Player Comments on Falling Asleep

I liked this story. It was short but for the context of what was happening, it worked out well. I also liked that we really don't know if it was his dreams in the end OR if it was real. The coffee shop could be a dream for all we know!
-- AppDude27 on 3/3/2014 12:19:33 PM
The writing style is great, and it communicates the story well. If you decide to make a sequel out of this you should definitely add more background (what else is happening outside of the story?) and character development (who is the main character? What does he do? etc.).
-- Allusional on 1/4/2014 2:15:02 PM
It's good, especially if it's your first. The text has a nice flow to it and it has a blending quality between dreaming and reality. I would have liked (perhaps it is simply the ending I got) to go deeper into the plot. Why is the main character having these dreams? What exactly do they mean? Are they insane? Or is it something deeper? If anything I would say that you may even be able to pull a sequel out of this. Good job, keep writing.
-- AceofRoses on 1/2/2014 1:42:49 PM
This was pretty good but definitely could’ve had something more interesting happen at the end.
-- Teagan on 2/14/2019 9:02:39 AM
mixed feelings
-- Geordie on 2/14/2019 5:07:43 AM
Pretty good for a first game.
-- Faervel on 2/11/2019 12:04:40 PM
The story has a very nice atmosphere, although a couple titles seem a little silly and out of place.
-- Lockirby2 on 2/10/2019 9:01:15 PM
You got a nom! on the nomnom scale! You did a great job describing the scenes/setting, but my only complaint is that it's kinda short and didn't grab my attention. Good writing skills and keep up the good work!
Conversion Chart:
yuk!=0-1 stars
eh!=1-1.9 stars
meh...=2-2.9 stars
nom=3-3.9 stars
-- Cake_Oi on 1/29/2019 3:09:29 PM
It was good. I liked the writing style; it was very engaging. But that's the reason for my low rating. Nothing I chose to do mattered. It all ended with rape and murder. Because I suffer from PTSD from an incident I won't discuss, the subject matter was particularly triggering for me. If I was warned before playing, I wouldn't have (although I didn't need to finish the game, but I also have OCD issues). If you made a game that was less traumatic and dark, I'd play it. :)
-- Anonymous on 8/28/2017 11:15:10 PM
It's alright, it's quite detailed... I'll be sure to play it again!
-- Chickdove on 3/26/2017 9:57:21 PM
Interesting with a confusing ending. Did I beat the game???
-- Quorrah on 1/11/2017 3:51:22 PM
Wow, this was very interesting.
-- TharaApples on 8/30/2016 2:24:39 PM
Nice Story! I could follow what was happening (I have a dirty mind lol) and I loved the plot twist at the end.
-- CurseOfTime on 3/1/2016 6:05:48 PM
OwO Could have been extended more, but yeesh. That is a helluva good story, dude(ette).
-- Cloudeh on 8/22/2015 10:21:26 AM
Interesting. . . I liked it. A decent and well-written story.
-- Penworth on 6/30/2015 12:30:26 PM
Pretty cool story. I liked your writing and I didn't see any grammar mistakes as I read, so props to you. As a short story, this was alright. I know you acknowledged this, but hey this is kind of linear. If you're looking on ideas on how to branch it out, you could have made one plotline where we actually save the girl and imprison the guy.
-- FazzTheMan on 6/22/2015 11:38:17 PM
NO CHOICES! Boring, confusing game!
-- Wolfpack187 on 11/7/2014 6:33:35 PM
I'd like see an extended version of this. Intriguing and dark. I like it.
-- Swiftstryker on 12/31/2013 5:54:21 AM
Is there any way to win?
-- SurvivorMaurader on 12/30/2013 11:04:10 AM
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