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My favorite online CYOA games are The Paradox Factor, Ground Zero, Necromancer, and The Devil's Fire.





"I bring ... death! How dare you try and give me life?"


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Featured Story Fan Fic: Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?



My interpretation of one of my favorite TV shows from childhood: Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? This work is primarily based on the TV game show version rather than the computer game, book, or cartoon versions.


Author's note: Please do not cheat by using the Back button- just remember to Save the game every time you're promoted and Restore if you happen to lose.


P.S. See if you can find all the Easter Eggs!

The Flame

An allegory.


Author's note: the title of this story is actually The Fire, but someone else already created a storygame with that title, so I couldn't give it the title that I wanted. My second choice for the title was The Light, but another person already took that title as well, so, if you don't mind, just pretend that the title of this story is The Fire.

Warlords: Strategic Conquest

A story set in medieval China.

Note: Even early on in the game you can lose by making a strategically erroneous choice so choose carefully.

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Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 11/20/2017 10:38:48 PM

Charlie Rose is the latest exposed predator. That was unexpected.

Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 11/10/2017 10:07:45 PM

My money's on George R. R. Martin being next. There has to be a reason why it's taken him so long to finish ASOIAF.

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 12:33:06 AM

The reason was mentioned in the comment that replied to the questionnaire.

Steve demands attention! on 4/16/2017 9:20:30 PM

Not sure if you're serious, but you are confounding transvestites with transgender people. Transvestites are just cross-dressers.


Edit: if you wanted an answer on transgenderism, it reduces overpopulation, so I'm all for it. I was scared of transvestites, not transgender people.

Steve demands attention! on 4/16/2017 9:03:59 PM

I have nothing else better to do right now, and I like answering questionnaires because they help me to become more aware of my own personality, so I'm going to type an answer.

1. Centrist. I hold liberal positions on some issues and conservative positions on other issues.

2. Completely legal. One of my main goals in life is to reduce overpopulation. Anything that reduces world population without negatively affecting the quality of my life is in line with what I want.

3. I was raised atheist, but I am a practicing Daoist. 5, because I live my life in a Daoist way pretty much all the time. Daoism doesn't have any gods per se, though.

4. Homosexuality reduces world overpopulation, so, the more homosexuals there are, the better it is for me.

5. Transvestites alarm me with their willingness and proclivity to violate social norms. Anyone who is willing to violate a social norm is more likely to violate other social norms, such as not hurting others or murdering others, so, the more social norms a person violates, the more likely they are to also violate social norms that keep me safe, and thus the more scared I am of what they may do. Other than that, it really doesn't matter to me at all. Would not fuck Jenner.


7. I want the government to work harder to enforce anti-immigration laws because it reduces American overpopulation.

8. 1. He's a crook who is brazenly using the office for personal gain, to a degree never seen before in American history. 

9. Islam is fine with me. There are good Muslim people and bad Muslim people in the world, just like every other religion.

10. II. I. III. VII. V. IV. VI.

11. Bhutan. Brunei. Taiwan. Mongolia. China.

12. Obviously yes, for the aforementioned reasons. The current standards for capital punishment are fine with me.

13. Overall, I'm for moderate gun regulation- no mental illness, felonies, etc. A government must fear its citizens in order to rule justly. Background checks should be moderate. The more powerful the weapon, the more stringent the background checks should be. Accuracy would depend on what the cop's target is.

14. Obviously.

[Forum] Age limit on new users on 4/4/2017 4:22:55 AM

If you want to get around people lying about their age, perhaps you can ask new members questions that demonstrate a measure of maturity and/or literary ability that must be answered correctly in order to join the site (or else be locked out of the site for a year or something), like:

Though America financed and built the pedestal on which the Statue of Liberty stands, the statue itself was a gift from France. In this way the complete work, much like the United States, is a product of both American and French contributions. At one time America was ruled by the British. The founding fathers of America chose to fight against Great Britain for the independence of their country. France supported America by providing money, men, and weapons of war. Had it not been for French contributions during the Revolutionary War, America would not exist in the way that it does today; therefore, it is quite fitting that the Statue of Liberty, which represents freedom, came to being by a joint American and French effort. On October 28th, 1886, just over one-hundred years after America declared its independence from Great Britain, the Statue of Liberty was completed and dedicated by its designer, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. 

Which choice best expresses the main idea of the paragraph?

a. France assisted the United States in the Revolutionary War.

b. The statue was a joint effort between France and the U.S. just like U.S. independence.

c. The U.S. was once a colony of Great Britain.

d. The statue of liberty was dedicated 100 years after America declared its independence. 




Write the following as an expression: 3 less than the triple of x

a. 3x + 3

b. 3x - 3

c. 3 - 3x

d. 3 - x

Turn based strategy games on 10/31/2016 8:08:18 AM


If you could start up your own restaurant... on 6/9/2016 10:35:45 PM

A food stand named Uncle Z's Snack Shack that sells SPAMwiches (grilled SPAM slices on small sandwich rolls, fried eggs optional), hot dogs, soft pretzels, and scallion pancakes, all made fresh and hot on the griddle. The idea is that the griddle is all that I need to cook on, and the offered items are all favorite flat griddle-cooked items of mine. The items are all snack items selling for low prices to attract high customer volume, but many people will buy more than one item, and drinks will be a relatively high-margin offering.

What defines a hero? on 3/31/2016 6:03:56 AM

Someone who gives you something that you need that you cannot get for yourself.

The Zahada online riddles on 3/3/2016 8:59:16 AM


What a ride. I just finished the last level- 100. I managed to get 21 out of the 25 riddles in Phase 3 correct without using a walkthrough or hints.