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Featured Story Blooded

Take control of Samuel, a young man thrust into a world of bloodthirsty creatures of the night, howling beasts cursed by the moon, horrifying demons and worse.

This is our entry for Bucky's 2016 Halloween Contest. Enjoy!

Broken Chains

For Bucky's 2016 Wilderness contest. 

Take the role of an Imperial slave in one of the cruelest regimes imaginable. Without rights or legal personhood, you are forced to labour on the Frontier; the edge of a gargantuan, continent-spanning forest where the Imperium is locked in a fierce conflict with the resident elves. 

Be warned, though; your choices will have consequences.

Broken Chains: Blood on the Marble

A second entry in the Broken Chains universe. Also, an entry to Bucky's 2017-2018 Prompt Contest.


A science-fiction horror game by Malkalack. Expect gore, and foul language. I make no claims about its quality.

Big thanks to Mizal for her help on editing this. 

Kingdom of the Fist

Leather and Chrome

Mad Max fanfiction.

Mors Vincit Omnia

An entry to EndMaster's romance contest; I literally only published this to avoid being cast into the shame pit. 


All the cool cats are doing edutainment these days

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Clan MacMillan, My family tale. on 4/5/2018 7:28:15 AM

what is it with fucking Americans and wanting to trace their lineage like a goddamn dog breeder 

Ready Player One on 4/2/2018 11:29:41 PM

Ernest Cline is a faggot, a beta, and a trashcan dweller, all in equal measure . It would stand that any adaptation of his his work would be drenched in shit. 

Trypophobia and Phobias in General on 3/26/2018 10:45:34 PM

Dark hallways upset me. Something about the act of traversing freaks me out. I love walking out at night, and I love being in dark houses, but hallways always freak me out. 

Dungeons and Dragons- The Worst Kinds of Players on 3/24/2018 1:02:45 PM

fuck, the way that dude says "we wore cloaks" kills me 

Dungeons and Dragons- The Worst Kinds of Players on 3/23/2018 1:47:37 PM

this is when the DM drops rocks on them 

Tears on 3/23/2018 12:26:22 AM

Wes Anderson movies are always kind of sad. Grand Budapest Hotel usually bums me out, even though I've seen the thing at least a dozen times at htis point 

Tears on 3/22/2018 11:05:40 AM

I cried about death song ngl 

(A)Sexuality on 3/20/2018 7:46:28 AM

I'd probably suck the right dick 

St. Patrick’s Day on 3/17/2018 7:59:54 PM

tiocfaidh ár lá, take back the six counties