Player Comments on Kittens of FAT

I recently reviewed the game and gave the impression that there wasn't enough tension in the plot. After giving it another chance, and finishing the game as well, I really liked it. Sure it was cheesy at times, but it had all the necessary elements to make it a fun Storygame. I also liked the ending a lot too, it felt cinematic at times. Keep it up!
-- AppDude27 on 3/28/2014 7:28:28 PM with a score of 633
I loved it it was so fun I got all the items, and ending 7!
-- lilkitty on 10/10/2018 1:16:53 AM with a score of 996
:) This is an awesomely fun adventure, very creative and cleverly written!
My favorite endings are the 6th & 7th endings. This becomes more and more fun and addictive as you progress through the game. Great work by two talented kids!
-- HowdyHiHello on 6/20/2018 9:27:30 AM with a score of 996
A purrrfect story
-- warfthecat on 4/9/2018 5:50:58 PM with a score of 37
This is the most amazing game ever in the history of mankind! I love cats, and they are cool. Yay.
-- Zach on 3/17/2018 3:24:18 PM with a score of 37
Love it
-- Daphne on 3/12/2018 3:07:04 AM with a score of 339
Just the same thing, over and over
-- Fernberry on 3/11/2018 12:25:40 PM with a score of 43
An endless cycle of exploring Kitten World. Maybe there could be something else to do
-- LunaLovegood06 on 3/11/2018 7:43:05 AM with a score of 72
This game has brought me enlightenment if I had to change anything I would change nothing. May god have mercy on our soul
-- MysticalLixard on 3/10/2018 7:24:54 AM with a score of 37
It was a wonderful story, I accidentally exited out of the tab halfway through but it was great. I love the lack of foul language and the fact that any age could be entertained by it. I cannot sing it’s praises enough!
-- Warfthecat on 3/9/2018 4:37:42 PM with a score of 37
996! This game is awesome, love the ending the creativity behind this storygame! Amazing plot, even if it is about kittens and beasts and chocolate and tomatoes! Love it! 5 stars, definitely! Ending 6 and 7 btw
-- Crimspider on 3/2/2018 9:20:47 PM with a score of 996
Awesome! (: Overflowing w/ creativity- It becomes more and more fun as you find out what each item can be used for- I had to see what all seven endings were. xD Getting to the 6th ending is so much fun, very cleverly written, the 7th ending is more realistic xD. Thank you guys for creating this, I hope you keep writing more awesome stuff! (:
-- (: on 3/2/2018 4:46:27 AM with a score of 996
Amazing game! Not sure what ending I got, but this game was awesome!
-- Crimspider on 2/28/2018 7:18:22 PM with a score of 37
Well, I don't know how many endings there are, but got ending #3! ;)
-- TestingJest on 1/6/2018 3:34:08 AM with a score of 306
This game starts and stays a little surrealistic, but is well worth hanging in. Great tongue in cheek humor appropriate for all ages, it reminds me of old classics like monkey island. It has some great puzzles, tons of ways to die or win, and it's combination of random insanity and common sense logic makes game play both unpredictable yet strangely logical. With multiple ways for each scenario to play out, many interesting characters, encounters, locations, items, and various ways to interact with them all; the simple but well designed story almost takes a back seat to the chance to play in the authors creative and imaginative world. Some really innovative mechanics and surprising twists await. No constructive feedback other than I would love a similarly done game with some more serious tones and setting. Great work!
-- kyo787 on 4/10/2017 8:43:34 PM with a score of 996
Woohoo! This was awesome. I got ending 7, and some people might be missing out on the extra stuff at the end if they stopped at ending 5 or something like that (especially if they didn't climb the tower).

There were tons of items - maybe too many, it could get a bit overwhelming and it felt like some of them were useless - but it was SO much fun and I loved it all. I didn't even find most of what the game offered (never found the time-stop, never got past those dogs or whatever, didn't even make it through the Archery Arena) but it was entertaining nonetheless.

There are some death endings which come out of nowhere, but still this is a very expansive game and really worth it in my opinion.
-- Saika on 3/16/2017 6:16:40 AM with a score of 996
-- Stormfeather on 11/14/2016 6:28:37 PM with a score of 37
Best story game i've played in a very long time i managed to get to ending 6 YAY (its very hard)
-- nightbreeze1101 on 6/19/2016 4:43:54 AM with a score of 639
This game is weird, convoluted, and so much fun!! I finally got badge #6--my first one! Will keep trying. Please write more like this!
-- LilacRain on 3/6/2016 12:24:20 AM with a score of 620
omg so awesome!i loved it! I got ending 5 I defeated the beasts! oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- jamie on 1/23/2016 6:56:58 PM with a score of 453
This was one of the best and funniest stories I have ever played and this deserves an epic gold, wait no, PLATINUM STAR. If you have not played this yet, you must. The game takes realism and stabs it in the back saying, "Screw you!" This is, by far, my favorite game so far and so far I couldn't find anything related to the FAT except the radio broadcast and the title. There are lots of endings and it took me like 4 hours to find ending 7 which by far is my favorite. Play this game
-- fullmetalfan890 on 11/9/2015 12:51:35 PM with a score of 996
-- Cat on 8/17/2015 8:33:52 AM with a score of 476
That was rather interesting
-- Lzark on 8/13/2015 2:58:15 PM with a score of 634
Started to get annoying. But funny and good.
-- Mushroom on 7/30/2015 9:36:44 AM with a score of 45
Wow this is awsome I love it however after I got the stop time thing it was bor-ing sorry.
-- KITTEN on 4/11/2015 3:43:32 PM with a score of 569
997 points woop woop, but I didn't realy get it.
-- Ginger on 3/26/2015 1:12:10 PM with a score of 996
That was awesome
-- Catwoman on 3/6/2015 7:23:31 PM with a score of 678
i was anonymous and i like this game
-- pokelover59 on 12/8/2014 12:28:57 PM with a score of 996
This was hilarious! Got the 6th badge at the end. I have to say, this was a lot of fun. There was a lot of dying (I mean, a LOT) but at least the game didn't end there. All in all, great game!
-- Lintelya on 11/23/2014 2:15:50 PM with a score of 660
damm that arrow
-- Shadow_Strider on 10/19/2014 11:59:19 PM with a score of -24
It was wonderful! Loved it! (And next time, please leave me a comment that will help me.)
-- Meadow on 5/7/2014 3:44:18 PM with a score of 5
That was epic, and totally hilarious!
-- Nightsky on 4/15/2014 5:32:59 PM with a score of 475
Not that good.
-- WarriorCats on 4/5/2014 7:17:29 PM with a score of 35
Very wacky story, although I do like how you made a world with branching places in your story. My inventory is huge! The only thing I didn't like was where the game was going. I don't really see a sense tension in the plot. The beginning had it, but after that, there's really no reason to explore the towns besides finding random items and using them in random situations.
-- AppDude27 on 3/18/2014 1:06:53 PM with a score of 47
Oh yeah there are 7 endings, number 7 is a secret.
-- mudshadow63 on 3/14/2014 3:12:48 AM with a score of 996
It's an interesting story, but it's very unusual.
-- EarthCollision on 3/13/2014 3:59:06 AM with a score of 77
Weird but creative! 5/8 ^v^
-- BerkaZerka on 3/12/2014 1:34:41 PM with a score of 47
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