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Hey I'm MicroPen. That's all I have to say right now. Just dm me if you want. 

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Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 11/20/2019 8:24:57 PM

Okay boomer

EndMaster's short stories on 11/17/2019 8:39:08 PM

This made me cry inside

Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 11/14/2019 9:16:33 PM





Geek was a pretty fun game. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite out of the endmaster games, though it still is a EndMaster game, meaning that this is one of the best games on this site. I have always been a fan of the way endmaster does his little background pages, and while this game only has one, or three depends on how you count it, it is quite lengthy, and I would agree that it is necessary to enjoying this game. While I am giving advice you should take, and before I go into spoilers, I think this is a perfect time to address you people. I am putting the deplorable people who read reviews before playing the game center stage. If you are not bothered by mature content, THEN READ THIS GAME. Don’t read any other review, or anything just read it now. Now that all of them are gone, let's get into the main event. 


First off, I liked the branching in this story, though some things put me off. As with any of endmaster’s stories, the branching is great. This one is mainly split up into three paths, the Ringmaster path, the Randal path, and the Charlie path. They are all good, and if I’m not mistaken they all contain 2 “epilogues” of sorts. These were a problem for me. With a story this short, having six endings that revolve around an event that changes with your choices up to this point, it makes it seem like there is less branching. Still an amazing game, though it made it feel more liner because of them all ending up on the same event with death scattered around in between.


Besides the branching there isn’t much else I can say I dislike about the story. I love the main character as he just feels great. He reminds me of the protag of TRASH in a lot of ways. I also hate Charlie, though I don’t think he is a bad character, just someone you are supposed to hate. I also like the RIngmaster. Their character interested me, and it was sort of a gut punch to never know their true gender.


In conclusion, this game is pretty good. I hold it in high regard, though not as much as some other games, so I can’t give it a perfect score. It is one of the best horror games on the site however, and I think that if anyone can stand mature content, then they should read this.


7 out of 8

CYS Book Club: Book Eight on 11/14/2019 5:22:59 PM



Lol Shadows first week is with a game he can't even review. Also I feel that this game is underappreciated, so why not.

Fresh Meat: Baiting and Hooking Thread 3 on 11/13/2019 12:05:08 AM



Have you read Necromancer?

My idea on 11/11/2019 8:49:48 AM

Hopefully someone else will find my old retardedness amusing.

Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 11/8/2019 9:50:00 PM




So on my quest to review a ton of games, I thought, “Hey, why not read another EndMaster story?” So I’m going through his stories, looking for something short and sweet, then I stumble across a story I can’t believe I missed. At long last, I have found the emotional teen story my heart has longed for since I was a young lad, and written by EndMaster no less! Now even with my expectations being as high as they were, this game still manages to blow them out of the water. This is my 5th EndMaster story, and pardoning Necromancer and Death Song, this is my favorite. It may just be the fact that I’m a teenager myself, though I feel like it is something deeper than that. So I will be attempting to analyze this story not just from an enjoyment standpoint, though also from a critical one, though that will be hard seeing how much I love it.


I’ll start off with something that is very apparent. This story is fucking comedic gold. I know I say that for a lot of things, though this ranks very highly on my list. It is just another example for EndMaster’s talent to turn the most outlandish into an amazing story. This has the benefit of making whatever it is being some of the funniest shit ever transcribed onto paper. I mean look at some of these paths and tell me they aren’t just masterpieces. You have the low hanging fruit, though executed well path, in the forum of the school shooter path. Also I would like to point out that the path where you kill the mother, and listen to the sister reminded me of a situation similar to Love SICK. I just don’t even know what to say here, because this whole story is just so fucking funny. Also in typical EndMaster fashion, you can fuck your sister, and your mom. Just wanted to add that.


I guess I will also point out the branching. It is as amazing as always. Cave of Time style, and that is great because it makes my job easier by making it easy to read every page of this masterpiece. All the paths are very thought out as well. The main paths are the sister path, the mom path, the regular path, and the school shooter path. All of these are very well thought out and if you stay neutral and help the family get back together, you can get the best ending in the game. GROUP HUG!


In conclusion, I want to ramble on about this story for so much longer. There is so much I could cover though I’m afraid this review is long enough already. This is how you make an emotional teen story right people! Though it’s not like I tried and fell flat on my face with that before. In any case, I love this story, and critically I would most likely give this a score a point lower, or even 2. Though I love it too much for that


8 out of 8

Black, Female or Gay? on 11/8/2019 8:35:26 AM

Straight White Male -> Straight White Female 


Time to sell some bath water let's go.

Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 11/6/2019 9:00:18 PM




I enjoyed this story. While a lot of it went over my head, as I’m not that well versed in famous writers, I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was fun to read through and see all of these famous writers interact with Gower, on his amazing adventures through time. This story is made even better as it features a well liked forum personality as it protag. When you take a real person such as a famous author from a long time ago or fourm personality it makes people a lot more drawn to your work as they know of that person.


I also noticed that you could go into the last area before going into the third author's time. Not sure if this was a mistake or intentional, though figured I would point it out. Marie’s storyline was my favorite storyline, as I felt the most attached to her. I just liked it, and the fact that she can handle that goweri is from the future is great.


I have mixed feelings about the branching. On the one hand the branching exists, and that is nice, though it is pretty limited. The story suffers from trying to pack in 3 storylines that don’t affect each other into the game. Instead of one being super fleshed out, you have three that are sort of fleshed out. Though it wouldn’t have had the same impact as one, I just feel that the storylines feel underdeveloped. 


In conclusion, I like this game. It does have some problems, though despite that it is a nice read. It has some decent length to it, and I feel that most will enjoy this story, especially if they frequent the forum or discord. I am between a 5 and a 6 on this one, though I’m not sure what to go for. Guess I’ll go up this time


6 out of 8

Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 11/6/2019 6:59:40 PM




I loved this story. I have been wanting to read a story like this and when you said you were going to do a time travel story, this is what I pictured by it. This is a concept that I am surprised has not been done more, or if it has I must have not seen it. Though more on that later. I think this story is quite good, and I would recommend it any autist who reads the reviews before the story. This story only has 13 ratings and I am quite surprised by that. 


I love the concept of this story. It is what I think is the strongest aspect of this story. On my first trip through the house I visited every room, and the house is quite small. Though the looping over and over is fun. In almost every path you restart, then go somewhere to almost die, then do it over again. This may sound bad, though it mixes things up and keeps it fresh throughout the whole story. It also gives you the option to end the game at tons of points along the way 


Though the story itself left me with a lot of questions. For one, why the creature try and kill the protag if he needs his soul? I may be if he kills him he gets his soul, though I’m not sure. Also what was happening to the protagonist in the first place? How come he kept leaving and forgetting info until it is convenient that he remembers it? If I was almost dying by a demon, and then narrowly escaping, then I would never go there ever again. Though I could have just missed the answers to these questions, idk.


In conclusion I have no idea why this story is rated a 3.6. The reviews I read were very positive as well, so I’m not sure why the rating is so low. Regardless, this is a very well made game, and if I’m mistaken also your first? Though I could be wrong about that.


6 out of 8