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Noir story in a cyberpunk dystopia. Four types of endings: deaths, bad endings, good endings, and one perfect ending. See if you can find them all, it shouldn't be too hard. Endings are tracked using the score variable: zero means death, one means bad, two means good, three means perfect.

Special thanks to:
Tim36D - For listening to me ramble on about the idea, making suggestions, and writing a few pages.
ISentinelPenguinI - For playtesting.

Finally, if you notice any bugs, please PM me and I'll get to work on them as soon as I can (though I do believe they've all been worked out, can never be too sure).

UPDATE 6/20/2018: Replaced the link for the music due to the video being pulled from YouTube.
UPDATE 2/3/2019: Minor edits, original link for music is back up so I changed it back. Added the Anti-Hero tag.

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What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/15/2019 9:39:17 PM

that's not even how the song goes

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/14/2019 11:33:33 PM

I have just realized that I enjoy Revenge movies but also that Star Wars Episode 3 is "Revenge of the Sith".

Still accurate.

What's your favourite movie / tv show and why? on 3/13/2019 2:15:09 PM

Gotta say, I like revenge movies. Law Abiding Citizen and Gladiator are good ones. I also enjoyed Star Wars Episode 3.

As for shows, while I do occasionally partake in the animation of the eastern persuasion, I really like comedies like Robot Chicken, SNL, or Family Guy, or really good ones like Breaking Bad or Law and Order.

how you create choices for a story on 3/13/2019 12:59:38 PM

U r the big gay

Tim's Penance Art: Digit v. Cricket (THE RESULTS) on 3/7/2019 3:59:20 PM

I would indeed also like to thank you for your own vote, Maya. Truly, your knowledge and sense of art are beyond valuable. If anyone's vote were to have been counted as more than one, it would've been yours.

Tim's Penance Art: Digit v. Cricket (THE RESULTS) on 3/7/2019 3:36:12 PM

Hello again, people of CYS and maybe other places! It's Tim again. You might know me as "The Frenchiest Fry" or "That one annoying guy who won't stop asking me how my day is going". That is indeed me, yes. But enough about me, today we have the results of the last post I did, and the answer may shock you!


Now, before I count the votes in the Vote-Counter 7000, I just want to say that both participants were equally as good artists in my own eyes. For me, the art isn't about the quality. Just giving me something to release you from hell is good enough for me.


Now enough stalling! Let's get to counting these votes!




PROCESSING. . . . . . . .














RESULTS: 4 - 4



... Ah. I see. Well, I guess it's pointless to do a recount, just gonna have to do twice the work. Great. Well, I did make a promise, so I suppose I have to fulfill it.


Starting with Cricket: Despite being only relatively active for a short time, you are certainly making waves within the community. I mean, hey, I've been here for years and your point count is about to surpass mine. You've also definitely made friends with some of the more prolific members of the site: Pretty sure End holds you in high regard, and really, that's all that I need to say. I don't care that you don't know who James Brown is or if your taste in music is just bad in general. I can only hope that you publish a storygame that really reflects the writing ability you show.


Now, for Digit:



You... uh...

You're special.




50 words story thread. on 3/2/2019 2:32:48 PM

Very ominous at first until that last line. Had me for a sec there. Great job building up suspense.

Tim's Penance Art: Digit v. Cricket on 2/27/2019 12:45:00 AM

Fair enough. Your vote will be held in high regard.

Tim's Penance Art: Digit v. Cricket on 2/26/2019 8:47:59 PM

I mean technically insects are a part of the animal kingdom.


But at the same time I think Cricket kinda knew what type of animal I was expecting.


But hmm yes I will take this into consideration.

Tim's Penance Art: Digit v. Cricket on 2/26/2019 8:21:40 PM

Hello there, ladies, gentlemen, boys & girls, and whatever other things may be reading. It's me, Tim. You may know me as "Unofficial Official President of CYS" or "That guy who helps a lot on the Discord". Yes. But this isn't about me. What we've got on our hands is a good old-fashioned poll.


Recently, two of our beloved members have committed high-crimes on the Discord:

Cricket, a relatively new user, making promising strides in the community.

And Digit, that one guy who has like 30 unfinished storygames.


I will not go into detail about the crimes in question, the wrongs have been made right. What I need is YOUR opinion. Both members were given a unique prompt for their drawings. For funsies, we will put them on display for your viewing pleasure. Who has the better drawing?


Cricket, who was tasked with drawing a forest animal.

Or Digit, who was tasked with drawing something related to West Virginia.

The results of this poll will be tallied and the victor will be hailed with good feels.


Choose wisely.