will most defiantly kill, break, and forever change, anyone who stands in his way.

She cries out, "save me!" as she turns to you. The reader.

Be her savior, or killer, lead her through this changes, to happiness, or her death.

Be careful, every choice you make leads her to her fate.

Whether good or bad, click and see.



Most of the stories are short, but there are many.

I am not the best writer, I know.

Please tell me if there is (if there is any) spelling/punctuation errors. Stuff like that bugs the crap outta me.

Don't ask me questions about this, it's suppose to leave you asking questions.

It's not the most descriptive story, it's not suppose to be, and give me a break, it's my first story game.

Half the time someone will end up insane, so if a character does a strange thing, they're most likely insane.

Enjoy please, I almost gave up on this, so hearing you like it means so much to me.

Blackwood Chronicles
A spooky, vintage story written for my English class. It took one month. I never hoped so hard.

v. 2.0

99.01% finished

One Day Romance
You have the entire school day to win your soulmate's affection. Including, actually talking to, flirting with and making sure she knows you exist too.

Good luck!

Sort the Court (CYOA Style)
Rise up as a leader of a small kingdom. Answer a series of Yes/No questions and turn your village into a city.

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Ooh, me, me! ^^

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Untitled on 2/24/2017 9:43:48 AM

Untitled on 2/24/2017 9:43:14 AM

Words: 300

I stared at the cockatiel. He looked at me with a tilt of his head then ruffled his feathers before tucking his beak back into them, cozy and warm with his own little radiance. Without him and that light, my studio would have been dark, with my lamps shut off in an effort to save money. The light shown through his nostrils and eyelids, bouncing off my papers and a photo of my beloved that rested under my palm. Beloved's dark eyes looked at me through between two fingers, and upon one, was a diamond ring.

In my other hand, a wine class, stained with the red wine of whose reminisce was a few drops at the very bottom. I had to take my mind from the gifts I received from my beloved. The first being the bird, that had travelled thousands of miles, with it, letters in his handwriting.

He wrote how much he loved me, told me how his trip was and how much he missed me. There were pages upon pages, and of later that would be wet with my tears, as I missed him just as much.

And after my mind had finally emptied, the words that echoed from my mind and onto the walls faded, the room grew completely silent, save for the cockatiel's soft breathing. My eyes were the only thing to move, between the bird and his photo.

Then, my mouth followed and said the words, "I love you" to the cockatiel, who had as soon as I had stated such a thing, perked up and recited it back to me, clearly and lovingly.

It was not in the package I had received my beloved's final gift. It was from two men dressed nicely in military uniforms, who met me outside my door.

February Contest & End's EdgeLord Contest on 2/22/2017 8:01:30 PM
I don't know if there is a cutoff, but I'd like to join!

Writing Prompts Week #7 on 2/17/2017 9:59:25 PM

I'm really sorry I'm so late to getting these to you guys, @Crescentstar @Seto ! We had a recent addition to the family, so this week has been hectic!

Wolf, fox, raven & panther!

Adorable pokemon-looking dragon creature....(plus rainbow version)

Writing Prompts Week #7 on 2/13/2017 3:46:01 PM

I thought by this point it would be clear! :P Yes, upon winning, you send me a holler!

Writing Prompts Week #7 on 2/13/2017 1:53:14 PM

So far we've had a jewish bear drinking orange juice and a mustached gentleman sipping tea.

Can our upcoming winners top these excellent requests? ^_^

Also here's a gold star for all the runner ups! Very appreciated.