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Need help on the Link Restrictions on 10/28/2019 4:41:34 PM

Thanks for the feedback and your help!

I'll consider changing my avatar now but I don't see why you would hate it.

As for the second part, I've tried what you said and played around with some other things. It doesn't seem to be working the way I envisioned it but oh well.

Need help on the Link Restrictions on 10/27/2019 1:41:26 PM

So I'm trying to make my own story and I got to a part where I need to put Link Restrictions on. I've read the Help & Info section on how to use it and tried it out myself. I just can't get it to work the way I want to.

How do I make it so that a player can not click the same link again after clicking it once?

ex.  You then choose to brush your teeth. The 'brush your teeth' option will turn gray, not allowing you to pick it anymore. You continue to press the buttons until the only choice left for you is 'finish'.

The way it is right now, you have to click 'brush your teeth', go to the 'brush your teeth' page, then press 'brush your teeth' again in order for it to be restricted. If you then go to another option, the 'brush your teeth' page will be not be restricted anymore.

If anyone knows how to make it work, please let me know. It will help a lot! :)