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Steve's Progressive! on 5/31/2017 12:22:58 AM

Maybe people are pro-choice so people don't have to say outright that they believe what is ambiguously a person should deserve to live or die.

I have writers block but have so many ideas :( on 5/30/2017 7:17:28 PM

If anything, just force yourself to write even when if you're spewing out crap.  Once you've got all your crap spilled out, you can revise and rebuild your shit piece by piece until it suddenly doesn't look like turd.

But don't worry; we'll still roast the shit out of you if you're a bad writer.  That way, you can go back and fix it again and get better.

Repeat this anywhere from 5-20 times and you should come out with a work that would surprise the person you are today.

Steve's Progressive! on 5/30/2017 6:53:40 PM

Because it defers the ultimate responsibility to the mother for lack of having a strong opinion either way?

Steve's Progressive! on 5/29/2017 9:54:18 PM

Guessing that a lot of people are on the fence about "when" is a person a person and since abortion mainly pits the right to life against the freedom of a mother.

Memorial Day: Now with Communism! on 5/29/2017 3:27:30 PM

Is he dead now?

Steve's Progressive! on 5/29/2017 3:24:30 PM

Wait, has anyone ever asked what's Steve definition of a person?

Steve's Progressive! on 5/29/2017 3:20:33 PM

Wonder what the hell's up with the healthcare in my area, then.

With the new administration cutting everything and everyone for moar dakka, though, I'm not sure about how the conditions in nursing homes will be within the next 4-8 years.

Steve's Progressive! on 5/27/2017 1:01:38 AM

That's what the healthcare system does to a lot of the elderly patients with age-associated mental diseases : put them in nursing homes when the family don't want to help out anymore, and then off them when the nursing homes don't want to take care of patient X anymore.

At least, that's how I've been seeing it in the US.  It's always kinda been a utilitarian society, just not blatantly so.

Manchester Bombing on 5/26/2017 7:19:57 PM

Nothing that the NSA hasn't done already, I don't think.  Skeptical for its effectiveness at the current time, though.  Oh come the fuck on man, I practically pulled a microaggression if you want me to be inflammatory like that.

NHL playoffs on 5/26/2017 2:40:31 AM

The site's been a lot more quiet since I last popped in...

Hopefully it turns a little better soon.