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IFDB Outpost on 2/28/2021 4:11:14 PM
Is this the expression you all have sitting at your keyboards every day? Maybe I could get used to it...

IFDB Outpost on 2/28/2021 3:43:51 PM
H-hurray? I suppose I'll accept being adopted as long as I don't have to write anything, or read anything. Honestly I'm probably just going back to ignoring the entire IF community, everything was great for years when I was just playing the games. I only started browsing the intfiction board out of boredom in the last few months and both times I've tried to post there I just got attacked. I've really be struggling with depression lately as it is and I don't need that kind of pressure. Twine works for what I want to do, it's not ideal but it's what I'm using. But the majority of people who are into IF and especially Twine just don't like to read very much, funny as it sounds for a community centered around text games. That's something I only realized later. My "game" (really more of an interactive novel) is about a diverse group of girls in a prince's harem having to deal with a kind of vampire or succubus among them. She's based off the Greek Lamia, and feeding off the life force of infants, but the prince is smitten with her and any moves against her could have disastrous personal consequences for you and the other girls, while doing nothing may put the entire kingdom in her grasp. If that sounds of interest to anyone maybe I'll swing by here again when it's finished.

IFDB Outpost on 2/28/2021 3:27:21 PM
The IF community has never been for children, I really don't understand it. But since they're pretending that it is now, I'd love to see how they'd handle it if real life kids started invading the forum and the IFComp and spamming up the IFDB. I can understand a community wanting to keep itself free of AIF, but blocking everything "mature" is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. With the listing of profanity, murder, and sex as the things that good IF citizens do not consider "fun", even your standard noir mystery game may be considered too much for IFDB mods to stomach now. I haven't even gone back there since imw's post, I just gave up in disgust. Funny how this topic has everyone showing their true colors. This entire thing is just a way to exercise the new mod powers over a community that was self policing just fine until now.

IFDB Outpost on 2/27/2021 10:08:33 AM
I fully support the idea of making search results customizable with filters for people who feel they need that, it's something that should've been made a standard feature years ago. But they've now moved to wanting to block certain types of games from the public eye altogether and it really sounds like there are influential people wanting to go WAY beyond the scope of obvious AIF games. If you didn't know, there's already too much gatekeeping in the IF community. Only games released at specific times for the established comps have any hope of being noticed at all, and you have to play to the clear preference of that audience because it's the only show in town. I'm writing an interactive novel in Twine which may have literally no audience, that's discouraging enough without the removal of any chance of even accidental discovery from random players because mature content has to be hidden away like it's something shameful.

IFDB Outpost on 2/27/2021 9:06:20 AM
Mad ho reporting in. It might amuse you folks to know this thread is still being argued over and it seems that same porn game is going to be the catalyst that turns the Interactive Fiction Database into the Interactive Fiction Curated Child Friendly Safespace. Dan Fabulich and jcompton are slugging it out but I'm not sure what the point is, Fabulich owns the IFDB now and has already made up his mind.