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I was born after your mom sat on your secret sock

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Take control of Samuel, a young man thrust into a world of bloodthirsty creatures of the night, howling beasts cursed by the moon, horrifying demons and worse.

This is our entry for Bucky's 2016 Halloween Contest. Enjoy!

Broken Chains

For Bucky's 2016 Wilderness contest. 

Take the role of an Imperial slave in one of the cruelest regimes imaginable. Without rights or legal personhood, you are forced to labour on the Frontier; the edge of a gargantuan, continent-spanning forest where the Imperium is locked in a fierce conflict with the resident elves. 

Be warned, though; your choices will have consequences.

Burning Skies

Farmer Joe

Every day, after you get home from the fields, you force your wife to make you dinner, beat the hell out of her, tell your son he's going to go to Hell and lock your daughter up like the sinful whore she is before showering the manure off your fat self.

It's a simple routine, but it works. Ever since you inherited "Graemare Farms" from your father, who inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father (who was cast out of the family for fucking his cousin) you've enjoyed your life, like the pathetic degenerate you are. 

But lately, things have been going wrong. These damned things called "furries" keep showing up. What's worse, is that they eat (and molest) your livestock!

Can you manage driving off the furries, while keeping your family in their appropriately repressed positions?

Find out, in Farmer Joe...

Green Places

Mars Alpha

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Doesn't the Bible have rules about how to treat your slaves? 

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It smells like prepubescent frustration and sock jizz. Freud could write a fucking paper about that Discord

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Nous avons besoins plus des Canadiens et Canadiennes. 

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Pascal's Wager is for dumb jerk-offs. Any religion could be plausible, and most of them are mutually exclusive. 

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Fuck off you noncontributing wanker

How to deal with writers block on 6/10/2017 8:29:27 PM

The articles are almost as badly written as the sum-total of everything you've contributed to the site. 

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In which Puddlebunni only describes the bits he jerked off to

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Thou hast copulated with a cat, O Blazewhisker. 

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Steve. Straight. lolololololol