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I used to love reading Which-Way books in grade school but when I attempted to do a search for them for my kids, I found they were very difficult to find. Unbeknownst to me at that time, someone apparently decided to change the name from Which-Way to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. This knowledge, however, has not help in locating these stories in hard copy, paper-back or otherwise. :( 

Anyway, a couple years passed and my wife found an app for her phone that let her "play" the very Which-Way type of stories I had been looking for. This spurred me to look up online sites that did the same thing. With relative ease, I found this site and set to reading the first Which-Way that I have read in about 20 years. 

It was a good read and I quite enjoyed it so I read another, more lineal adventure. That one was not very well done but it was still an enjoyable read and the author did say it was his first attempt. And then I discovered this site provides the tools to create my own. I had intended on holding off on this, a futile effort, until after I read a couple more stories. 

Needless to say, I did not read another until after I had read a tutorial about the subject and started working on my own adventure, Plague of Dun-Hust. At current this story is still in production as I am taking the time to make sure it holds true to the Which-Way books of my childhood. As I progress, the links are becoming complex and I have found it necessary to maintain a page list on a separate spreadsheet in order to keep track of what links to what. This same spreadsheet is continually being revised and refined as the links continue to become increasingly complex. When the story is finished, I hope everyone who reads it, appreciates the effort I am putting into it and thoroughly enjoys the read.

In the meantime, this is Drackeye signing off.

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Plague of Dun-Hust

The mining town of Dun-Hust has been infected with a mysterious illness. The residents are calling it a plague but have been unable to identify its source as they gradually became increasingly frail. As the illness grew in severity, and the miner’s strength diminished, mining activities slowed and eventually stopped completely.

Too late, it was determined the water in the town well had been tainted. However, the cause of the taint remained unknown. This knowledge made little difference though as, by this time, the residents were too weak to undertake the journey to the nearest source of freshwater. The only good thing, as if gradually dying from an illness that progressively weakened one’s body could be called good, was that no one had actually died... yet.