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Ok here is some info about me!


Grade: I am going to middle school this August!

State: Peoria Arizona

Things about me: I am sensitive so in comments no bad words and try to be gentle! I love pizza and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. I like reading Big Nate, Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, and James Patterson books. I want to be a missionary and a author when I grow up. I also like to write fan fictions about SpongeBob. I am a Christian and right now I am going to a Christian school. I try not to hurt others feeling. I hate bullies and mean teachers too.My favorite movies are Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, and Toy Story 1,2, and 3 (I am hoping they make a Toy Story 4). My favorite color is blue. The color of my eyes are brown. My favorite desert is brownies. I work really, really, really hard on my story games! I like to play on Poptropica too. And I am a big fan of Legos and the Lego Movie! I like Ice Age condental drift. I have my mom, dad, 5 sisters, pet hamster, my sisters pet dog, my other sisters pet dog, a brother in law, a neice, and a nefew. The rest if my family is in Indiana and Missippie also Georgia. And I like the new Disney Channel show Girl Meets World. I also am a big fan of musicals. Like High School musical I like 1 and 3. Number 2 didn't make sense because it didn't even take place in a high school! That's all about me!

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Choose your own fairytale: the books

You are just an ordinary guy/girl. You need to do a report for school so you go to the library. You take a brake in the library and see a book of fairytales. You had a vision you went into the story if Snow White (the story game of choose your own fairytale before this). Now you must right a fairytale. You must create your fairytale (story)!

Me my sister and Frozen

Everyone likes the hit movie Frozen! Well this game is all about it, but I added a few extra characters.

You live in Arrendale with your parents and brother and sister. But when the gates close you are a little upset because you don't know why. All you know is that there is word that Elsa is shutting Anna out to. You have to deal with you big sister Kate as you embark on this adventure based on the Disney Movie Frozen! Don't worry unless you maintains a relationship with Kate then you will get the main ending! Just remember family is never left behind.

(By the way in comments please do not tell people to stay far away from the game. Because other people might like it. I hope you do like it because I worked really hard on this!)

Slumber Party

You go to sweet slumber party! Have fun, do a pillow fight, and make sure to make the night worth wild!

There is no losing in this game! It's all about having fun! In this game you can either be a boy who has a bunch of friends who are girls or a girl who has a bunch of friends who are girls! This is ok for all ages and  genders!

The Land of Forever Excitement!

This game is the land I wish to visit! This is my dream world! Some of you may think my dreams are weird. And some people may think it's not. I am free for your opinions on this game! I just want you too know this game comes from the mind of me!

In this game you live in a land of castles, unicorns, rainbows, and modern stuff from today! You will see anything can happen in The Land of Forever Excitement!

You, Kate, and Michele

This is a sequel to Me My Sister and Frozen. In this story You join your sister Kate in an adventure. You embark with your sister Kate on her dream to be an explorer. You guys first adventure is in England. I'm their will be surprising things and familiar faces from Tarzan.