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Fantasy Henchmen on 11/26/2018 2:24:23 PM

That's for the Discord server.  Here is fine.

Henchmen Can topple civilizations? Can build my civilization?
Discord CYS Group Fuck no. Fuck no.


Fantasy Henchmen on 11/26/2018 2:19:31 PM
Henchman Can topple civilizations? Can build my civilization?
Orcs Fuck yeah. Maybe.
Goblins Meh. Sure.
Humans Varies. Fuck yeah.
Dark Elves Fuck yeah. Fuck no.
Gnolls Meh. Fuck yeah.
Snake Men Meh. Meh.
Kobolds Meh. Fuck yeah.
Skeletons Varies. Varies.
CYS Members Fuck no. Fuck yeah.


Things which annoy you outside of CYS on 7/23/2018 9:08:34 PM

When Windows 10 updates without telling me, wipes all my cookies, leaving me to figure out the password to this account.

I mean we could talk about habitual drinker friends that somehow don't know jack shit from a whiskey and a cognac, or that somehow vodka and tequila should equal a better night when it's literally guys and girls vomiting and pissing all over the sidewalks and I gotta make an impromptu hospital and play nurse-on-a-night-shift...

Mizal is now an admin on 7/23/2018 9:03:26 PM

If I can't PM you to beg, can I grovel here?

Han Solo Movie on 6/8/2018 1:51:25 AM

A lot of Star, not much War.  Would've succeeded better as a short series than a full-feature film.

sole vepin chyoa on 5/9/2018 3:37:05 PM

Quality > Quantity of life.

Soul Weapon CYOA on 5/6/2018 1:16:55 AM

3 practical builds :

Fists - That or boots.  Helps immensely with getting shit done without lugging around stuff you don't already know how to use.

Material - Quantumite.  Phasing through matter just works.  Bloodstone if you're doing the Sigmun build.

Runes -

Aether -> Chronos - Draw out your mental lifespan.  Make better decisions much faster.

Prana -> Reconstruct - Save expenses on your daily things.  Buy cheap cars, computers, appliances and fix them.  Broke your pencil mid-test?  Fix it.  Got a tenant you need to evict?  Bury them in the wall and fix it.  Got loved ones dying from cancer?  Fix 'em.  Alternatively use Cleanse and cure every disease, including aging.  Replace Chronos with Cleanse and use both to literally never die unless you get blasted by gamma rays or get domed by a bullet.

If you insist on having Signum + Resonance, add Soul -> Fusion, and replace Reconstruct with Cleanse to preserve age.  Highly recommend switching materials to Bloodstone so the rate at which you scale effectively doubles.  You think faster, achieve immortality (if your attitude to aging is that aging is a disease), and become substantially tougher than most humans.  The only thing killing you is stepping directly on an IED or a high-caliber bullet, or something in equivalence to that.  You'll probably survive a fall from a failed skydiving jump (12000 feet or so.  There are videos showing how you can survive with just breaking your legs.) , though it's gonna take a few months or years to be able to get back on your feet and Cleanse any issues that pop up later.

Smith -  Avalus is first, if you're willing to compromise on either immortality or regenerative powers (though I can't ever imagine anyone wanting to be truly immortal and end up being unable to kill themselves).

Signum is a very close second, if you use Resonance Pool modifier.  You'll have -1 sharpness rating, -1 pierce defense, and -1 magic defense, all of which will mitigate your scaling somewhat from a Pierce-5, Blunt-4, Magic-4 to a Pierce-4, Blunt-4, Magic-3 and cap out at a Sharpness-4.  Most things shouldn't kill you, but you're free to jump in front of a train or throw yourself into an incinerator if you get too bored of life.

Brihm takes a close third if you run full Prana Cleanse + Reconstruct and remove Chronos, but you'd have to teach your weapon to not think like a human.  Payoff should be better when you have someone to contest and rival you somewhere down the line so your brain doesn't rot and make you senile.

That sums up everything.  You'll be less sturdy than a Negaplating fusion build, but your relative immortality, quick thinking, and generally die-hard body shouldn't be a problem.  And if living is a suffering, you'll have more than a couple of ways of offing yourself at your own convenience.  And, you don't have to obsess over keeping your weapon safe like with a certain other build.

I'm assuming armor is the same as your soul weapon.

Fresh Meat - baiting and hooking thread on 5/6/2018 12:35:32 AM


Pho or bun bo hue?

eyyyy Frostpunk on 4/30/2018 6:33:16 PM


Lookks like it's gonna be a CYOA / Civ hybrid, or an eye-candy version of that one city-state website that I can't remember the name of.

Not gonna buy if we're not cannibalizing babies though.  They taste the best.

Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 4/26/2018 11:01:06 PM

Wonder how he's gonna climb up the hill both ways while blind and decrepit.  Should've bagged him back then.