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DepressedTaco is a depressed taco who enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and other tedious hobbies that are outdated but fun. 


Man, my stories are stupid. 


A Lonely Pacifist

Stranded in a shell hole, you and a few comrades are stuck in the middle of warfare.

Survive against the cold, water, food, and enemies.

Maybe there's a peaceful option...

Other Colors

A rather serious, violent horror game.

Has some aspects of psychological horror.

Moments of happiness are far and few in the dark world of Artrax, a group of rebels breach a facility and steal a man-made virus and enhance it, and threaten to release it if they don't change their corrupt laws and ways. 


The government doesn't care, knowing the rebels can't release the virus without getting infected themselves.

However, the pathogen evolves by itself and escapes the rebel's hands into the open world, where it spreads rapidly, and the already broken down society falls apart completely.  

Restrained Rage

You wake up.

You get trained.

You're heavily restrained in every way.

You go to sleep.


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What the...okay, but I prefer to not my protagonist or antagonist a pedophile.

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Ahhh, I see. Sad tbh, I used to love those books.